Monday, February 28, 2011

STEAM - the Hunt preview II

Blogging the items from the steampunkhunt is much different for me than the things i usually blog. Well usually i blog clothes and there are clothes in the steampunkhunt but also many many other things than clothes. Things i never would have thought of.
But thats the spirit of this hunt and i guess this is also one of the reasons why it is one of the most popular hunts on the grid.
First i like to start with some clothes as clothes are something i am really used to. Even a steampunklady has the need for high heels when working on her next invention. So It is good to have shoes which are highheeled on the one hand but also not easy to destroy. The boots from bloodsmore meet those criteria. The colourful dress is the huntgift from Holly, as no decent victorian woman would be willing to show off her legs i did not make a picture of the cute stockings which belong to the set. I could only say that they fit to the hunt theme. The necklace with the clock has a great name" Miss Havisham's Tick Tock Necklace". It has not only a little clock on it there are also some little golden decorations at the neck. Its the gift from Embyr's Inferno and inspired by Miss Havisham. Reading this in the notecard i had to recognize that i lack so much in english literature that it is embarrassing for me.
Shoes for the speamlady
Boots: Steam Hunt 4 -82- Bloodsmoore, Inc (0 $ Huntgift)
Dress: ~~ Holly ~~ Steam Hunt 4 Gift #009 (0 $ Huntgift)
Clock: STEAM HUNT 4 -#30 - Embyr's Inferno (0 $ Huntgift)

Steampunkers need fire. And they need much fire to work with metal or just to cook some tea. This one could be found at Hearth & Home. The cogwheels at the front are animated and rotate. I like the smaller pipes which are added to the big one. That lets the fireplace look more elegant although i suppose it would be big enough to form the iron for horseshoes with its help. The textures are also great.
Steampunk fireplace
STEAM HUNT 4 - 88 - Hearth & Home (0 $ Huntgift)

This statue is one of the unexpected things which only seem to appear in Steam the hunt. I have to admit when opening the box and reading the name of the item "SteamStyle Garden Spinner" i supposed and rotary clothes dryer, as those are called "Wäschespinne" in german (german is my mothertongue) but this wonderful Statue is nothing i would dare to dry my laundry at. It is so beautiful. It reminds me very much at Art Nouveau or Jugendstil. When being touched the figure on the top starts to rotate. It looks like being made of many small glas panels. A man made of tiffany glass for the garden. This is a really impressing item and its even more impressing that even the cogwheels at the backside of the man are animated.
Steampunk statue
Statue: STEAM HUNT 4 - #62 - SteamStyle Steampunk Emporium (0 $ Huntgift)

Today at Monday, 28 February, 6-8 PM SLT takes the kick off party for the hunt place. So put on your steampunk outfits and visit the Black Bird Jazz Club in Mieville to have a great time with other Steampunkers.

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  1. Thank you for featuring my spinning statue build, the featured Steam Hunt gift at SteamStyle Steampunk Emporium. I hope hunters will enjoy it!

    Bojax Baroque