Sunday, February 27, 2011

Morning at the sea

Looking really tired at the morning. And not really being awake as well. But at least wearing a dress with a corset which forces the body to stand more or less straight.
tired at the beach
But after a wave it was time to take off the corset. It is one thing to stand straight but it is something else to be forced by a wet corset to do so. But the dress looks cute worn on both ways.
yearning to wake
Florence is a new dress from Blue Blood. It could be worn on many different ways and is also available in lots of colours. I liked green and black best. The dress could even be worn as lingerie. It comes with fitting socks, three kinds of skirts and sleves. The black version is a version which only members of the blue blood group could buy. There are many benefits for members of that group. For example the fatpack of the dress is also only available for those and there are many free dresses and if i remember correctly there is also a lucky board which is only available for the members of the blue blood group.
blue blood dresses florence

Dress: +++BB+++ Florence (one colour 300$ fatpack 750$ and for the black one you need to be a member in the blue blood group. 50$ to join but you will get many gifts and Blue Blood is great)

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