Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Dreams @ The Arcade

2 From dreams of winter she woke. Beside her as she'd slept lay the mask of Mother Earth, as the world turned and span through nothingness, receding from the Sun, the mask had gained a scrim of frost. Its colours enhanced, made magical anew by this pristine background. 3 Stretching out on her sleigh bed Madeline was glad of the warm coat in which she was so snugly wrapped. Pulling aside the curtain and looking out across the rooftops she saw that winter had indeed arrived, with fallen snow glistening on every surface. However cold, she would go out and enjoy it. She would pull on her hat, and wait for you to come out and play. 1 Arcade!!! Come to the Arcade! Gacha! Gacha! Gacha! This amazingly popular gacha event is back for December, with more winter themed goodies than you could shake a Christmas tree branch at. Take your chances on the machines, stock up with winter themed skins and hair, clothing, buildings and accessories. 

Taxi to The Arcade

Hair 1 : .Olive. the Snow Princess Hair - Carrot Tea'  L$ 50
One normal hair, one to fit your mesh bewbs, one unrigged in the prize pack.
Hair 2 : Clawtooth: Snow Bunny prize 4  L$ 75
HUD driven options for hair colour, and hat colour!
Skin : -Glam Affair - December skin - Asia 04 L$ 100
Seven skins with different brow colour options, and one with no brows. Also hairbases for brow shapes. Amazing as ever from Glam Affair. 
Outfit and Boots : Foxes - Woodland Wonderland - Dress & Boots Grey L$ 100
Love the contrast buttons on the coat, and the sole of the boots. Style!
Mask : Remarkable Oblivion - Holiday Spirit - Mother Earth RARE  L$ 100
Beautiful intricate mask - can be worn, or hung on your wall. 
Sleigh bed : Pizza's and Tarte for Scram Co - Sleepy Sled - Antelope L$ 75
Lovely sleigh bed, with pretty cushions and several sitting and laying poses.
Trophy : {vespertine} Faux throphy -light  L$ 50
No animals were harmed in the making of this modern wall trophy.

Skybox : llorisen - mimi    L$ 100.
Great skybox, simple and classic. One main room with a raised L-shaped mezzanine. My favourite bit about this is the roof you can see out of the window. That's part of the skybox! Really different, totally stands out from anything I've seen before.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Moonlight dancer

1 She lay in darkness like the night. Limelight moonbeams would caress her skin, hour after hour, show after show. Soft furs enfolded, delicate silk suspended, stronger than steel; but then, nature always was... 2 She loved the classics, would tug on any heartstring foolhardy enough to come within her reach. Glimpses through chainmail and metal mesh in the softest pink enticed, but glimpses were all any could hope for. Her stage show, all her acting under the lights, were the greatest tease. 
All who could afford to could look, none would ever be allowed to touch. 3 A little adult loveliness from +REDRUM+ 
This is from the latest addition to the cornucopia of talent - the Fetish range. Available in a range of colours, in the five usual MESH sizes. Shown here is the 'Pink' option, which is delightfully muted in tone, lending a classy edge to the metal mesh and chains!
You can check out the range here :

Hair : Magika [Hair] No - Colourpack 3 L$ 250
Skin : .{yumyums}. {1} Stasey - {Purrrty} {Brown Brow} Cleavage
Bra : +REDRUM+ LEATHER STRAPS - Top - Pink  L$  109
Knickers : +REDRUM+ LEATHER STRAPS - Bottom - Pink  L$  109
Chaise : :: Axix :: Sweet Divan Prop  L$  300