Thursday, March 17, 2011

Big yellow taxi

Is it a while since I blogged under a song title? or do I just do it all the time? but it makes me wonder how many would recognise is it as a song, or even which version you prefer. Well anyway it keeps me amused :) Today i'm sporting a bit of a biker girl look, since my tomboy look was so popular. I did want to find a spot to take a picture with a bike, but when I saw this taxi I couldn't miss the opportunity to do the song title thing...sorry.

 I had to grab this zeery scarf well I saw the new releases,. Zeerys scarves are by far my favourites, and it's not hard to see why, it's the unique clever styling, also there is something for every budget, which is nice if you're like me and wear a different outfit every day! Again more footwear from Skifija! these boots have 3 options with the cuff up, down or no cuff at all which makes them more adaptable to different looks. You can pick them up for  a steal at L$149 but if you wait until Friday you can get your 50% group discount

Hair with hat & goggles: Free group luckyboard item > Bubblez
Top: Free Euphoria hunt item > Fishy strawberry
Scarf: L$5 new release gift > Zeerys
Trousers: Free group luckyboard > Bubblez
Belt: Free group gift > So many styles
Gloves: Free group gift > Modd.G
Boots: L$149 > Skifija

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