Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Magnolia Fairy

She always loved magnolias but she was surprised when finding the huge magnolia blossoms in her garden. They were nearly as big as she was. But with some effort she managed to dry them and to press them. Knowing some tricks she even avoided that the blossoms changed their colour during the drying and flatening process. She was very content when seeing the result. Being much thicker than normal pressed flowers she even was able to make a dress with them.
Lois Allen Designs takes part at fashion for life. As all designers who take part in this charity event for Relay for Life she donates four items which are sold in special vendors. The money which gets collected through that goes directly to Relay for Life and will support their work to find finally a cure for cancer. So here two of the donation dresses from Lois. The upper one looks like being made of magnolia blossoms. It comes with fitting wings so it is perfect for every flower fairy. Very lovely are the fitting anklet and wristlet, and the set also includes a fitting necklace and a flower for the hair.
The pink dress on the other picture is something for fairy princesses. It has a big skirt and elegant wings. The jewlery seeable on the picture belongs to the set as well. The dress is impressive so the one who wears it might gain a lot of attention.
pink princess
Flower Dress: Lois Magnolia (200$)
Princess Dress: Princess Waiting in the Wings by Lois (200$)

If you like to see more of Lois Allen's designs take a look at her mainstore.

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