Sunday, February 27, 2011

In which she gets the boots she's been longing for...

Yes, here I am in the Bukka lucky board boots that I have been stalking for days, if not weeks! If I'm not the last person in the whole of Second life to have them, then go there immediately and don't leave until you have them! they are free & I can't believe it! It's going to be just like when I was a young girl (tomboy rather),  and I wore my sacred boots. My mother still teases me now that I slept in them,  I loved them so much, that she couldn't prize them off of me! Oh and while you're out shopping pick up these other bargains That I managed to grab.....*skips off clumsily & pretends to be the 8 year old petrol pump attendant again* 

Hair & Hat: Free luckyboard item > W&Y
Top: Free group gift ( can also be worn as a dress) > Autre
Scarf: L$200 long scarf - sepia > Maitreya
Shorts: L$5 > Izm
Boots: Free luckyboard item  > Bukka

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