Wednesday, March 16, 2011

In Leather

Exploring a empty town in the middle of the night. Nobody is on the streets at this time of the day which is not the worst as the outfit is more than short.
hardwear trousers and top
HardWear creates skintight clothing for men and women. That means the outfits are tight and it is possible to see a lot. This leather outfit, which is one of the HardWear donation items at fashion for life, looks a bit like being made of a skin with scales (but it does not look like dragonscales). The trousers could be worn with wide flares or skintight to wear them with boots. For that you have to mod them and make them maybe a bit shorter or simply use boots with alphalayer. The silvernet is included in the top, it might feel intresting.
The set includes unisex and mens versions of the top and the trousers. There is also a bulge included for a very manly look.
HardWear has great necklaces in the Gacha at fashion for life. The texture in the pendant is animated and changes all the time. I have no clue how things like that are created but it looks awesome.
The makeup used on those pictures is a gift from Miamai at fashion for life.
hardwear necklace
Outfit: HardWear Irridescent Venom #2 Leather Outfit (300$)
Necklace: HardWear Cord Necklace - Blow Your Mind (30$ Fashion for Life Gacha item)
Makeup: Miamai::DarkEyes 06 (0$ fashion for life gift)

The pasties are not included in the set.

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