Saturday, April 21, 2012

Fantasy Faire 2012 Preview - Ullabellatrix

The memory of her nanny always made her smile. “You must be very careful, my sweet little Ulla!” – she used to say, with a grave expression on her wrinkled face. “After sunset, the woods swarm with the most dangerous creatures, people say... those lucky who have lived to tell the tale, that is. They speak of six-legged polecats that spit fire, birds with poisonous feathers, and...” – Nanny’s voice was usually reduced to a hoarse whisper by now – “... there are ruthless, walking golden statues, too, who will kill you in an eyeblink! Promise me you will never walk in the woods after dark, my sweet child!” And little Ullabellatrix promised.
Oh, poor Nanny... she was a foreigner who never truly learned to know and love her chosen homeland. Why didn’t she notice, then, that her ward’s skin was slowly turning into a pale gold, as it customarily happened to the princesses of her House when they approached womanhood? “... and I bet she never counted Fuzzball’s legs, either...” – Ullabellatrix chuckled, then she whistled to her faithful polecat, she patted the deadly feathers of the bird perched on her shoulder, and began her night patrol in the wilderness.


The 2012 edition of Fantasy Faire is around the corner, and look at these beauties that will hit the shelves in a few hours!

Elvenbreath by Selina Forder was among the very first fantasy shops I stumbled into in SL as a noob, and now I have the pleasure to show you one of her exclusive FF items, “Ulabeth”. It is a beautiful ranger/hunter outfit in soft fawns and orangey golds, rich in elaborate details such as the medaillons on the shoulder strap and the belt. The strap, the skirt and the boots come with a resize script, so be you tiny or tall, you’ll be able to wear “Ulabeth” as if it were your second skin.
Talking of skins, “Beatrice” in Gold by Lerochelle Destiny of De La Soul stunningly complements Selina’s outfit. I love the delicate tattoo pattern around the eyes, and I only added a lip tattoo layer of my own because I’m too much of a perfectionist, and not because De La Soul products need any correction. :) “Beatrice” will be available in other fantastic gemstone colours, too, of which I’m going to show you some more very soon.

You’ll find Elvenbreath and De La Soul on the “Shifting Sands” sim here, and here.

Outfit: Elvenbreath “Ulabeth” - RFL donation item (350 L$).
Skin: De La Soul “Beatrice Ikon” in Gold - RFL donation item (350 L$).
Crossbow: GTS Design “Viking Sniper Bow”, a fully functional weapon with HUD – Three Moons Hunt 2 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Hair: D!va “Mana” in Black Amber – group gift (0 L$), and it’s free to join the group.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry “Discovery Eyes” The Far Away - 65 L$; the 6-pair pack costs 260 L$.
Lip tattoo: Lovely Mi “Leafy Lips” – previous hunt gift, not available any more.
Poses: Embody “Supermodel” Get Down in the first picture, and Embody “Supermodel” Tough Girl in the second one. The “Supermodel” megapack is a previous discount item, now one pose is available for 49 L$ and a five-pose pack costs 199 L$.

The pictures were made at Enchanted Swansong.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

The glowing ones

The rumors about the forest were all very scary and made people who heard them feel uncomfortable. So hardly anybody dared to go into the forests. Some did of course and were surprised by the beauty and the calmness. And when they finally found the pathes which lead through the forest they were not able to resist the urge to follow them.
The glowing people always enjoyed those visitors. It was entertaining to play with them. Once the glowing ones had been like normal humans but then their shamans started to grow strange mushrooms they had found in the ruins of a temple in the deepth of the forest.
Going to Bath
Just touching the mushrooms made them feel amazing. And so they had to test how the plants would taste. It was like a mix of strawberries and pineapples a taste they had never savoured before. Of course they wanted more of it and also shared the mushrooms with their families and friends. So at the end all of them were addicted to the strange mushrooms and the more they ate of them the more they changed. Their skins became colourful and some spots of them started to glow. And not only their appearance was not very human anymore. Somehow they started to become connected. The humans who got in contact with them saw thin fibres between them but normaly they thought it would be an illusion. All of them learned that it was smarter not to trust their idea of reality but their senses.
In purple
Of all events in second life the Fantasy Faire, which will start at Saturday, is the one with the most creative Vendors. And so its not surprising how surprising the skins and tattoos from Gauze are they for this wonderful event. They remind me on my idea of the mushroom people in City of Saints and Madmen by Jeff VanderMer. The skins are being sold for both genders. They are available in four colours: Lightning, Infared, Ultraviolet and Uranium. The one on the upper picture is the Infrared one in combination with the tattoo in Gaia and the on the second the Lightning one with the tattoo in Titan. Both skins are donation items. That means that if somebody buys them the money will go to Relay for Life.
The poses used for the pictures come from an other event. The posefair which takes place on two sims this year. For the first picture a pose from oOo has been used and on the second a pose from Miamai.
The pictures have been taken at the Ruins of Nu Orne. One of the wonderful sims where the Fantasy Faire is going to take place. The sim has been built by Elico Ember the owner of Cerridwen’s Cauldron.

