Saturday, April 9, 2011

The waiting deep ones

Pym was waiting. When the sun would have gone done they would attack. So from time to time he swam up from the ground of the ocean, where they waited, and looked to the horizon.
purple fishman looking out of the water
In a corner his mate Illyra was waiting. Her fish was of course with her. They were both ready and waiting. Pym knew that Illyra had sharpened her weapon for hours. She even sharpened the horn of her helmet. Pym had done the same.
Purple fish woman
They were four on this mission as on all missions, two couples. Pym did not know the other couple well but he hoped that they would be good fighters. They looked like that at least. Their fish were aqua Kois and of course they looked very much like their fish.
female koi side
Pym had admired their jewlery but of course their weapons were much more intresting for him. Theirs seemed to be made of many layers of steal. The koi-merrows normaly served an other god.
female koi front
But Hotaka and Hotara had been corrupted when they found an ancient statue in a deepth. Pym knew said statue. He had placed it some centuries ago, not long after the time before he got transformed into a sailfish merrow.
male koi front
Most koi-merrows had black red and white scales. Hotaka and Hotara also had those colours when they hatched and they always had been merrows different than Pym and Illyra who were born. Getting in contact with the statue of the god the two sailfish merrows served changed the kois.
male koi backside
Now that the statue had been stolen Dagon their god and master was in rage. Normaly the god would have been pleased because more people might get in contact with the statue, but the thiefs knew what they had found and even worse they were able to protect themself from its powers, which had been woven with words into it a human would not be able to imagine. So they were sent to get the magical artefact back. With a energetic move of his tail fin Pym swam down when the sun disappeared behind the horizon. It was time to hunt and to kill. Nobody should think it would be possible to anger Dagon without having to pay for that.
Purple fishman
Today is the last day of the fantasy faire which is a pity but there is still the chance to see the wonderful builds and to get some of the awesome donation items. For example these avatars from Tekeli-li. When hearing the name of this store the first time I had to shiver. Tekeli-li reminded me on the mountains of madness, a book written by Lovecraft I should not have read. Tekeli-li is a great store for items which are fantastic, well made and absolutly different from the average second life fashion. The merfolk avatars are available in a male and a female versions and look very much like the fish they are based on. The aqua ones are based on koi and the purple ones on sailfish. They come with an ao, different to mermaid avatars those avatars swim like a shark swims and not like a dolphin. The sets include a shape, the skin, and all the prim and system layer parts. It is possible to use an other shape as all the primparts but the fish pet are mod. The sailfish avatars come with prim parts which look like an armour. The koi ones come with great jewlery and as the sailfish the set it includes a weapon which is called Naginata, the sailfish have a harpoon. All sets include a wearable petfish which is animated.

Female: Koi by Tekeli-li - Aqua/White Female ( 750$ Donation Item)
Male: Koi by Tekeli-li - Aqua/White Male ( 750$ Donation Item)
Female: Sailfish by Tekeli-li - Violet Female ( 750$ Donation Item)
Male: Sailfish by Tekeli-li - Violet Male ( 750$ Donation Item)

Tekili-li has several stores. Their mainstore is at their own sim which is also called Tekili-li. They also got a store at Arkham, which is a Lovecraft themed sim and definitly worth a visit. Their meravatars are also sold at Tokebi.

The pictures for this blog entry have been all taken at Pteron.

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  1. I so love Tekeli-li - beautiful story and awesome avis! <3