Saturday, March 26, 2011

The conspiracy

When they met they were allready in a hurry. They were a strange group. A neko, an elf, an android and the one who looked human was a dragon in disguise. She seemed to be the weakest but she was the leader and her demanding needs were the reason for their meeting. The dragon only wanted two things and she did everything to get those things. Manipulating, stealing and if it was needed she also begged. She even founded that group with her three helpers. It was not really clear why they helped her. Maybe because they always had a good laugh when they told her fantastic stories about how they got the cookies she wanted so much. The truth was the three nondragons had visited a bakeing course together and while one distracted the dragon the other two made cookies and invented a good story for her.
makeing plans
Milli, the owner of no strings attached is back in second life and creative as always. So she made this pose for four. Its a four for one pose for the picture I unlinked the poseballs and moved them so that the hands fitted then linked them again. That was pretty easy.
The outfits being used for this picture mainly are created by 22769. Manuel - the neko - wears the open baggy pants outfit. It is as the outfit Paco - the elf - wears in the jaunty sale. A 49$ sale for dudes which is currently going on. The open baggy pants come with a smily bulge and the shirt on all layers. The dropped pants outfit paco wears comes with a sweater which is bound around the hips. The boxers have also a bulge and the pants are sculpted. The dragon wears an outfit from 22769 which is sold in the locker room. Its called lush in leather and comes with a top and leatherpants in a jeans cut. Also included in the set is a leatherjacket. L1L4 the blue haired android wears the sadness coat from davinel.

The Jaunty sale ended yesterday but as the owners of 22769 on vacations this weekend the items might be still sold for that price.
Paco: 22769 JAUNTY SALE outfit 2 - dropped pants outfit (49$)
Manuel: 22769 JAUNTY SALE outfit 1 - open baggy outfit (49$)
Dagmar: 22769 LOCKER ROOM outfit "Lush in Leather" (80$)
L1L4: Davinel - Ferocious - Sadness Coat (0$)

Pose: 'NSA' - All For One

A Prince Journey

The journey has begun... will you join me

Clothing is Master of Dark Power by Bare Rose 250L
Tentacles are Tentaculus Exoticus by xoph 860L
Tattos and Skin are Legend of Maul and Inner Light by Fallen Gods (no longer available)
The gauntlets are Claws of Conspirsy by The Coveneant Realm, 500L

[true legends never die]

Never know how much I love you
Never know how much I care
When you put your arms around me
I get a fever thats so hard to bear

You give me fever when you kiss me
Fever when you hold me tight
Fever in the morning
Fever all through the night...

[true legends never die]

Elvis might be dead... but his spirit is still alive. Rock'n'Roll, glitter and sex, combined with a legendary hip-cock that brought him the title "Elvis, the pelvis" and a bunch of fans and groupies alike - who wouldn't want to slip into the clothes of an entire generation's sex-symbol every now and then?

::Fierce Designs::, with their well-sorted costume section, will help to satisfy your Elvis-needs. The outfit contains everything shown in the picture (except the microphone), with a typical "King's quiff" wig in addition, but since I'm allergic to such extraordinary amounts of hairspray, I had to quit it for this shot.

So wether if you're going to visit a costume party or simply feel like wrapping yourself in tight, white leather, a red shirt and lots of shimmering gems - make sure to pay ::Fierce Designs:: a visit before - to get yourself some Fever.

Costume: Fierce - Elvis Costume (male)
Video: Elvis Presley - Fever

Friday, March 25, 2011


Today i'm inspired by the new released boots at Skifija, which have a very Gothic feel about them. Also i've been waiting for an opportunity to wear this amazing outfit from World's end which is a free group gift , also so is the hat, and if you must know the picture was also taken at worlds end which is a totally inspiring magical creation. A must visit place if you ask me , but now i'm giving away all my little secrets aren't I?

And so the secret was no more 
the secret's secret was within 
and out with became a treasure
a treasure to behold

Hair: L$179 Tuesday hair - B&W silver > Magika
Eyes: Free group gift -  Black doll > Les petits details
Outfit: Free group gift includes dress , gloves, stockings , chocker & shoes ( shoes not worn ) >  Worlds end
Boots: L$149 Iron will ankle boots ( or buy on the market place for L$99 ) > Skifija


