Sunday, March 13, 2011

Beloved by Butterflies

Some flowers have green blossoms and some butterflies know that. So they flew around me trying to get my scent to decidede if i m a flower or not.
Loves for shades of green
When seeing this dress from VUI at fashion for life i had to have it. VUI itself closed it doors but they have a sales booth at fashion for life. This dress comes in a mix of shades of gold and green with a very metallic look. The combinations of colours are impressive. The skirt looks a bit like it would move but it does not. The frills around the neck have been made with the same or similar textures as the skirt, but they are a bit smaller. The dress comes also with a small headdress. It might be a bit brave to combine a green dress with purple boots but the boots from perse are so unique in their mix of classic and modern style so they go quite well with the dress. And as they are available in many colours its possible to pick them in a dark grey as well.
Green dress with purple boots
Dress: VUI. Marbled Little Diva (green/yellow) (50$)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Purple (149 $)

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  1. Ahh fabulous VUI !! yes I have this dress in purple from there, i love the colour palette used at this store.