Thursday, March 3, 2011

STEAM - the Hunt for tinies

Ephraim the the elephant was exhausted. And a bit annoyed. It was always the same with Elsbeth. She needed ages to dress up. Added there a cog wheel to her dress then some shiny stuff here and feather there. It was horrible. And when he finally had managed to sleep while standing she came around and yelled at him.
Steampunk suit for tinies
I love the tiny community and enjoy to visit it from time to time but im not a real tiny as i spend most of the time in human form and many tinies do not even have such a form. So its cool that the steampunk hunt even includes gifts for tinies. The hunt gift from tiny ruffles contains two gifts a suit for the tiny gentleman and a dress for the tiny lady. To wear them at the elephant avis from tiny inc i needed to stretch them a bit but i guess that most tinys are used to the fact that the bodys of the tiny avis are not exactly the same, as there are tinys which are a bit more slender than other tinys. Both outfits are of course steampunk themed. They both come with a hat which fits to the colour of the outfit. The dress for the lady has some ruffles and is a bit more playful than the formal suit for the gentleman. Both outfits are great for tinys and those who plan to spend some time as tiny.
Steampunk dress for tinies

Outfits: STEAM 4 #156 - Tiny Ruffles Gift (0$)
Elephant avatar: Tiny inc. : tiny elephant (not free i think around 200 $ when touching the ears it sprays water)

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