Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Fertility gods

My garden is really a place where a lot of beings hang around. Today i found a satyr there who was searching for a faun.
I told him that i had seen her some days ago standing around at Isle of Wyrms so he left to search there for her.

I always liked fauns and satyrs. So i m quite glad that i got the honor to blog those two great donation items from Satyr Studios. They both come with the legs, horns and ears. The fauna avi comes also with 4 shapes and a cute tail.

As i had no male avi i needed to get me a skin and a shape so i went to the make him over hunt and got me this skin and shape.
Satyr: Satyr Studios : SatyrLord (1000 Linden)
Skin: MHOH3 #83 - ILLNINIA SKIN STORE (0 Linden)
Shape: **Pocket Mirrors** Tony SHAPE NO Mod/NO Transf - MHOH 3 (0 Linden)
Hair: *Pocket Mirrors** Lorien Ponytail (MALE) Saffron MHOH 3 (0 Linden)

Here the front and the back of the fauna avi. I like the flowers on the ear and the tail. I used those pictures to show also the donation hair from Wasabi Pills.
Faun: Satyr Studios : Fauna (1000 Linden)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Earleen Hair C.O.C (200 Linden)

Here the look from the side.
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Ailith Hair C.O.C. (200 Linden)

To make the blog entry complete here the hair the faun wears on the first picture.
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Rigel Hair (200 Linden)

Twisted Lemon made some great pictures of the Wasabi Pills donation hair for her blog as they are much better than the pictures i made i ll link them here:
Akin, Earleen, Ailith, and Rigel.

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