Friday, March 18, 2011

Fins and Scales

Some myths say that the merpeople are cold and wet and that the life they live in the deepths of the seas is boring and without beauty. Those myth are wrong. The culture of the merpeople is impressing. They grow special flowers in their garden and they know how to make wonderful dresses out of fish which is only raised for that. The merpeople keep most of those dresses for themself but some make it on the surface.
Ocean born
LeeZu takes part at Fashion for Life and they have wonderful dresses as donation item. The dress on the first picture reminds me on a betta with all the colourful fins. Although i m not sure if black betta exist as the scales of the dress are black. The shades of black and dark magenta fit well together. The idea to mix flowers, fins and scales is unique in my opinion and i have to admit that i love the dress and enjoy walking around in it. It is also a great item for roleplay as you always could say it has been made of giant fish you hunted or is something your family owns for centuries. I only had to adjust the top and the gloves a bit to make the dress fit my avatar. So maybe it takes about 15 minutes on a posestand to adjust the dress but its definitly worth to take the time for that.

This white black dress also has a very unique cut. Which is mainly created by the collar. The dress could be worn just as top or with one of the three included skirts. On the picture you could see the dress with the sculpted skirt, the other included skirts are a sculpted one with some flexi parts over it which look a bit like a lace and have the same pattern as the rest of the dress and a babydoll skirt. The sleeves are also sculpted. If your avatar is only 1,96m in high heels as mine you will need to resize the dress also. But it is easy with those skirts and the collar. It did not take much time. What i really love is how classic and modern this dress is at the same time. And i was really surprised when i recognized that this dress, although the skirt is longer than a miniskirt, goes pretty well with overknee boots. I really like this combination. Of course it also fits great to high heels.
black white lilly dress
This white dress also comes with three skirts. The top has a very open cut. I liked the skirt with the bows best as it is cute. The other two skirts are one with tealength and one which is short but without the bows. This dress reminds me very much on spring but it might also work well in summer as it is very open and its not very likely to sweat while wearing it.
white dress
This is the black version of the above dress. It has some white squares on the skirt which make it look more intresting. It also comes with three skirts. This one is the tealong one. This dress lets me think of an artist who might wear a sophisticated dress.
Leezu black dress
All those dresses are donation items that means if you buy them the money will go directly to Relay for Life and help to find a cure for cancer or at least make somebody happy while having a horrible time in his or her life.

1st Dress: [LeeZu!] A Mon Insu Gown /black FFL (790$)
2nd Dress: [LeeZu!] Catch Lily Dress /black - FFL (350$)
3rd Dress: [LeeZu!] Lizz Flexi Dress /gray FFL (200)
4th Dress: [LeeZu!] Lizz Flexi Dress /black FFL (200)

The [LeeZu!] mainstore is at "To The Nines". Take a look at it if you like to see more outfits from LeeZu.
I took all the pictures at the waterland sims.

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