Igraine was into magic. Her library was huge and growing. And so was her knowledge. She spend ages on reading and testing. Always under the knowing eyes of her rolemodel Marie Laveau. One day she found a book she had not seen before in her library before. It seemed to be the key to ultimate power. The rites took ages but she managed to get everything she needed for them.
Marie Laveau was very content with her new body.
classical relaxed
Cogoo made this cute capri pants. They come in three versions. The texture always look like they would be made of a more rough cotton. All of them come with sculpted sleeves. The colours are very calm and even at the camo paint one looks like it could be worn by a housewife for working in the garden. They go well with the vests and jackets from a:s:s. Those are unisex so they fit men and women. they could be worn either over a shirt or without something under them.
Top: A:S:S - January cardigan - Black (60$ or 500$ for a fatpack with 12 colours)
Trousers: [[[COGOO]]]Cotton Trousers (180$)
Top: A:S:S - January cardigan - Crimson (60$ or 500$ for a fatpack with 12 colours)
Trousers: [[[COGOO]]]Cotton Trousers (180$)
Top: A:S:S - Cotton vest - black (65$ or 350$ for a fatpack with 10 colours)
Trousers: [[[COGOO]]]Cotton Trousers (180$)

Miss bargain hunter

There are so many hunts on the go at the moment that I've been so busy doing them and not finding the time to blog them. Today I managed to sort out my sock drawer of an inventory, so todays post is a little collection of a few of my favourite pieces from various hunts, for 3 different looks.

 Hair: L$280 LOK255 > Boon
Top: Free Kawaii hunt item for SMS  ( all pieces of a puzzle must be complete before gifts can be collected) start point here > Alberto Kawaai hunt
Necklace: Free hunt item for the Kawaii hunt > Deco
Shorts: L$2190m high waist shorts > Shampooo
Shoes: Free luckyboard item - purple flats > Honey kitty

Hair: Free inside the bubbles on the beach > Analog dog
Dress: Free  Euphoria hunt item ( looking for a teal letter E group tag required)   > SYS
Shoes: L$ Cheyenne boots black ( group members get 50% discount on fridays) > Skifija

Hair: L$280 - GIC128 > Boon
Dress: L$5 Sonia dress - silver > KKBB
Scarf: L$75 for pack of 31 floret ties  - charcoal > Jane
Shoes: Free smiley face hunt item ( you are looking for a smiley face icon ) > Skifija

Thursday, March 24, 2011

A Princess Morning

To know love, you must know beauty. To know beauty, you must know silence. To know silence, you must know love

Dress: Lillou's designs [Molto Hunt 0L]
Hair: Boon [Group Gift]


[the last days of winter]

She slept in the snow
With the soft dawn in the fog
So weak between the towers
On the hill
Surrounded by some old big trees
There she is

Cold blue lips and her icy kiss
Engrave their sin on my wounded heart
And her love is stronger than death

It will all be gone
like you are my beloved
It will all be gone in this endless night
like you are my beloved

Through the curtains of death
I can still see
Her pale shape
In this endless night.

[the last days of winter]
Luna Jubilee's blogger challenge - Week 20: Sky Blue

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Shaved
Skin-Enhancer: .:Glamorize:. - Anti-Tan
Hair: - Marie

Jacket: ::GB:: - 2010 White Down Jacket
Turtleneck: A:S:S - Turtleneck
Pants: A:S:S - FF Jeans
Belt: *~MM's~* - WhiteBase-W-Belt+Suspenders

Lyrics: Embrio - To My Beloved (slight modifications)

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A prince call

Wait for my call... I may not look at you, but i will be waiting...

Skin: [-B-] - ^v^ Vampire ^v^ Skin #2
Hair: **Dura-Boys&Girls** - 04
Eyes: -Glam Affair - Stella Eyes 03
Ears: Schadenfreude - Mer-elf Ear

Outfit: so what?++ - Gothic suit( blue) & Little Britain Designs - Vampire Master
Shirt: Schadenfreude - Noir Oxford Shirt
Gloves: sf design - leather gloves black

Eye-Make Up: A:S:S - Guyliner - 11
Rings: [:TCR:] - Ring of Conspiracy v1.0
Piercings: - .HoD. - Dimpled Piercing

Sixties pixie mode

Today i've gone blonde, isn't that one of the most fabulous thing about SL that you can just change your whole look to suit your mood? I have a thing about hair as it is , but for the purpose of this look I thought blonde was best. Of course it's a more modern interpretation of that look. As soon as I saw this amazing asian style top, which is the latest group gift by 22769 ( male & female versions in the gift ) .

 I knew instantly what I wanted to wear it with. The top itself is so versatile, that you can wear it as a dress like I have here  with tights, also it will look great with knee socks, or with jeans, shorts or simply with trousers that come with the group gift, either way monochrome is just so classic that it just goes with everything!