1st picture:
Skin: [Gauze] UV - Infared - F (600 L$ will be sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Tattoo:[Gauze] intensity - F - Gaia (700 L$ will be sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Dominique Mesh Hair - (250 L$ for colourpack 1500 L$ for fatpack)
Pose: oOo Studio (Sold at the Pose Fair )

Skin: [Gauze] UV - Lightning - F (600 L$ will be sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Tattoo: [Gauze] intensity - F - Titan (700 L$ will be sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Hair: Magika Length (250 L$)
Pose: Miamai (Sold at the Pose Fair)

The Girl and the Skull

She lay there at night, bathed in the moonlight shining through the glass panes of the window. Tears welled in her eyes, and slid softly over her cheeks. The music, made to be played so loud, brought her some comfort even as it came from the speakers in barely a whisper. She felt the overwhelming sadness of loss, as the world turned, and the moon followed the steps of its slow dance through the sky. Had it always been like this? Such depth of feeling? Or did it deepen, wounds worsening with each passing?

Girl and skull

He felt the pain, even across all these miles, it found him. Found him through the maze of city streets and alleyways. Even through the smog, the pale smudge that was the light of the moon could be seen. He stepped out from under the streetlight to see it away from the manmade glare. The pounding beat of the music pushed him, their songs... He knew from the moonlight the phase it was in, and what it meant. His eyes darkened, this too would end. They would come together again, joined by more than the girl and the skull, the music and the moon.

Girl Skull Shirt on Male

This is the first of several posts that will be coming all about the work of an amazing artist Mzzy Wytchwood. All artwork in her designs is hand drawn by her, and I hope you will love them as much as I do. These T-shirts are just the start. While there is no in-world store (yet) you can get the shirt from Marketplace. Marketplace store is


Shirt +REDRUM+   Girl Skull T-Shirt - same on both pics.

Girl pic stuff
Skin :   : S u g a r : Cry My Heart Out -C- :3: (hunt gift from Jack or Jill Depraved Nation hunt - I still love it)
Tattoo :+REDRUM+ Alice  (have to wait for this one  I'm afraid - its not out yet!)
Hair  :   [rQ] Glare onyx / coral  single colour 199L   three shade fatpack 250L
Eyes :  Repulse   Nocturnal eyes -Green  100L
Bed  :  Lisp   Mathilde BedV2   500L

Boy pic stuff
Skin and Shape :  [-B-]  Buried    Fate II Fair. #06    700L (Shape mods thanks to help from  Xelyn Xaris!)
Tattoo   :   Garden of Ku   Angels & Demons  250L
Hair   :  Dura  Boys and Girls 20 (Black) 120 L - also black hairbase - free at store.
Trousers   :   <TheAbyss>    Chaos Leather Pants MALE (black) 300L
Piercings    :   [-B-]  Buried :Basic Piercings: - Upper Cheeks (Shadow) Dollarbie
Eyes   :   Repulse   Slaughter v2 Eyes (Red Sclera)  100L

colorful corsage


 OH am I giddy about a the sale at Priss! there are many items at only 30L including this pretty little vest with  a flower corsage, there's also a new customer appreciation gift too which is a lovely little mesh clutch purse. Well you know how I love to bargain hunt so I popped along to one of my new favourite super bargain stores Evergreen only to find that there's this pretty shiny hair on the luckyboard, there is also a small selection of hairs in store for sale at only 80L each. I'm also loving the new release skin at Hush, I adore the silky smooth complexion of the skins but particularly like the make up on this one with it's subtle quirky different colour of top and bottom lips.

Hair: 0L- Lucky board > Evergreen
Skin:950L - Marin - strawberine - cream > Hush
Eyes: 40L - shine eyes v2 - green > Insufferable Dastard
Top: 30L - Flowered tank - concrete > PRISS
Skirt: 0L - lucky board item > Y&R
Shoes: 0L - group lucky board item > RUI+ MORI
Earrings: 0L - Group gift > Ben's beauty
Bangles: - bronze by Ben's beauty > XYROOM
Bag: 0L - Sunflower bag > Muu workshop

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Fairy wings that don't fly


Of course these wings fly! and I have to confess that I was amazed at my ability to fly when I first joined SL and also I adored the fact that I could wear wings too, so nothing gives me more pleasure than to demonstrate this beautiful outfit by GCD which has various options. There are 2 sets, one dark & one light (i'm wearing light). The hair is a new release this week  Pink hair? yeeeeeeah!!! there are 4 shade options in the pack and it's on sale for a discount price of 99L for 1 week, there are of course many other colour options if you don't fancy being so bold. speaking of bold I have decided that I really really like the skins at sugar, if you love your make up then I urge you to take a look.

