Saturday, August 28, 2010

Oh no its so short

Looking a bit around at sick. Stretching gladly and exploring the place.Until recognizing how short the dress is.
So i quickly jumped back into my copter and explored sick from above.
The short dress is a gift from the Magoa midnight mania board. Its very very short and the patterns are nice. At sick there are some camping spots. You could have a look at the list here: sick camping spots.

Dress: .Magoa. Overheard Dress (0 Linden Midnight mania board)
Helicopter: S.I.C_heri_wear (30 mins itemcamp)

Bloody Drummer

Spending some time with playing the drums as wild and fast as i could. And even jumping a little on the stool. The drums and the scar are some more gifts in the beat clash hunt. The drums are made quite well. The drumset has only 12 prims, the stool has two thats not much. They come with drumsticks. Its possible to change the animation by clicking on the stool. The hair is from the item camp at A*S. They come with a resize script. The bloody jeans are in the midnight mania board at Meat 'N' More. Storm blogged the shoes yesterday. They are too big for women.
Drums: "ROSSO+" DrumKits for BC322 BCH2 (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)
Shoes: *BC322 - Dirty Superstar (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)
Trousers: Meat 'N' More - Accident
T-shirt: [aRAWRa] Robot Rock Shirt Freebie for FTLO Hunt (0 Linden groupgift in the for the love of group)
Hair: A*S Hair 023 (Limited Color) (10 Mins item camp)

Friday, August 27, 2010

grim adventures

Adventures are best when wearing a pretty dress and I am a girl with varied interests so today I decided to put on one of my nicest gowns and venture over to one of my favorite sims. I was on a quest to find interesting salvage to transform into decor.

Grim Bros. 01

I came across a dead buck on the road and felt upset to see something so magnificent just rotting away in the heat of summer.

Grim Bros. 02

So the folks at i-Reckon mounted it and I took it with me. Now he's a dapper buck with his tophat and a permanent home in my shop.

i-Reckon 01

Dress ~ Grim Bros. Dana Blu Gown (Midnight Mania)
Hair ~ [rQ] Low(M)~deepTEAL (Prior Group Gift)
Skin ~ Hunter Skin -Trinity-/spook *REDGRAVE* (approx 3K lindens for a fatpack)
Deer Head ~ I-Reckon Deer Huntin' Trophy Buck (L$50)

Waiting for the fall

Sitting on the top of a light house and looking around to grasp a peek on the new fall collection from 22769. So spending some time with an outfit named Senta.
Its a steampunkoutfit which could be worn on two ways. Either as adventure outfit with shorts. Or for people who prefer to keep their ankles covered with a long skirt.
The skirt has little golden ornaments and some clocks on the butt. So it might come to some really embarrassing situations if somebody asks you what time it is. But if you always have a watch with you its possible to avoid having to point on your butt.
Dress: 22769 : Senta (comming soon)
Skin: McSkin : *Mcskin Skin*::LuckyB 201008:: (0 Linden Lucky board)
Goggles: K_gs BCH2 Goggles (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)

[framed in gold]

For a reason. This is my most favourite find at the Beat Clash Hunt so far, a pair of overly worn sneakers that seriously deserve the name "Dirty Superstar". The textures are incredibly real-looking, starting with the wrinkled, old leather over the greyed laces to the strategically placed splatters of blood (no, those aren't the remains of my hasty dinner, I promise!).

Framed in Gold

Because of their resize script, the shoes can be considered unisex and come with the traditional shoe base as well as a foot-hider on the new alpha layer. Once you've found the perfect fit, there is also the possibility to delete the scripts to reduce lag.

Shoes: *BC322 - Dirty Superstar (Beat Clash huntitem)

As It Relates To You.

IRL to SL.

Today I'm off to go shopping irl. Can you imagine how excited I am to update my wardrobe for fall? I can't wait. Playing with different silhouettes and clothing articles in SL has taught me a LOT about what works best for my own body.

People often think fashion rules don't apply to Second Life like they do in real life. The truth is, we dress our little puppets up very much the same as we do ourselves. Right now there's a lot of buzz about fall season coming up, and designers are turning to more comfortable clothing to suit the seasonal tastes of their customers. As we welcome or bemoan the weather and celebrate holidays, we do so on the grid as well.