Hair: Free group gift >  Boon
Top: Free group gift ( trousers are included but not worn here) > 22769
Tights: Free group gift - pastel tights- white > Latte
Necklace: Free valentine group gift > Iren
Shoes: Free group gift > Tram

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Japan Relief Fund Event

Japan is more than ever in our thoughts, hearts and prays. Second Life has shown one more time, that we are more than pixels or just a game. Everybody has donate something, and designers has join forces to bring us the possibility to help through one of second life's passions: fashion.
Sponsored by Radar, the Japan Relief Fund Event is one of many who join the cause. From 03.16 to 04.16 you can participate in this event, buying something that not only is going to make you look great, but you know by wearing it, that you help.

Fashion Label.
Sweter: HerBerry Operation Rising Sun for Japan Relief [green /white sweater]


Princess Dreams

Places to dream, dreams to find....

[LeeZu!] Ginkgo Flexi Dress /rose 790L$

Dressed to skateboard

The moment before she would jump onto her board. She loved it. Knowing that she would have her board under her feet in the next moment balancing on it. And letting all the guys look like kids on their second day on the board.
tutti frutty zeery 1
Zeery and *tuttifrutti* are two stores which sell and create very colourful items. Zeery is known for their wonderful scarfs (although they also create great tops and more) and *tuttifrutti* makes really colourful trousers. So why not mixing their creations? Those tops and the leggins are the latest release from *tuttifrutti*. The tops all look a bit shiny and have some very small patterns which look like being made of lots of glittering stones. The leggins have very intresting patterns as well. Two of them are covered with comic motives. The one on the left is very colourful. The one between the two comic ones has kind of a wave pattern in very soft colours. The shawls from Zeery look like being wrapped around the body. They are available in many colours although I have to admit that I like the one with teh blood best. It might be a great shawl for roleplayers. The other ones fit well to elegant outfits and make an outfit also more elegant. As seeable on the first picture a outfit which is made to skateboard looks great with a black golden shawl. One pack of the shawls contails two versions of the shawls one with those little bands on it and one without those. Zeery also sells normaly one shawl as cheapie when releasing something new so there is a white/grey version with red and blue patterns sold in the store for only 5 linden.
The skateboard on the first picture comes from my favourite skateboardshop Draneqo. Their boards look great, you could ask them to make you a unique one and which is most important they sell a skateboard hud which could be used with the boards to make tricks.
tutti frutty zeery 2
Top: *TuttiFrutti* Jewel Top -Cooper (90$)
Trousers: *TuttiFrutti* True Love Capri Legging (90$)
Scarf: {Zeery} Silk Silhouette Shawl - He Ate My Heart (210$)
Top: *TuttiFrutti* Jewel Top - Onix (90$)
Trousers: *TuttiFrutti* Spiderman Capri Legging (90$)
Scarf: {Zeery} Silk Silhouette Shawl - Sangria (210$)
Top: *TuttiFrutti* Jewel Top - Onix (90$)
Trousers: *TuttiFrutti* Chillax Capri Legging (90$)
Scarf: {Zeery} Silk Silhouette Shawl - Rouge Violace (210$)
Top: *TuttiFrutti* Jewel Top - Rhodonite (90$)
Trousers: *TuttiFrutti* Thor Capri Legging (90$)
Scarf: {Zeery} Silk Silhouette Shawl - He Ate My Heart (210$)

Scarf on the first picture: {Zeery} Silk Silhouette Shawl - Obsidian Gold (210$)
Skateboard: +DRANEQO+ Sk8Board(Devil Boy) (300$)
Skateboardhud: +DRANEQO+ SK8HUD (300$)

Kouse's Sanctum at fashion for life

A lady standing lonely in the mountains. She rests for a moment from wandering around. Her dress is elegant and maybe not made for the mountains but she does not care at all.
kouse ffl 1
Today is the last day of fashion for life so its a good reason to visit it for a last time. Those three gowns are all donation items from Kouse's Sanctum a great store for dresses for romantic dances or roleplay. The upper one is very festive with the patterns and the mix of the colours is nice. I like the ruffles at the top very much and also the sleeves are pretty unique. They are made using the sytem layer and prims. That is much smarter than makeing the whole sleeves out of prims in my opinion.
kouse ffl 2
The black dress might be perfect for playing a woman who works. It has an apron and small lace pattern at the bottom of the skirt. The corset has a white laceing in the front. The sleeves fit well to the dress. And of course the black textures are pretty well made so that they do look black although being shades of black and dark grey. The skirt and the apron come in several versions. The skirt could be worn short or long and the apron comes in red and purple.

