Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Euphorically animated

The sim Euphoria is doing it's 2nd hunt, and as there are so many great stores on that sim, I wasted no time at all getting my pixelated tush down there to find some fabulous items.The first ones I opened I instantly adored, so let me make this short and sweet so I can finish my blog post and open the others! oooooooh it feels like my birthday, only I don't get nearly as many goodies as this on my birthday. All you have to do to be part of the hunt is join the Euphoria group  ( or visit the highlighted link for details ) wear you tag and off you go! there is a list of landmarks for participating stores in notices.

Hair: Free Euphoria hunt item > LoQ hairs
Vest: Free Euphoria hunt item ( just the vest layer worn it's part of a top) > Milk Motion
Dress: Free Euphoria hunt item > Vita's boudoir
Bracelets: Free Euphoria hunt item > Stigma
Shoes: L$149 Andromeda heels > Skifija
Poses: Free Euphoria hunt item > Dare

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