Saturday, March 19, 2011

Dressed for Holi

Mashooka is a store for awesome indian and western clothing. The quality of the items is stunning as the textures are always well made and mainly very colourful. This weekend Holi takes place in india. A spring festival for which colours are very important. Because of that at mashooka a dollarbie dress is sold today and tomorrow. It comes with a top, a skirt and a scarf. This scarf is called dupatta and essential for many womens outfits in south asia. It could be worn in many ways. In this outfit it is worn over a shoulder. All prim parts come with resizescripts and the dress should fit every avatar. Its a great dollarbie and mashooka is always worth a visit.
dollarbie sari
Dress: :Mashooka: Special Holi dress (1$)

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