Friday, March 4, 2011

Waiting in the Dusk

Waiting in the fog for the right moment. Controlling the gloves again if they are in the right position. Some things should not be touched with bare hands especially not in the fog.
Leather Coat from a hunt
When it comes to impressive textures LnL is one of the stores which get into my mind. I still think that London, the creator of the outfits which are sold in that store, uses all the layers of cloth like a canvas. But not for plain pictures he creates the illusion of material. A good example for this is the look of the leather on the top of the coat. It looks like it would the patterns be feelable. The coat comes as all hunt gifts from LnL in a version for females and one for males. The prim parts have all an resizescript even the collar. LnL released this leather coat as gift in the hunt for roleplay. The store also got rebuilt an other good reason to visit it to have a look.

Coat: LNL BOX OUTFIT O-130--RPH GIFT (0$ Huntgift)

I took the picture of the coat at the awesome waterland sims.

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