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Insilico and Crystals

When Etain wandered over the water like he used to do it nearly every day he had no clue about what was going to happen on his small planet. He was just walking around playing with the water which seemed to react like a living creature on him. Etain was a crystal fae and the rocks around him were his creations.
male fae wandering over the water
EX-121 had no idea that being like Etain might exist. She was to busy with herself to think about faes at all. Since the emotional revolution EX11-03 had caused the life of EX-121 was not like she wanted it to be. EX-121 was an android as EX11-03 but she had the task to work in a bar. The barbot filled the glasses with the drinks the humans ordered and EX-121 brought those drinks and some snacks to the tables. It was not intresting but she did not mind that as long as she just was a robot and not infected with emotions.
Robot at her workplace
EX-121 was not very glad about having emotions but it seemed as there was no way to get rid of them. Her work started to bore her and it became even worse as the barbot started to develop a strange behaviour. He had been programmed to make some naughty comments to entertain the mainly male guests. But now with emotions and the resulting free will he seemed to enjoy those comments. He made jokes about the look of EX-121 and even asked her to show him her circuit boards. When he started to tell her every day that a S would be missing in her name she had enough and decided to leave the town, the country and the planet.
tired and sad robot
EX-121 managed to convince a small spaceship to bring her to an empty planet and to pick her up after a year. They managed to find a nice planet on the starmaps. But during the flight EX-121 became suddenly very weak. She was running out of power and needed to charge her batteries. Being build to work on a surface she was not able to deal with the light in space. So they decided to stop at a small planet which seemed to be covered nearly completly with water.
Robot on an other planet
The android sat down moving so that as much light as possible got in contact with her hair. The hair consisted only of solar cells. They were one of the most important inventions for the robot technologie. But they seemed to work only in an atmosphere which was similar to the one on good old gaia. To quicken the charging process EX-121 switch-off some programms if she would have been human she would have been asleep. That was how Etain found her.
Robot touching Fae
He had never seen such a being like her before and she had also never met a crystal fae. Both very surprised. EX-121 gasped "hello" and touched the leg of the fae by mistake. That touch suprised both. Etain realized that the android was made mainly of silicium a material he liked very much. And EX-121 recognized that her circuitry somehow reacted on a strange way onto the fae.
Fairy holding Robot
He picked her up and hugged her tight. And the android was surprised but she liked it. Then he showed her the rock part of his planet. The robot was not sure if she would survive getting in contact with so much water. But without both of them recognized it EX-121 started to change. Crystals in her platines moved and her even her skin started to change.
Robot and Fae wandering
The latex which covered most of her body disappeared and similar crystals as on Etain's skin appeared on hers. Even her eyes stopped looking like being created by humans and when the spaceship which had brought her onto the planet tried to contact her EX-121 was not able to recognize it. She had lost most of her artificial components while her mind stayed like it had been.
Fae and Fae talking
EX-121 was amazed when her boots disappeared. Now she had feet and was even able to feel the ground under her with them. Etain and she talked and talked. At the end they fell in love for each other.
Fairy with Fairy
When walking over the water in the mornings EX-121 sometimes thought about changing her name. But although the crystal fae had not been happy in her past as android, she kept her name as it was the only thing which was left from that time.
Fae wandering over the water
Fallen Gods Inc. sponsor the Enchanted Mysts sim of the fantasy faire and created also new skins for the faire. They are called crystal fae and available in three colours for both genders. Of course there are many versions of them in the colours itself. The female ones come in cleavage versions and "normal" versions. I love the wings the fae versions have on the legs and the body. The opal versions come with a glow which looks like some crystals shimmer and the opalfae skins mix both. Of course there is also a pure version of the skins available which comes without the wings the shimmer.
As seeable in the story the skins work for much more than only fae roleplay. They are currently sold at the Fallen Gods Inc. Store at the fantasy faire. I had the chance and honor to interview Alia Baroque the owner of Fallen Gods Inc. for the website of the Fantasy Faire.
The purple latex outfit is the donation item from Ezura at the fantasy faire. It is the purple version of the digi outfit I blogged some time ago. It comes with three different skirts and on all layers as the other versions. For those pictures I coloured the glow of the boots first took them off and coloured then the glow of the rest of the outfit. So I was able to have two kinds of glow.
Wasabi Pills is the creator of that wonderful long ponytail hair. It comes with a resize script and fits also smaller avatars. The hair is available in many colours. There is also a version with twigs in the hair available which I blogged yesterday.
For this post I used poses from the posefaire and the one with the close-up of the faces is from Studio Sidhe from the fantasy faire. The pose on the 5th picture is called "Don't Leave Me" and comes from PNP the one on the 6th picture is called "Catch Me" and comes from the same store. The pose on the 9th picture comes from gi poses and is called Hold Me.

On him:
Skin: CRYSTAL male +Fallen Gods Inc.+ VIOLET (one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$. The skins are a donation item)
Shape: CS Shapes: Tristan Male Shape (749$)
Outfit: PG cover Lily +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Courtesy Gift (0$)

On her:
Skin: CRYSTAL female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ VIOLET (one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$. The skins are a donation item)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - Orchid (250$ belongs to the candies pack also available in tones which are made to fit the crystal fae skins as donation item for 150$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes: AnimeEyes_Sumire-iroPurple (40$ donation item)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes: ForestElfEyes_EdlothiaViolet_FantasyFaireExclusive (50$)
Outfit: + ezura + DIGI Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Purple (488$ donation item)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Purple (388$ donation item)

5th: P-N-P ~ Don't Leave Me (99$ posefaire price after the faire 250$ at the P-N-P Mainstore)
6th: P-N-P ~ Catch Me (99$ posefaire price after the faire 250$ at the P-N-P Mainstore)
8th: :+:SS:+: Faery Kisses - Friends Pose Set (250$ donation item at the fantasy faire)
9th: [gi poses] Hold Me (1$)

The pictures for this post have been taken in Insilico and at Seraphine's mood.

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