Saturday, August 11, 2012

Smoking Soiree

The thickly carpeted halls of the exclusive establishment had been reserved only for men, the titled, the political, even an odd royal or two. It was not a place for an entrepreneur, much less a woman. Such imbalances, as any errant numbers on her books, were not to be tolerated. It was impossible they said. To admit her would be to break the bounds of tradition. She decided to make a new tradition. For each black ball sent her way, she added pressure here and there, bought up the land, soaked up the titles, manipulated the politicians. Feathers were ruffled, the clack of her heels on the marble floors raised eyebrows at each step.
Vintage 1 They had threatened to leave of course, to desert their hallowed halls and seek refuge from the real world in some other club, taking their prestige with them. Few had followed through on these threats. This daring female, this threat to their old ways and challenge to their views rapidly became the principle reason for their attendance. The soft rustle of her silk dress set ageing hearts aflutter, the low cut style still emanated class, the softness of her skin wrapped demurely in lace. Stretching out in the fine leather armchair, supple through years of use, she slipped a cigarette into her favoured holder, never having to wait long for a light.
Vintage 8
The Vintage Fair is a delight! As with all such events, the sims took some getting into, but it was certainly worth the wait. A MESH build, so make sure you are on an appropriate viewer when you go! I'm a big fan of various vintage styles, and the range available at the fair was surprisingly eclectic (as my next post will show). 
This dress by GIZZA is a wonderful look. From arriving at their store at the fair, the railtracks cutting across the floor, I was in the time of Dillinger and Capone. Of course, the peplum skirt is also bang on trend for current fashions, and so the dress could easily be made to work as a very modern look.
Paired with the Captivity Co Vintage Noir Chair, this look is a real favourite of mine. The chair has multiple elegant poses for females / males, and sits in a subtle pool of  light, making it a great focal point in a dark room. I particularly like the buttoned leather and beading textures.

Dress :  GizzA - Elegant Steps [Vintage Fair]  L$ 450
Chair :  Captivity Co - Vintage Noir Chair  L$ 400
Eye make up :  Lovely Mi - Deep Eyes black [Eyes] L$ 80

Items not from Vintage Fair
Skin :  : S u g a r :  -C- :3: Fireball {Like A Virgin} Currently only L$ 99! but you better be quick!
Hair :  Pelle - Rori Black/blonde L$ 150
Cigarette and holder : ER Cigarette Holder - Red L$ 75 

[i owl you]

[i owl you]

Owls have always been amongst my favourite animals, but ever since I joined Second Life, this love has most certainly intensified - and since I'm apparently not alone with my liking and people keep creating the cutest items around our feathery friends, I thought it's about time to make a little owl-post.

I know that Collabor88 is still packed most of the day, but if you get the chance to get in, do yourself a favour and buy this stunning necklace from Maxi Gossamer! As you can see, it's definitely unisex and comes in the 3 lengths: long, middle and short - but you can also choose between the metal options silver and gold. And like that wasn't a bunch of great features already, there's also the possibility to change the colour of the gems, either to uni-shades or preset colour combinations. Weeee! I won't take this off anytime soon!

Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ - Ryan skin
Hair: Maitreya - Nadja
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Nightfall (city lights) [at the Mens Dept]
Freckles: L.Fauna - Freckled Nose Blusher

Tattoo: Vestigium - Masks
Necklace: MG - Necklace - Jewelled Owl [at Collabor88]

Thursday, August 9, 2012

[christina death]

She likes to sleep her nights with the window open wide
Just in case her Dark Prince would come by the silvery light
She lives with her two cats a "please no ads" sign on her door
Memories in her photo books some of them still a bit sore

Christina Death
Smokes cigarettes in her bed
Christina Death
Paints her lips every night blood red

[christina death]

She hates Christmas nights more than dressing up in white
The lightning's something she adores like Frankenstein's Bride
She's obsessed with the Hollywood Book of Dead church yards give her more
No room for the living in her heart cold as 1334

Christina Death
Drinks Absinth after giving head
Christina Death
I know you before we ever met


With so many awesome events running in August, it's rather hard to decide about what to blog, but after unpacking aaaall the goodies I snatched up at Vintage Fair and trying them on, the shininess won! Sleek and shiny is not only the sexy hairstyle from Tuty's, with its parted hairbase and the pony tail prim attachment, but also the squeaky rigged mesh corset you can find at .:NV:.'s Vintage Fair booth. You can choose between 15 different colours, fabrics and patterns for 250 L$ each, and every pack contains 5 sizes (l, m, s, xs and xxs) for a perfect fit. This latex version comes in the following shades: black, blue, emerald, green, pink, purple, red, gold and teal - some of the other variants are 'Kanji', 'Rockabilly Tartan' or 'SnowBunny Leather'. Since the lag has vanished a little already, make sure to pay .:NV:. Corsetry and all the other great stores a visit!

On Raven:

Hair: TuTy's - JUICY Wet look ponytail
Skin: .::WoW Skins::. - Tessa Vintage [at Vintage Fair]
Lid-prop: Slink - Mesh eyelids

Corset: .:NV:. - Black Latex Mesh Corset [at Vintage Fair]
Pants: *HD* - Expo Light 2.0
Necklace: .:* LOULOU&CO *:. - :: LITTLE BAT ::

Lyrics: The 69 Eyes - Christina Death

Monday, August 6, 2012

[sun - straw - ink]

[sun - straw - ink]

Vestigium is having a Summer Sale right now, with all items in store being marked down to 50 L$. There is a lot of (mostly) unisex tattoos to be admired and bought and also a few clothing items for your summery wardrobe, but my eyes got instantly drawn to the lovely ink that's offered in store. The one I'm wearing, called Japanese Gods, is one of the three tattoos I bought, and I certainly didn't regret it; each tat comes on all clothing layers and the tattoo-layer, in three different states of fading. The sale's still up at the time of posting, but since no end date has been announced, you better hurry over right away!

