Friday, December 11, 2009

Honey kitty X-mas

Honey kitty has a x-mas store group hunt. You have to search for 5 stars hidden in the store. At the end you get a cute x-mas outfit. It comes with two kind of skirts (a red one and a long version of the green shirt like on the picture) and two pairs of socks and hairbows. I think i needed about 10 minutes to find all items. But you have to be member of the Honey kitty group to be allowed to hunt for the stars.

Outfit: H+K : X'mas hunting2009
Shoes : Djunk and Hoc

Monday, December 7, 2009

Down with the chimney hunt

Yesterday started the down with the Chimney hunt. It ends at the 20th of December. Here some Huntgifts.
Left: .::TD::. Jersey Lump Top attachment (DWTC-Hunt Gift 0 Linden)
Right: **MIS** Hipsters n Leggings (DWTC-Hunt Gift O Linden)

Pullover: *Fishy Strawberry* [chunky] Norwegian Wood Knit Sweater (DWTC-Hunt Gift O Linden)
Trousers: .:A&M:. Reaction Outfit (DWTC-Hunt Gift O Linden)

Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ Bulky Sweater (DWTC-Hunt Gift O Linden)

I always wanted to have hooves for my human avi. So i was stunned when i found this.

MiniGarden: Julia Collection - Mini Park (DWTC-Hunt Gift)
Dress: [Miseria] Sugar Dress - Holly (DWTC Hunt Gift )
Antlers: *Cobrahive* Rudolph's Crazy Antlers (Store Hunt Gift)
Hooves: *Cobrahive* Rudolph's hooves (Store Hunt Gift)