Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Elegant and classic

She always wanted to have her own bar. When she found the empty loft she knew that this was perfect. The large windows the roof with the glass. It was just the perfect place and most surprising there was allready a piano in it. She had no idea how it got up into the loft but it was there and it was perfect. So she only needed to get furniture and she was done. This evening she would open the bar for the first time. She was dressed perfectly for that event.
Sweater dress
Shiki takes part at Fashion for Life. Their donation items are classical and elegant. I like the upper combination with the sweater and the skirt a lot. It looks like being made to go for a snack in a bar or to spend some time danceing. I had to make the belt a bit smaller and to move the prims of the sweater but it worked well.
The white dress has great textures and as it is a dress in second life it has the benefit that you do not need to be careful to avoid that it gets dirty. It comes with fur for the shoulders. The skirt is non flexi and i made it also a bit smaller until it fit perfectly.
white dress from shiki

Outfit on the first picture: SHIKI-sweater dress TOKYO STROLL (290$)
Outfit on the second picture: Shiki Designs: YUKI dress (490$)

After Fashion for Life and also if you want to see more of their designs you find their Mainstore here.

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