Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Strawberries with Ice

Ines was an ice fairy. She only knew snow and ice. Her wings were made for the cold climate. Normal wings would break if they would be covered with ice. Ine's wings were more flexible. Ice fairies were also a bit rougher than other fairies. Ines family were hunter. They hunted big moths which lived in icecaves in the mountains. Those moths had amazing wing which were like leather. The icefairies used them to create stunning dresses with them. The parts they did not need, for example the legs, they exchanged for cloth. It was a calm life and Ines liked it.
The Ice fae with a strawberry
But one day she found a iced strawberry at the shore. She had never seen such a fruit before and was very irritated by it. Ines poked the strawberry with her finger and pulled it back quickly. By mistake she licked over her finger and was stunned. The glimps of sweetness was nearly too much for her. The icefairy used a knive to cut a little piece out of the strawberry and ate it. It was intense but also seemed like it would be even more intense if it would not be frozen.
The mystical ice strawberry
It was a tough desicion but at the end Ines decided to search for the source of the strawberries. She also supposed that they were a good item to trade although she did not really know what would be worth to be traded against a strawberry. She flew for a long time until she reached the summerlands. It was very warm in her opinion so she took off her dress. And then she found fresh strawberries. Ines slowly picked one of the red fruits and put it in her mouth. The taste was amazing she had supposed that they would taste better when they would be fresh but she had not been prepared on this taste. It was so tasty and exciting that even her wings started to glow in shades of red and pink. Ines never went pack to her cold homelands instead she stayed in the summerlands and became the most famous strawberry grower which ever existed. If a strawberry is very tasty its most likely one of Ines strawberries.
eating strawberries
The blue gown, which looks like being made for elves, is one of the donationitems from Demons and Angel's.It is very well textured and has an intresting cut. The belt has a shield on the front side which has the colours of the corset. It looks like the skirt and the sleeves are made of heavy cloth. So its a good elegant gown which could be worn in winter or colder areas. The set even includes boots.
Demons and Angel's has also a great outfit for men in the silent auction which will end at saturday.
Material Squirrel created those wonderful wings as donation item for the faire. They are available in many colours and four designs. The wings come in packs which contain ten different colours. They all come of course with the Material Squirrel wing hud and the possibility to touch them. The ones on the upper pictures are a bit darker in the colours and might fit well to a fairy which is not as jolly as a fairy with colourful wings.
The skin is the azure version of the Crystal Fae wings from Fallen Gods Inc.. I love the colour and the elegance of the skin. They are only sold at the fantasy faire yet. The modesty cover made of wings is a gift on the faire from Fallen Gods Inc. too. For this post I used one of the Fae versions of the skin. Those have wing textures in the face and on the body.
This version of the hair from Wasabi Pills is a donation item one. It has been made to fit the crystal skins perfectly.
Even the butterfly on the third picture is a donation item. It flys around the avatar and comes from Angelwing.
The big strawberry comes from Rebel Xtravaganza. Its made to sit on it.

Gown: D&A Vali'star Blue (600$)
Melody Wings - Moon Dust Pack by Material Squirrel Wings (299 $ set contains 10 colours donation item)
Melody Wings - Shimmer Jewels by Material Squirrel Wings (299 $ set contains 10 colours donation item)
Skin: CRYSTAL female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ AZURE ( (one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - Branches - Crystal azure (150$ donation item)
Butterfly: **Angelwing** Pink Naerose butterfly pet (5$ donation item)
Big Strawberry: !* Rebel -X- *! STRAWBERRY Chair FROSTED (100$)

All pictures have been taken at Athan Selidor.

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