Today, let's examine how universal these fashion rules are, whether they be for real or virtual settings. To help with that, I have a video here featuring Nina Garcia from Project Runway. You'll notice the boots she's holding look exactly like a pair I've shown you before. That dress, that cardigan. They look so familiar. Listen to what she says about the placement of belts on your body and what it does for you. These little tips and tricks can help you in SL as well.

Enjoy the video and I'll see you next time. To see more Frugalista vids, click here.

[see no evil...]

...but take a good look at this purdy little number. The black tee I'm wearing is a dollarbie at [KS] at the moment and I immediately fell in love with the subtle crest-inspired print on the chest. A really well made basic that you shouldn't miss in your wardrobe.


Tee: [KS] Dollarbie

Hair: booN - LOK255
Skin: [Buried] - Fate II
Pants: * Deviance * - Leather Pants (pink)
Tattoo: Actchio - FTLO Science - huntprice

Looking like shreks wife again

I have no clue why blue skins with elf ears always remind me on Fiona, the wife of Shrek. Its also strange that it reminds me on Fiona as her skin is green. So i had to grin when testing this blue skin. Its really well done and very nice. Its always great to get skins with fitting ears so there is no need to try to find a matching colour to the skin. Outfit:
Top: [aRAWRa] Robot Rock Shirt Freebie for FTLO Hunt (0 Linden groupgift in the for the love of group)
Shorts: .:Shush:. Needles haysack hunt prize
Skin: .:A&M:. Fantasia - Blue (0 Linden lucky board)

Pinky Gals have some cute stuff so i was very glad when Fauna gave me a teleport to their current lucky board. On the board is a white top with some ruffles. The legins are a hunt gift from Shush.
Top: PINKY*GALS 2010UpVer LB (0 Linden lucky board)
Pants: .:Shush:. Flower leggings blue & green (0 Linden Hunt gift but i forgot from which hunt ;-/)
Top: [SOUP] KAZURI* -bear- (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Skirt: TREASUREBOX/33 TSUKIJI MIHON-ICHI #2/4 (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)

Necklace: FTLO - #41 [Acide] (0 Linden for the love of science hunt)

Look of the day

Exploring one of the greatest sims i know, Devils Moon. The sim is build by Abramelin Wolfe, who also created great stuff like the tiny couple animator. Devils Moon looks very much like the scenery in bladerunner. So a kimono fits very well to the place. But as it just stoped to rain its better to wear boots instead of getas to avoid getting wet feet.
The short kimono comes from Milky House. I like the mix of kimono and short dress and love the colours. The boots are from Perse and i just love them. They fit to so many different outfits and look so modern and elegant.
Dress: *Milky Kimono Yuki-Maihana BR Mini* (550 Linden)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Beiges (329 Linden or 140 Linden if you are a subscriber for more than 14 days)
Headpiece: .:XX:. Millinery ~ Fascinator ~ Onyx Egg Trio (98 Linden)

Thursday, August 26, 2010

[the hairy truth]

As all of you might know by now, Truth is having a 50%-off-sale until the 3rd of September. That means colourpacks are 125 L$ and fatpacks 500 L$, which is actually a great deal considering the beautiful look and awesome quality of those wigs. XStreet is excluded from the sale, but if lag catches up on you or the mainstore is too crowded, you can always move over to the adjoining sim "Truth Hair II" for a more relaxed shopping experience.

Mostly known amongst the female population, Truth also offers a variety of male styles, but it isn't my intention to show you those - my goal in this post is rather to point out the possibilty that female hair can actually look awesome on us dudes - and we all know how har dit can be to find some decent looking, longer hair, for example. So here we go!

Truth - Joanna

"Joanna" is a shorter, messy style whose bangs are held back by hairclips, but those are easily made invisible due to the possibility of modding the hair.

Truth - Nora

"Nora" is my all time favourite pony-tail, a loose braid that sits deep in the neck and that appears a bit wind-tousled, considering the single curls that have escaped and frame the face in a smooth fashion.

Truth - Marissa

"Marissa" is a long, almost angelic looking style whose tight, cork-screwy locks reach down to the chest in soft waves that move nicely due to their flexi elements.

Truth -Tilly

"Tilly" is a faux mohawk with longer bangs and some single tresses tucked back behind the ears. The white streaks shown in the picture are colour-changeable via menu, but the packs also contain a streakless version of each shade.

