Monday, April 19, 2010

Become an unique tiny

This morning i went to my garden and had to recognize that the mole was very excited. It seems like a tentaclelish being was in the garden and asked for shells. As i know the mole it was glad about the talk and even more glad about the reason to talk for later.
Just when i wanted to go back to the house i met a small white being. It was searching for its friend. I gave him a cookie. And it left after a short talk with the mole. I suppose when i meet the mole the next time it has a lot to talk about.

This is a blog about avis. I'm very glad that i have the honor to blog the donation items from bughouse from the fantasy fair. Those Avatars are unique and well made. They come with an alternative arm. The avis are a bit cloddier than the one from wynx. But i had a test and for example the alpaca coat from Etharia Parrot fits the avis without any adjustment.

And i also tested if its possible to use the tinymatic hud with those avis and it works like with a tiny from wynx. But its not needed to have the tinymatic hud those avis also work without it as there is a tiny ao included in the avi.

The avis shown in this blog will only be sold at the fantasy fair. But there are also great avis shown in the bughouse stall which are sold all the time. I recommend the bat avatars. They look very cute.

So here a close picture of the tentacle avatar. It comes with a set of tentacles and an arm.
Avatar: Bughouse : *O'Noodle Ollipog Tiny Avatar PURPLE (300 Linden)

The albino avatar comes also with a set of arms and a hook. So you chould choose which arm you like to use.
Avatar: Bughouse: Olli Ollipog : Albino Tiny Avatar (300 Linden)

And for the time after the fantasy fair here is the teleport to the mainstore of Bughouse.

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