Sunday, February 27, 2011

Cute dresses for spring

It is slowly getting warmer again. So its time for new short dresses. Ibizarre made some of them and sells them this weekend in the lazy Sundy this weekend.
This is the version in rose of the dress. It also comes with fitting leggins but could worn without them as well.
Cute ibizzare dress version 3
The nature dress is kept in shades of brown. The scarf which also comes with the dress and the leggins fit well to the dress. So if it is still not warm enough it is possible to wear the dress with those trousers.
Cute ibizzare dress version 4
Here a picture of the dress in blue . Its a very springlike blue which reminds on the first flowers and walking through the forest when the trees start to get leaves again.
Cute ibizzare dress version 2
Last but not least the version in mint. I must have been very tired when taking the pictures as i used the same pose two times. The poses are a new release by just a pose by the way. They are made for stars on the red carpet and i used them for walking around in the green garden. As seeable on the picture i combined this time the dress with a jeans vest. This vest is included in all the versions of the dress. Its a nice idea to add a vest as it is not really warm yet and it is important to keep the back warm.
Cute ibizzare dress version 1

Ibizarre Neelie Dress - Rose (75$ this weekend)
Ibizarre Neelie Dress - Nature (75$ this weekend)
Ibizarre Neelie Dress - Ice (75$ this weekend)
Ibizarre Neelie Dress - Mint (75$ this weekend)

Poses: {Just A Pose} Best Actress poses (60$ until sunday evening)

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