fairy 2

Hair: 99L - Bonnie - pinks & purples > Tameless
Skin: 599L - C 4 Fireball -  Glitter girl  > :sugar:
Wings & undies: 349L - blush > GCD
Shoes: 99L - part of the Pyschobilly babe outfit by sexy bish @> XYROOM

Fashioncentric hunt part 3

The fashioncentric hunt is in full swing and as promised I continue with hunt items. If you missed previous blog posts, then please find them HERE & HERE also you can find more details on the official website HERE

Fashioncentric Hi5 hunt

From left to right:
1: Alters pink punk > Alters
2: Smiley STR (shoes not included) > WTB
3: Suspended gold  ( shoes not included) > Tw@ttyc@ke


1: Di bodysuit - orange > PurpleMoon
2: Batik beachwear > Marcel's beautiful world
    Hair - Kristina > Enigma hair
3: Punky gauges > Toxic Ink

jewelry set
1: Daan earrings > Twishee
2: Ada Ele - persian > Earth's bangles
3: Zarah bracelets (includes another in a peach shade) > Bliensen & Maitai
    Square shory fairy dust nails > Moondancer Boutique

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Freedom in Red

Somewhere was a human child which maybe would be very unhappy when finding out that one of its best toys was missing but Sybil didn't care. Flying always had been something she dreamt of and when seeing the little red plane she knew that she had found what she had been searching for ages. It were ages in her opinion but the truth was she had decided that she wanted to fly about five days ago. Time feels different when being not so tall. Now she wanted to fly to the north pole. But first she had to cross the biggest lake she had ever seen.
Brave little petite
Sybil knew that she had only gas for one more hour. Slowly she started to suppose that the big lake might actually be the ocean she had heard some stories about. She had always thought that those stories were nothing but lies but it seemed like this was wrong. When seeing the islands she started to feel better maybe she would find a gasstation on one of them. But it didn't seem like she would be lucky. Then she spotted the dragon and started to move her plane to fly to the beast. Maybe the dragon would not mind a hitchhiker.
Brave little petite II
The Fantasy Faire 2012 will start at the 21st April. Its definitly one of the best events in Second Life so all the participating stores create great items which are being sold as donationitems for Relay for Life. The plane rider ao from Creative Insanity will be one of those items. It works with Petite and normal avatars as the plane is included in two sizes. The animations are funny and the plane looks great. For the pictures the flying animation has been used. Because of the size of Petites the ao looks of course especially cute on them as it reminds on a doll which stole a toyplane to escape rude owners. The pictures have been taken on the Fallen Gods sims and the Petite Avatar also comes from this store. The hair is mesh hair from Wasabi Pills which has been rigged to fit Petites.

Plane and Poses: ## CI ## Airplane Rider AO (will be sold at the Fantasy Faire)
Avatar: PETITES Royale + Fallen Gods Inc. (1500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/Orion Petite Mesh Hair - (110 L$ for colour 500 L$ for fatpack)

Location: Annon

Monday, April 16, 2012

Go With The Flow... Flower With The Drow!

Irrolin eyl’Zebeyriina was a powerful Drow magician and a priestess, the pride of her mother and her entire family. She was tall and slender, she moved with fluid grace, she was perfectly trained in the art of warfare… but her most dangerous weapons were her bright intelligence and her ability to cast arcane spells and curses with the lethal, smooth swiftness of an arrow shot from the crossbow of a seasoned warrior.
Flowery Drow Yet, it is written that even the best may be bested. One day Irrolin engaged in a magical duel with an unknown Drow and, despite the legendary ability of her race to resist hexes and jinxes, she felt rather weird after the duel was concluded. She annihilated her enemy... but why was he smiling so oddly while he was slowly turning into grey dust and black pebbles? Irrolin got her answer the following morning, when her mother started shrieking after the first glance cast upon her daughter, and her family promptly banished her from their splendid residence in the Underworld.
Dark Springtime
She was covered in flowers... terrible, disgusting, colourful, smelly, sticky, living things from the Upperworld! So Irrolin spent the rest of her long, long life in an Upperworld forest, she bred big, poisonous spiders for a living, and everybody who just hinted at her being a “flowery Drow” found themselves turned into a toad or – when Irrolin was in a particularly foul mood - something definitely worse... like a potted geranium.

The “Wear Gray for a Day” event has entered its second week. While many SL residents already prepare for the forthcoming Fantasy Faire and there are so many other shopping events still running, please find some time to hop over to the Wear Gray sim and leave a few Lindens in order to assist research into brain tumour diagnosis, treatment and care. I also thought brain tumour only happened to „others” until a friend was diagnosed with it… happily married, mother of a baby boy, at the age of 32.

