Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lil Verse at the fantasy faire

When i saw the Lil Verse store i was very glad that i could blog the donation items of that store for tiny needs. Tabitha Diesel the owner of the store told me that all sales she makes on the faire are going to Relay for Life not only the sales of her donation items. Tabitha is a great builder. The furniture she makes is amazing. The chair comes with four different sits, the sofa with even more (its a multiseater). And on the sofa a lot of tinies could take place. The table rezzes - when touched - a teatray which disappears after a while to save prims. When touching the teatray the person who touched it gets a cup of tea for tinies.
The pixie dress is just cute and fits all normal tinys. I was surprised when i recognized that the wings flap while flying. The dress comes with shoes, hair and a headdress. As the hair didn t fit the elephant avi i ll show a picture of a wynx avi wearing it at the end of the blog.

The elephant pixie is hurrying through the grass.Where is she going ? What is she looking for?
She is searching a tiny tea party.
The fox, the otterpixie and the ferret fae are allready waiting.
But then the mischief bunny appears and they dance riverdance on the sofa.
So the elephant pixie hurries to the main stage of the fantasy fair and has a dance on an elephant instead.
Pixie dress: Lil Verse - Pixie Lilac (RLF donation item 250 Linden)
Furniture: Lil Verse-Velveteen Amethyst (RLF donation item 350 Linden)

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