Sunday, February 27, 2011

Garlic oh yes

When the princess got back she was more than surprised that nobody was there to greet her. She was pretty annoyed. But then she had the feeling that something was wrong. Or did everything work out as she had planed it? That her male sibling would be that silly was nothing she had been able to belive. At least the town seemed to be empty. This could be a good sign.
ezura vampire princess 1
Searching for her servants and all the other human property went to the park. She was getting lightly angry when realizing that the streets were not as clean as they should be. There was even a leaf which made its way under her feet. She needed to talk to those who would be most probably still in the city.
ezura vampire princess 2
So she went in one of the darkest corners of the town to have a talk with him. She was surprised when seeing him again. He seemed to be much smaller than he used to. What had happend to the king of the rats. But he did not seem to have lost the respect of the other rats.
ezura vampire princess 4
Their conversation was not long. It turned out that she had been tricked. Being asked to marry to increase the power of her family she had been sent away. But in this time her brother who always had been jealous on her had managed to force all inhabitants of her town to move into his. It made her grin. Of course he had known about his plans. And she had had much time to figure out a plan to trick him. It had taken a long time but at the end she had managed to create garlic which looked and behaved like humans. When imagin the face of her brother when he would try to drink the blood of such a being she had to laugh. And the small kink of the rats grinned up to her.
ezura vampire princess 3
I love the crown cuffs and neckdresses from Ezura since seeing them for the first time. Now there are fitting dresses, shoes and even a crown and a staff available. In my opinion those dresses are the perfect outfit for every vampire princess or gothic queen. They come with many options to wear them. For example there are three different kinds of skirts included in every set, and it is possible to wear a sheer version of the top or a non sheer one. Ezura loves to add the option to wear the clothes as lingerie and this is also possible this time. As the cuffs the dresses are available in white, black, red and purple.
Dresses from Ezura for the vampire princess
It is even possible to buy fitting shoes to the dresses. Those also have the lace which has been used for the cuffs and dresses. The cuff around the ankle lets them look very cute. It is possible to change the colour of the sole and the heel with a hud.
some shoes for the vampire princess

Dresses: + ezura + Lolita Crown Dress * (one colour 588$)
Shoes: + ezura + The Crown Lace Ankle Boots (one colour 358$, fat pack 1208$)
Crown and Staff: + ezura + The Crown & Staff (180$)
Cuffs: + ezura + Crown Lolita Cuffs (one colour 178$, fat pack 478$)
Neckdresses: + ezura + Lolita Crown NeckDress (one colour 198$, fat pack 518$)

This weekend the Dresses and the shoes are sold for 50% for members of the Ezura Group. Its free to join this group and there is often some nice talk in the chat.

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