Outfit: b[ELLE]issima! “Springtime” gown – exclusive item for the “Wear Gray for a Day 2012” event – 299 L$. The market closes on April 22nd.
Necklace: Finesmith “Color of Your Heart” necklace - Finesmith Minihunt prize (0 L$). The hunt is open for Finesmith Jewellery VIP Group members. You must look for three bags hidden in the main shop; one contains the necklace in the picture, another one a pair of earrings and the third one a ring.
Earrings: ChiChickie „Gem Flower” earrings – a previous Hair Fair gift still available in the shop (0 L$). Go to the gifts department and look for a big red box.
Boots: *FJ* Design Foxy Boots – it is a previous hunt gift, currently available for 499 L$.
Skin and ears: LoveCats “Drow” skin and ears – a previous hunt gift not available any more, but you can still buy the pierced elf ears and the “Grey Kitten” skin separately, 300 L$ each.
Makeup: The Plastik Ataciara “Phoenix” – the makeup layer is a previous hunt gift not available any more, but you can find the Ataciara “Phoenix” skin in the shop (699 L$).
Hair: Battle Angel „Flow” White Angel - Crazy Hair Hunt 3 gift (0 L$). The hunt is on until April 30th.
Eyes: Sterling Artistry „Feral Eyes” in Heaven - 65 L$, and the 6-pair pack costs 260 L$.
Poses: CS Shapes „Gentle Poses” in the first picture (previous Womenstuff Hunt prize, not available any more); oOo Studio “Distance” in the second picture - previous Womenstuff Hunt prize, currently available in the shop (45 L$ for one pose, 250 L$ for a fatpack of seven).



If you like it golden, squeaky and see-through, then VITAMEN has the right freebie for you this month! This rather sexy tanktop, and yes, it's indeed made from golden vinyl, is available at their Japarid-location as long as April lasts. The beautiful bracelet is EarthStone's Collabor88 item and comes in a huge variety of differently coloured stones - it's unisex, resize-scripted and a really nice addition to your virtual jewellery box!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Vincent June
Hair: Dura - Boy15
Eyes: MADesigns - HONESTY ~ harbor of love
Beard: EMORTAL CONCEPTS - blk Chin Curtain-Chin Cap combo

Bracelet: EarthStones - Tumbled Stones Bracelet - Spectrum (at Collabor88)
Tanktop: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie Apr2012 (FREE in store)
Undies: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie May2011 (previous freebie)

The Fallen

The fall itself did not seem to hurt him...
Not in a physical sense anyway, though, he may not know, or understand this, it being afterall the first time he had taken physical form. Until now, he had been a being of pure light and shadow, even the angels now had some shadow to them, some understanding, however vague, of the world below. The dawn had come, it was his time, his turn to fall, to carry some light with him, and be tested against the darkness. Should it come to pass that he help, or hurt, even he did not yet know. As he fell, bathed in the strangely warm blue light, his path was unknown to him, his character forming from the atoms as they wrapped together, his true self only now coming together. The light and shadow mingled within him, heart and lungs, skin and bone. Falling further and faster, the world opened up beneath him, its heat, its life, its billions of heartbeats, each one affecting him, making his mind clearer, setting his goals.

Fallen 1 As the light bathed his new form, his fall came to an end. The virgin touch of skin on sand burned with icy fire, he knew nothing else... this must be how it was, to touch, to feel. With newfound eyes he looked around, saw the beauty and the barrenness of this world, felt more of its power, its malaise. As the light still shone, further changes were wrought. As his plans formed, all he would need to begin was given to him, soft black animal hide, the sensation of a sound, a word, formed in his mind "Leather" even as the material clothed him. This must be it. This was all he needed. He was ready. Stepping from the light, a sure step, no sense of it being the first he had taken, and he was gone, off to start his work in the world. Fallen 2 

Skin and Shape   :   [-B-]  Buried    Fate II Fair. #06    700L (Shape mods thanks to help from  Xelyn Xaris!)
Tattoo   :   Garden of Ku   Angels & Demons  250L
Hair   :  Dura  Boys and Girls 20 (platinum) 120 L - also platinum hairbase - free at store.
Wings   :   Material Squirrel  Ezriel Angel Wings  150L
Trousers   :   <TheAbyss>    Chaos Leather Pants MALE (black) 300L
Jacket    :     <TheAbyss>     Bomber Jacket MALE  150 L
Piercings    :   [-B-]  Buried :Basic Piercings: - Upper Cheeks (Shadow) Dollarbie
Eyes   :   Repulse   Living Dead (Blind) (Large)  Old Zombie Popcorn Hunt prize, similar available from store - not sure if it includes the blind version, but they are beautiful nevertheless -  100L