Friday, April 23, 2010

More donation items from spellbound

Spellbound does not only sell the great red dress i allready blogged at the fantasy fair to help Relay for Life.
This is a really nice dress with a unique pattern. I think its possible to use it for lots of different things.
So not only for fantasy roleplay it also fits to steampunk sims or like here for exploring a tropical area.
Dress: [SB] Heidi - Cream (RLF Donation Item 500 Linden)

Even better to the tropical weather fits this outfit from Spellbound.
Its also a donation item. So if you buy it you don t look only good you also help to cure cancer.
Dress: [SB] Summer - Purple (FF) (RLF Donation Item 450 Linden)
Pose: *NLimbo* Gaia (Celebrating Gaia Hunt 0 Linden)

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