Saturday, March 5, 2011

[twisted pleasures]

The Twisted Hunt is on again and running from March, 1st til the 31st. This is the fifth hunt since it was started in March 2009, and the theme this time is 'Nevermore' - right, just like the well-known raven, and many of the prizes are indeed related to this beautiful, dark bird. Known to be one of the hardest hunts in SL, it needs indeed lots of patience, luck and sometimes indescribable camera angles to finally spot the little rotating 'cube of doom' that carries the prize, but I can assure you, the goodies are well worth the effort. 218 stores in total are waiting for you, and I wanted to show you a little selection of the prices beforehand.

[twisted pleasures]
On Raven:
Outfit: +++BB+++ - Florence Corset (free at the Twisted Hunt)
Knife: [V/INSANITY] - VICTIM Munchie (part of the Twisted Hunt prize)
Wings: ::{Favole}:: - Megalomaniac (free at the Twisted Hunt)
Ravenlegs: gilded - Raven Leg (free at the Twisted Hunt

[twisted pleasures]
On Storm:
Pants: RFYRE - Immortal Chained Leathers (free at the Twisted Hunt)
Cuffs: KOSH - Asphyxia Bracelet - blood (Lucky Board prize)
Top: =Razorblade Jacket= - You Fail At Math (free at the Twisted Hunt)

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