Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Tomoto at the fantasy faire

When i read first, that tomoto is taking part at the fantasy faire i was quite surprised. I never thought of tomoto as a fantasy store. But then i saw that the tomoto stall is at the Wings Wands Wonders Sim and there it fits well as every fae looks good in a dress from tomoto.

So when i wore the donation items from tomoto i got into trouble. Butterflys came and
had a seat on me. They haven t been intrested in the golden apples i wore on a necklace they wanted my nose.
I threw away one of the skirts of the dress but the butterfly still stayed on my nose and tickled me.
So i put it on my finger and had a decent talk with it.
This is a picture of the texture of the top of the dress. I love this pattern The necklace is a groupgift from tomoto.
So here the dresses, the purple one 'ange fascinant' is only sold at the fair. The dresses come both with a feathery headdress and are resizeable.
Left: tomoto : ange fascinant (RLF donation item 400 Linden)
Right: tomoto : ange apaisant (RLF donation item 400 Linden)

Golden apples with feathers: tomoto: pomme d'or de l'ange (RLF donation item 100 Linden)
Golden apple with feather: tomoto: gift pomme de l'ange (groupgift from tomoto 0 Linden)

The golden apples with the feathers are also available in silver on the fantasy fair.

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