Friday, April 8, 2011


There are many merrows in the seven seas. But there is only one who is covered with tattoos. Some merrows are jealous on her other avoid her because of the colourful patterns which are not made of scales. Few know why she is tattooed. Chinatsu loved to swim. This was not really surprising as she was a mermaid. But beside swimming she loved colours. One day she found a drowning man in the ocean and saved him with a kiss. He became a merrow because of that. His name was Ayumu and he had been a yakuza. Chinatsu was fascinated by his tattoos, he was more intrested in finding a way to blackmail other merrows. His behaviour made her angry. It was without any honor and she wanted him to stop. As he was unwilling to follow her will, Chinatsu went to Watatsumi. The water dragon listened to her with intrest and also agreed that Ayumu should be stopped. With a quick move of his tail he threw the merman out of the water and turned him into a seagull. But Watatsumi loved art so he took the tattoos and placed them on Chinatsu. Dragons are mighty and wise but they do not always ask when they made a desicion.
Koi mermaid
KAMI-HITOE makes wondeful items for mermaids. And they also make wonderful Mermaid outfits. This one is a mix of a kimono and a mermaid. It comes with an obi and a open top, the breasts are covered with a bra made of shells. The koi pattern makes the outfit a perfect japanese mermaid outfit. I like the fins for the shoulders very much. This outfit is one of the donation items from Kami-Hitoe for Relay for Life at the Fantasy Faire.

Dress: KAMI-HITOE : :KH: Japanese Koi mermaid (350 $ Donation Item for Relay for Life at the Fantasy Faire)

The KAMI-HITOE Mainstore is at Sporminore.

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