Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A faun as fae

When making pictures for showing more of the donation items from the fantasy fair. I started having silly ideas - i have mainy silly ideas but those have been more gigglish than normaly. And decided to have a try how a faun fae might look. So i combined the donation items from Simply Fae and Satyr Studios. And was surprised how nice it looks.
Faun: Satyr Studios : Fauna (1000 Lindens which go to relay for life)

As i m a dragon i don`t know much about fae clothing but i have to say i like the textures of the dress very much. They are in earth tones and i would say that the colours are calm colours. I also like the wings. They are playful but not too playful.

Fae dress: Simply Fae Fairy Piper RFL version (400 Linden)

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