The lovely straw hat I'm wearing is a collaboration between RONSEM and Black Maria, which is pretty well-known for their mostly punky hairstyles. The hair is attached to the hat and mod, which makes adjustment rather easy, and each pack comes with three different shades of the colour you've chosen - for 100 L$ only, a true deal! Grab yourself a hat and enjoy the sun as long as it lasts! :)

Hair/Hat: RONSEM + BM - Straw Hat
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Femboy Hunt 2012 [previous hunt item]
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Pearl - Caramel [mesh, free in store]
Ears: AITUI - [MESH] Stretched Ear - Solid Plug 1" [L]

Tattoo: Vestigium - Japanese Gods
Trousers: {Zaara} - Chinos (black)

Sunday, August 5, 2012


The way the ground felt under her paws was still new for her and  the fact that she didn't hear her own movements also was. But it was what Elonie had wanted. Sometimes the scars still bleeded so she had wrapped cloth around her legs. The Pain she didn't mind at all. It kept her awake. The scars on her arms had the same function. When she was on watcher duty it was what gave her the right amount of adrenalin so that she was ready to fight. 
But this night seemed to be calm. Her urpy would warn her anyways if something would happen near her but this wasn't a reason for her to lack of caution, Elonie loved the little pet but she didn't want to depend on it.
Pawed II
Wasabi Pills takes part in the current round of fameshed. Their item is a cute haircut with a ponytail. The hair is very versatile and goes with modern outfits as well as with classic ones. The Cover My Furry Butt Hunt will end in two days. Enough time to get the wonderful Urpy for the neck from Booshies. It is a very cute pet and will most likely be very helpful in winter.
Pesca has meshtops with a floral pattern in the current round of the Zombie Popcorn brand. They are available in 4 colours and of course the pack contains them in the standard sizes.
It is rare to find very short cute skirts. This one from evolve is one of those. It is available in many colours. It is great for a punkish or cute look or for both.
Hysteria is a great store when it comes to unique and normal scars. Their current groupgift is called Suffer well and looks like leather bands being pulled through the skin on the upper arms. But they also got normal scars and bruises like the ones on the legs and the marks in the face are one of my favourite items from them.
Mirror's Enigma moved and they also released a new skin named Ira. It is available in three skintones and all of them with different makeups. The one on the picture is the version in Light and neutral. The very cute shape is made especially for this skin.
The weapons created by Messser & Co. are not only great when it comes to fighting they also look good. Like the throwing knives on the picture. They can be used in areas with CCS or Lindendamage.
The legwarmers from epic are also available in a version without paws and great for any urban being with digilegs.
Virtual/Insanity has so many cute accessories that it is hard to choose what to wear from them. One of their latest releases are the naboo claws. Those very long fingernails come also with a ring. They are great for roleplay characters and should fit to any gothic style.
The poses used for the pictures belong to the "the time is now" set from Miamai poses. 
Pawed I Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Sylvie Mesh Hair - (sold at FaMESHed - 250 L$ colourpack 1500 L$ Fatpack)
Facemarks:  ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Running through my veins (75 L$)
Skin and shape: [:Mirror's Enigma:] Ira Light Skintone (Neutral Pack) (280 L$)
Scarf: (Booshies) Aqua Urpy Neck Warmer(0 L$ Cover my Furry Butt Hunt)
Necklace:  [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] THE UNION Necklace (120 L$)
Armmarks: ~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Suffer well (0 L$ Groupgift)
Nails and Ring: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] NABOO Rings & Claws (66 L$)
Tank: :pesca:loose tank/maru pink (180 L$ sold at ZombiePopcorn Brand)
Skirt: (pink noir) (150 L$)
Legscars:~.:.Hysteria.:.~ Tell me where it hurts (35 L$)
Knives: [M e s s e r Co.] Tactical Throwing Knives (1200 L$)
Paws:  *Epic* -ZP- Barbs & Blood Slouchie Digi Warmers {Paw} (279 L$)

Pose: Miamai Poses
Location: Pasademon Point

[goin' floral on your ass]

[goin' floral on your ass]

Two more or less fresh, but still available freebies I'm showing you today - some stuff for the butt and some for your face - or the other way round, if you prefer so. Poetic Colors has released some really gorgeous mesh eyes in a variety of colours, and I'm wearing their generously given 'caramel'-shade of the so-called Pearl eyes, which are available in their store for nada and come in various sizes and brightnesses.

Even though it's already August, the new Vitamen freebie for July hasn't been out for long yet, so you should still have plenty of time to grab it. This skintight affair in shades of green, gold and copper has a summery hibiscus flower print and could as well serve as swimming trunks - at least that's what I misused them for. You can find this sexy butt-wrap upstairs at Vitamen's Japarid store location.

Hair: Dura - **Dura-Boy**18 (brown)
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Femboy Hunt 2012 exclusive [previous hunt item]
Eyes: Poetic Colors - Pearl (caramel) [mesh, free in store]
Ears: AITUI - [MESH] Stretched Ear - Solid Plug 1"

Underwear: VITAMEN - Monthly Freebie July2012 [free in store]