Friday, April 23, 2010

Pay less - get more

I have to admit i like jazz i have no clue about it but i like it. So i was quite pleased when reading that Ganymede Ceriaptrix is going to djane at the 24th of April between 3 and 5 Pm at the Rooftop Cafe at Grettony Mall. I listend once to that Djane and was quite surprised about the music she played. So i hope that i will manage tomorrow to visit the Cafe. I also heared that there will be Champagne and fondue served. I wonder how the fondue will look.

When recognizing where Ganymede will play i had a look at the sim and went to the gallery there. Sometime ago i found a great lamp in the great art hunt there. Now there is a new exhibition at the gallery. It shows "Dots". Dots on pictures and dots on sculptures and is definitly worth to have a look at. As there are also sculptues spreaded over the sim i kept exploring and saw that Saber Tooth Designs has released two neko avis. They are rather unexpensive. The whole avi costs only 350 Linden - and comes with skin, shape, hair and eyes. And it has some great specials. As i nearly never buy hair i was quite surprised when i recognized that the hair comes with a colourchange menu. But not only the hair comes with such a hud also the ears and paws come with it.
There are two versions of the avi. This is the dark version.
Here a picture of both avis. I played on the nondark one with the colour hud. I think i read on the sign that there are 69 colours possible.
Left: Saber Tooth Neko complete Avatar (350 Linden)
Right: Saber Tooth Neko complete Avatar Dark (350 Linden)

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