Tuesday, April 20, 2010

## CI ## Animations or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Rocket

## CI ## Animations make great animation overriders, i love the idea to combine aos with fitting objects. Like the magic carpet ao.
Carpet: ## CI ## Flying Carpet AO (350 Linden)
Outfit: Prim & Pixel Paradise: PR March 2010 Marrakesh Ensemble (Pick gift)

Or the victorian parasol ao which comes with great umbrellas in many colours.
Umbrella: ## CI ## Victorian Parasol AO (350 Linden)
Dress: SR Leatherwerkx : Marian-Belle Epoque Afternoon Ensemble(box) (600 Linden)

Or my favourite ao from the shop, the victorian cane ao.
Cane: ## CI ## Victorian Cane AO (350 Linden)
Outfit: Nachtmusik: Modern Tux Promo (10 Linden)

For the fantasy fair they built something new. A rocket rider ao for girls. The rocket is attatched at the arm and contains 25 animations with copy and mod rights.

The poses are all very pinup like. So this rocket is fun. I first thought that it might be possible to build an object of a similar size and use it with the ao but i was told that this would be tricky as the rocket is scripted.
Rocket: ## CI ## : Rocket Rider AO (350 Linden)
Underwear: (SELDOM BLUE) VERONIKA (1 Linden)

For men there is a surfer ao. This ao also contains 25 animations and comes with four different looking surfboards.
Surfboard: ## CI ## Surfboard AO (350 Linden)
Avi: Satyr Studios : SatyrLord (1000 Linden)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Rigel Hair (200 Linden)

Its also possible for women to use the surfboard. But i doubt that many men would like to use the rocket rider ao.
Swimmsuit: * *ICING* Angel Food Cake (250 Linden)

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