Sunday, February 27, 2011

STEAM - the Hunt preview I

She was content, very content. It had cost her feet but this was a price she was more than willing to pay. Finally she had managed to let her house fly. And who would miss having feet if having a flying house? Instead of whimpering after the big explosion (she had tested some really intresting things) she spend the time she needed to heal on building a pair of boots which allowed her to walk as well as before. The technology she developed because of that helped her a lot to solve the problems with the house. Steam was the solution she never had supposed that.
content steampunk engineer
The fourth round of STEAM - the Hunt is going to start at the 1st March. This time more than 180 Stores are going to take part. I d like to show some previews of the gifts. The upper picture has been taken in the gift from Morigi Steam . As seeable it is a skybox. The windows could be closed and opened as well as the curtain. The textures are elegant in my opinion. I like the silver leaves a lot.
Steampunk hunt skybox 1
Skybox: STEAM HUNT 4 - 69 - Morigi Steam (0$ hunt gift)

D & M Dream Furniture also have a skybox as huntgift. As the Skybox from Morigi Steam many metal textures have been used. It is even possible to clean the windows. The bucket on the little table has such an animation inbuilt and the towel on the bucket gives when being touched a piece of cloth which could be attached at the hand. The skybox is 25 x 38 metres and partly furnitshed allready. There are some pictures and even a fire place.
Steampunk hunt skybox 2
Skybox: D&M Dream Furniture : D&M Steampunk Loft (0$ hunt gift)

The items from Alkahest are perfect to furnitsh the found skyboxes. That store has a wonderful lamp with gears, some picture frames made of gears and even a flower with a gear as hunt gift. The lamp is very lovely in my opinion. Not only the bulb on the top shines also the two gears at the side light the room.
Steampunk furniture
STEAM HUNT 4 - [134] - [Alkahest] (0$ hunt gift)

Zoe's Garden made of course something for the garden. A fountain made of a big gear. The water makes sounds which is calming. The textures are in shades of dark red and brown just steampunkish.
steampunk fountain
Fountain: STEAM HUNT 4 - 101 - ZOE'S GARDEN

When looking at the item from Arkigrafx i was more than confused. It is a very beautiful building but not very big. It looks very beautiful but i found no machine or something like that in the inside. So when reading the notecard to the item i had a good laugh when recognizing that i had been confused by a public toilet. The item is named Steampunk Vespasiano. It is an public toilet which really are named after Vespasian.
public toilet for steampunkers needs
Building: STEAM HUNT 4-#111-Arkigrafx (0$ hunt gift)

Of course the Hydraulic Boot are an hunt gift as well. I like the idea a lot. For my avatar i had to make them much smaller which was not very tricky. They could be worn with or without alpha layers. I liked them better without but maybe not everybody has no problem with having an avatar who has Hydraulic boots instead of feet. For those it works fine to wear the boots without the alphalayer. The legs are seeable between the rods. The kimono isn't a hunt gift. It comes from 22769. The monocle has been a hunt gift some time ago from Super possessed.
steampunk kimono and hydraulic boots
Boots: STEAM HUNT 4 - [#43] - [gilded] (0$ hunt gift)
Kimono: 22769 ~ casual couture Vintage Series "Rator Black" (210 Linden)
Monocle: Super Possessed - Monocles (old huntgift)

For more STEAM - the Hunt news take a look at the Huntblog.

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