Thursday, March 17, 2011

Bunny fears

A bunny looking afraid with big eyes knowing that the ferret could wake. But it is not clear if that will ever happen.
This lingerie von Outrage fits perfectly to the bunny year as it comes with bunny ears. The fishnets do not cover the feet that means prim feet won t be a problem with them. The top comes in two versions the peek - a - boo one does not cover everything so that the nipples are visible. The other one hides all bits. Beside the skirt is also a tail included. The set might also work as bikini as there are trousers without the garters are included. The outfit has the right textures to work well at a day at the beach.

I have the ferret sofa for a while and would have loved to blog it. But unfortunatly it isn t sold anymore. Which is a pity as it is a great being to spend times with friends on.
bunny afraid of the ferret
Outfit: OuTRage! - Bunny Hunny (Blue) (92$)

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