This purple gown has a overskirt which looks a bit like blossoms. The sleeves are made of very fine lace in the same colour as the skirt. And it has a layer of lace which goes over the shoulder. The sleeves are also not directly connected to the dress as at the other two dresses.

Kouse Singh the owner of Kouse's Sanctum gave also a statement why she takes part at fashion for life and does so much for the whole Relay for Life movement. It has been published on the fashion for life site and is definitly worth to read.
kouse ffl 3

1st Dress: [K~*~S] Michelle - Gown - Relay (500$)
2nd Dress:[K~*~S] Jocelyn - Gown - Relay (400$)
3rd Dress:[K~*~S] 2011 Relay - Artemis (400$)

The mainstore of Kouse's Sanctum is at Avilion Peninsula.

Just black

She always had loved water. She spend as much time at it as possible. Wandering through it. Feeling the wet sand under her feet and enjoying being slowed down by the liquid.

House of Fox takes part in the 2nd Euphoria hunt. Their price is a short black dress. One of those dresses every woman needs to have in her closet. The top has black ruffles which takes a bit of the strictness of the cut. At the same time it is a very elegant dress and of course very sexy as well. The texturing is well done so it looks like this dress is made of black lightly shiny cloth.
The Euphoria hunt takes place until 11th April, to do it you need to be part of the group of this well designed shopping sim.
short and black
Dress: E U P H O R I A Hunt Treasure from (House of Fox) (0$)

Monday, March 21, 2011

Princess in boots

Tell me a story, show me how to dream and dance....

[K~*~S] Tempest - Gown - Ocean (400 Linden)

Colourful for Japan

Gone skating for a while in one of the best skateparks i have seen in second life. It is in south gate and much fun. Of course it is great to be dressed well for skating. This outfit is one of the items *tuttifrutti* has in the pacific crisis fundraiser.
tutti frutti skateboard pacific crisis fundraiser 1
Its available there in three colours. All are pretty well made and great for activities like skateboarding, simboarding or other second life sports. I think there is a soccer league as well.
The outfits are available in mint, cherry red and in golden. The shirts have a batik look and the trousers are torn. There are cuffs for the trousers included in the set but i took those off to wear them in the boots. The tops all come in two cuts one which goes over the hip and one which is symetrical.
tuttifrutti pacific crisis fundraiser
Left: *TuttiFrutti* Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Pack - Mint
Middle: *TuttiFrutti* Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Pack - Cherry
Right: *TuttiFrutti* Pacific Crisis Fundraiser Pack- Golden

Suiting menssuit

Going for a walk before having to head back to an important event. And of course wearing a suit.
fashion for life suit
M Design takes part at fashion for life. This is one of the outfits they sell there and also at their mainstore. The suit is made for men but it suits women as well. And it does not use the skirt layer as some tuxs do. Very nice is the idea of selling lots of different versions of the top. There are versions of the jacket without the tie and the shirt and also with the tie in many different colours. So the jacket fits always to the dress of the one you are going out with. Or you just buy the fatpack which contains all versions.
These three shirts are also items form M Design. They are also for men but they are textured in a way which fits both genders. They are very comfy and come on all layers. The grey one on the left is one a donation item for relay for life. Fashion for life will end at the 22th so hurry to shop there.
fashion for life shirts

Suit: M Designs Menswear Dark Grey Formal Suit Fat Pack (688$ or one colour 488$)
Shirts: M Designs Menswear 3 Tone Shirt (138 $ each) (the grey one is sold for 78$ at fashion for life)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Boho chic

I adore maxi dresses and I find this one from Vera Modera delightful. It ticks all the boxes of what a maxi dress should be for me, but there are so many interpretations of the maxi dress, that i'm sure most people have their own personal preference. Ultimately what I love about maxi dresses, is their versatility.    They can so easily be dressed up or down. So for example here I am wearing a scarf and sandals, for a lovely casual yet chic daytime look, but alternatively you could team it with some wonderful jewelry, heels and and possibly even a bolero jacket for a glamorous evening look. Either way it's statement piece for any occasion.... well perhaps if you were going jet skiing, you might want to tuck it into your knickers!

Dress: L$200 Flora red silk dress  > Vero Modero
Scarf: L$100 at The Help Japan fundraiser > Deviant girls
Hair: Free group gift > Diva


Fashion Label..

Skin Evol [new group gift]
Dress Mystic Paradise [Eva Grey 50L ]