Sunday, March 13, 2011

Fab Pony at Fashion for Life

Yesterday finally Fashion for Life opened. It is a Fashion Fair on which more than 100 Designers work together to help the American Cancer Society. The designers create items for the event which are sold in special vendors. The Lindens which are gained through those sales go directly to the American Cancer Society. In the last years this event was called RFL Clothing Fair but as some things changed they also changed the name of the event. They put the reasons for the rebranding onto their site.
Walking on water
This are some of the items from Fab Pony. They made a very sparkly dress with a mix of pinks and black. The patterns are big and i like the idea of making the sleeves not symetric. On their blog they say they make fashion for girls who want to get recognized and this definitly will happen when wearing this dress. The top with the highrise trousers are an other donation item from fab pony. The trousers have really big flares. The hair used with them is a donation item from amacci. It has been created specially for fashion for life. It is black and has blonde tips. The hairbands have a colourhud so you could decide which colour they should have.
fab pony dress and jeans with top
The shirt is in the fashion for life hunt. It has some parrots on it. The sleeves are sculpted and look a bit like they moved up without that the person who wears the shirt planed it. The trousers in a very neonlike green and a light grey are also donation items.
fab pony jeans

Dress: FAB.PONY "Own the Night" Dress (Magenta Magic) (310$)
Highrise trousers with top: FAB.PONY "Chloe" Jeans + "Samantha" Tank (399$)
Pink shirt: FFL Hunt Item* FAB.PONY Printed Tee "2 Parrots" (70's Pink) (25$)
Trousers: FAB.PONY Acid Wash Jeans (349$)
Hair with the two pony tails: Amacci Hair Suzy ~ Black Coal Tipped Blond (100 $)

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