Truth - Larissa

"Larissa" captivates with its sleek and straight tresses that fall down to the middle of the back and over the shoulder to the chest.

Go here to fill your shopping bags, guys!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Searching for food

A little otter stands in her ship. She smells something tasty so she starts searching. Has her mate left some tasty old fish in a corner?
So she walks to the deck and looks in every corner. But then she sees something big in the water and it looks like a fish.
She waves the big fish. And when it comes nearer she jumps onto it. Now she makes plans how to manage to eat the whale. But even with her sharp otter teeth she does not get through the skin. So she asks the whale to let her ride on him and he agrees.
The Dragonfly gown is the current Lucky board item from Twilight. The dress only has three prim parts which is not much for a complete outfit. The textures are well made and the shading is just cute. The little flower on the middle of the dress makes it unique.

Dress: :Twilight: Tiny Dragonfly Gown (0 Linden Lucky chair)



Up, up, and away.

Since we're done with basics, I'm moving on to find little out-of-the way stores that feel like best-kept secrets. Also, we'll be hitting up the foreign side of SL--the non-English areas that feature great deals you never know about, because frankly, how could you?

We like to work hard for you here.

Dollipops has an opening gift at their store on Second Style Island, consisting of three cute poses with balloons. Stop by to pick them up.

The clothes I'm wearing today are from Awram-viie. Above their store is their outlet, Wave, where you'll find dollarbies, freebies, and more reasonably priced clothing.

I love the brown quilt jacket. It's exactly like a vest I have irl and it's SO cute and shiny.

Are you making a new character? Want some cute additions to your closet but don't have a lot to spend? Then you must shop there. They have men's and unisex items, too!

Jacket: Quilt Jacket Brown, Wave, 0L
Shirt: Underwear Light Pink, Wave, 0L
Pants: Pant 01 Gray, Wave, 0L
Shoes: Dark Star High-tops (Xstreet), 0L
Poses: Dollipops OMGift!, 0L

Just some black

I won this dress from the midnight mania board from Nefarious at the Bazaar of Gor. The dress is very nice. It has a grey corset and black sleves. As im not into gor i had a try if it also might fit to other ways of roleplaying. So i combined it with goggles from the beat clash hunt. So a simple detail turned a gorean dress into a dress for steampunkroleplay.

Dress: ~Nefarious ~ Barbara FW - Pewter Box (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Goggles: K_gs BCH2 Goggles (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)
Hair: Magika - Joy (Red: Auburn) (0 Lindens Lucky chair)
Shape: {Dead Carrot} Shapes [ Cheeky petite?? moi?! ] (299 Linden)

More beat clash

Last night i was only keen on finding the short kimono from A.M.K.R. so i used some time today to go back to the sim and spend some more time on hunting.

I always enjoyed reading tankgirl so i like this outfit from deviant girls. They also have great flip flops with little skulls in the hunt.
Outfit: *deviant girls* : BCH2 (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)
Flipflops: *deviant girls* : *dg* BCH hotflop (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)
Helmet: K_gs Helmet_BMReborn BCH2 (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)

A.M.K.R. have a second outfit in the hunt. Its a blue/white prisoner outfit which comes with cuffs and fetters.
Outfit: A.M.K.R "BCH" Prison uniform#2 (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)

Of course BC322 takes part in the hunt. One of their items is this hair. It has kind of a hat made of hair on the top.
Hair: *BC322 BCH2 Romarron-R (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)
Tattoo: +radicalism+ "BLACK MARIA" (0 Linden Beat Clash Hunt)

To get more information about the hunt take a look at the huntblog.

Takumi Treasure Hunt

Sitting and home and trying to choose between all the shoes i found on the takumi treasure hunt. For example those flats. They come with a colourchange hud and cute butterflys or pencils on them.
Left: +:::+Natural+:::+Flat_Butterfly_6C (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Right: +:::+Natural+:::+Flat_Pen_6C (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)

I also found some nice clothes in the hunt. I really like the white t-shirt and the capri jeans. One of the hunt items was a viewer2 cleavage enhancer.

