Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Virtues of sin at D-Design

There is so much to write about the fantasy fair at the moment but i wanted to mention these great outfits from D-Design. They are hunt items from the virtues of sin hunt. I love the skirt of the version for women very much, it comes with a resize script and i like the bow around the waist. Its also amazing how well the different shades of brown fit together. I use those outfits to show an other donation item from the fantasy fair. Neko ears and tails from Dreams. The collar is a gift from Dreams from the fantasy fair.
Dress: D-DESIGN Mrs Kindness For Her' VoS (0 Linden)
Ears: *Dreams* Purrfectly Plain Candy Pink Snow {RFL EXCLUSIVE} (200 Linden)
Outfit: D-DESIGN Mr Kindness For Him' VoS (0 Linden)
Collar: *Dreams* Diamond Ribbon Buckle Collar (0 Linden)
Tail and ears:*Dreams* Tied With A Bow Candy Pink Snow {RFL EXCLUSIVE} (250 Linden)

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