Friday, March 4, 2011

Dressed for spring

Walking along the beach and shivering a bit because the water is still cold. But it is great to spend time at the sea and to feel the wind on the bare shoulders.
blackwhite cocktaildress
22769 takes part in the March into Spring Market. This market starts tomorrow and is organized and takes place at the roof of Embody Shapes and Poses. There is a market on the roof of that store and a hunt with some great gift takes part as well. All the participating designers sell an item for 10 Lindens. The dress with the black top and the white black striped shirt is the 10 Linden item from 22769. The skirt is kind of wrapped together and has a knoted band to keep it in place. Its a great dress for a party at a pool, elegant and sexy.
The cherry blossom dress on the other picture is the hunt gift from the same store. I liked the colours which have been choosen for the dress a lot. The skirt consists of three prim parts one being attached at the pelvis and the other two at the spine attachment points. So the dress still looks fine when moving.
cherry  blossom dress

22769 cocktail dress (10 L$ item) (sold at the March into Spring Market)
22769 MIS huntgift cherry blossom dress (gift in the March into Spring Hunt)

For more informations take a look at the Embody Shapes and Poses Blog.

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