Saturday, March 5, 2011

Spring posing

Spending some time with Omen at my home, taking a pictures together. As he is a bit bigger than me he was so kind to hunker down so that i was able to look over him. To say the truth i only wanted to be able to see the tattoos on top of his head normaly i do not have the chance to see them.

This pose is sold on the March into Spring Market by the store which organizes the whole event, Embody Shapes and Poses. It is one of their sale items so it is sold for only 10 Linden. I needed to adjust the pose a bit as Omen is much larger than me but for that you simply could unlink the poseballs move them while sitting on them until the pose looks correctly and link them again. Its not a big thing when you know how to unlink and to link prims again.
embody lean on me pose
Pose: Embody Pose MF LEAN ON ME MISM (10$)

This is the right pose for a romantic picture. Normaly this kind of pose should be used in the outside and be very romantic. Unfortunatly i did not think about this when taking the picture so it looks like Omen just collected all the glow in the dark stares i glued at the ceiling and would now let them fly in front of me. The pose is lovely i think it might also work to put something else than the stars into the hands maybe a gift? Or some food.
all the stars
Pose: Embody Pose UF ALL MY STARS (0 $ Huntgift in the March into Spring hunt)

Embody is not only a store for poses they also create shapes. So it is just normal that they also sells shapes at the march into spring market. This one is named Sierra. I have to admit it is difficult for me to deal with other poses than my own but as Embody also released a new set of female poses i took the pictures of those while using the shape to show it in different positions. The poses are cool poses for those who are famous and those who like to be famous and called Celebrity.
Embody shape and female poses
Shape: Embody Shape F SIERRA (10$)
Poses: Embody Pose Pack F CELEBRITY (0 $ Huntgift in the March into Spring hunt)

For more infos take a look at the March into spring site.

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