Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Teal gift

Standing at home and thinking about cookies. Its a good time to get cookies. The fantasy faire is still going on and people there are always willing to give a dragon some cookies. For those who are not into cookies and like dresses better this dress from Blue Blood is great. Its a dollarbie on the fantasy faire and comes in a great green. The top has ruffles and so do the sleeves. It is possible to mod all prim parts so that they fit well. The socks with the heart pattern are just cute. The pink face tattoo is one of the gifts to the crowning of the princess at the enchanted mysts sim. Its an unisex tattoo in purple the colour of relay for life.
Colourful gifts
Makeup: ISPIDES face marks +Fallen Gods Inc.+ RFL purple (0$ Gift from the Mysts Quest)
Dress: +++BB+++ Wanda TEAL (1$ Fantasy Faire gift)

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