Monday, April 19, 2010

SpellBound at the Fantasy Fair

Wandering to the Fantasy Fair. The dress is the donation item from SpellBound. And its great. Beside the great combination of colours i like all the small details. For example the cuffs. I like the idea of having a possibility to hide the hands when its cold and the gloves are at home because the housedragon was chewing on them. Or the Corset lacing, its simple and that makes the dress more real in my opinion.
The dress comes with two top possiblities. Either with a long top as on the two first pictures or with just a corset/vest. So with buying it you do something good for you as you get a great dress and you also do something good for others because the sale of the dress goes to Relay for Life.
Dress: SpellBound : [SB] Clarissa Skirt - Black/Red (400 Linden)

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