Hair: :Liriope: wing (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Bra: BraTop_TANIMAX_HeartBlue (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Caprijeans: 529 : LowRISE_Denim_Gacchapin (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Top: *CKnife* Trumpet sleeve topps 2 (yellow) (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Jeans: >>>Poison<<< Pioj@_jeans (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Right: P&P : TREASUREBOX/15-1/2 (0 Linden Midnight mania)
Cleavage: POZA MART: Maxi_cleavage_set_Tattoo_V1TH

One of the stores at the

Skin: Eg0!sT!c//Kana (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)

The hunt was exhausting and im still not completly done with it but i wanted to have a rest so i spend some time lying in the gras.

Tree: **mino'aka**HUNT (0 Linden Takumi Treasure hunt)
Outfit: A.M.K.R *R* Yukata (Giraffe) (0 Linden)

In the hunt you search for pink treasureboxes. They are hidden all around 7 sims. 52 Stores take part in the hunt. This is a slurl to a sign which gives out some more information about the hunt.

I like to thank Setsuna Infinity who was so kind and helped me after i messed up my inventory so that i managed to find out where the items on the pictures i took are from.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

steppin' out

Dagmar was supposed to show me some Fred Astaire moves today but I wasn't sure if I was up for it because I'm not a very good dancer. The fancy footwork got my adrenaline pumping and by the end of the photoshoot I was much more confident. The corsets are from Phoenix Rising and they are currently having a L$100 Closing Sale that you may want to take advantage of. Wearing lingerie while dancing gave us much better mobility.
I got the hang of it but I noticed...
..something was on Dagmar's eye.
I took a closer look as she told me the story of how she got the scar. So I told her that it was okay, because I have scales around my eyes and wonder if I am part reptilian.
After examining each other carefully, we decided that it should be nothing to worry about as it didn't affect our dance moves at all. But our feet were killing us by the end so we decided to take a long break instead.
Dagmar and Xelyn are wearing:
Lingerie: -Phoenix Rising- Tainted Corset (Gold)
Hair Ornaments/Fascinators: .:XX:. Millinery - Pewter Rose
Cane, tophat, & poses: No Strings Attached Fred Astaire (HWoF Hunt)

Canimal Freebies


Bright lights.

This freebie cart in Canimal has something for everyone--or more like, something for the twentysomething tart who likes her clothing nice and wild.

My personal favorite is the Black Mini. Pair it with heels, stockings, a pair of garters and sunglasses for that Frankly Darling, I Honestly Don't Care What Your Opinion Is look.

A few other outfits you'll find, or a mind-maker-upper to make up his mind:

Canimal - Attack Dress (pink)

Canimal - Retro Princes

And plenty of colorful leather and latex. Find them here.

Beat Clash Hunt

Running through the streets in a kimono i just found and jumping from time to time because of being rather glad of having found it. The kimono is one of the two hunt items form A.M.K.R in the Beat Clash hunt. The hunt started today and will end at the 31th August. It takes place at Sinners Heaven and stores like Black Maria, BC 322 or deviant girls take part in the hunt. There are kind of money bags hidden all over the sim. Some are just a fake others give you great gifts like the kimono on the picture.

Its a short military kimono and comes with two different obis. It has lots of small details like cuffs and buttons. The headpiece does not belong to the hunt item its from .:XX:. Millinery.
Kimono: A.M.K.R "BCH" KIMONO (0 Linden Hunt item)
Headpiece: .:XX:. Millinery ~ Fascinator ~ Onyx Egg Trio (98 Linden)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Beiges (329 Linden or 140 Linden if you are a subscriber for more than 14 days)

[a dish best served cold]

They'd tracked him down a few nights ago, when he'd been on his way home... unarmed for the first time ever since he'd made this city his home. Their fists and the baseball bat's cruel-cold kiss had pretty much reassured him they didn't like external interferences when it came to their business as he'd been lying on the back alley's dirty concrete, his face beaten beyond recognition and his body left to die.


Yet, destiny decided to let him survive... and now he was back. The colourful marks of their brutality were still visible on his features, but the hat brim's shadow and the weak illumination that casted flickering rays of golden light through the alley's billowing fog would hide his battered visage long enough to let him claim his revenge...


This adorable hair with hat is an instore freebie from CriCri - just use the attached SLURL and follow the beacon until you can spot the goodie-bag on top of a column. The style is resizable via script, and you can pick your hair colour on click as well (8 different shades).

Hair: CriCri -mHat01-ver2 (instore freebie)
Skin: .::CStar::. Jarl Skin (old huntgift)
Outfit: so what? ++black suit (only on XStreet)