Monday, February 28, 2011


She had tried it again and again. But she had no chance. Her wings were totally corrupted. With every try to fly she only hurt herself more. Her nose was bleeding now for nearly an hour and she did not care. Also not about the wound on her cheek. She only wanted to fly. But this would happen nevermore.
The raven
I love the idea of remades which appears often in the books by China Miéville. People who commited a crime and get bodyparts from animals or mechanical bodyparts as punishment. The boots i blogged yesterday from gilded allready reminded me very much on those stories. The ravenclaws and legs from the same store let me even more think about remades. The legs and is spend some time on a posestand together until they were small enough not to sink through the ground anymore. The set with the claws had smaller versions included those fit fine. Both parts come with alphalayers for one part and both parts so that it is possible to wear only the feet or only the arms or both at the same time.
In my opinion those arms and legs are really great roleplay items, for example as feet when somebody put a bad spell on somebody else and this caused that the appearance of the victim changed, or as punishment like the Remade by Miéville.
The black feathery dress with the roses on top is an item from the barbee sale. A sale with lots of japanese stores. All the items are sold for 49$ each. The dress did fit without any adjusting and came with the collar, the top and the skirt. Of course there are system layers included which cover all bits decently.
So spoke the raven more more more

Dress: +mocha+ - Monochrome Impatience [Black] (49$ Barbee sale)
Skin: DEN-DOU : Keiko ate the chocolate by stealth (old huntgift now in a gatcha 200$ per round)
Scar: Squeek! Scarification went wrong (old huntgift or special item seems not to be sold in the store anymore)
Ravenarms: gilded: Raven Claws (350$)
Ravenlegs: gilded: Raven's Legs twisted hunt gift spring 2011 (0$)
Tattoo: SubDermal - "Rosary of Pain" Full Body Tattoo (295$)

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