Saturday, April 9, 2011

The waiting deep ones

Pym was waiting. When the sun would have gone done they would attack. So from time to time he swam up from the ground of the ocean, where they waited, and looked to the horizon.
purple fishman looking out of the water
In a corner his mate Illyra was waiting. Her fish was of course with her. They were both ready and waiting. Pym knew that Illyra had sharpened her weapon for hours. She even sharpened the horn of her helmet. Pym had done the same.
Purple fish woman
They were four on this mission as on all missions, two couples. Pym did not know the other couple well but he hoped that they would be good fighters. They looked like that at least. Their fish were aqua Kois and of course they looked very much like their fish.
female koi side
Pym had admired their jewlery but of course their weapons were much more intresting for him. Theirs seemed to be made of many layers of steal. The koi-merrows normaly served an other god.
female koi front
But Hotaka and Hotara had been corrupted when they found an ancient statue in a deepth. Pym knew said statue. He had placed it some centuries ago, not long after the time before he got transformed into a sailfish merrow.
male koi front
Most koi-merrows had black red and white scales. Hotaka and Hotara also had those colours when they hatched and they always had been merrows different than Pym and Illyra who were born. Getting in contact with the statue of the god the two sailfish merrows served changed the kois.
male koi backside
Now that the statue had been stolen Dagon their god and master was in rage. Normaly the god would have been pleased because more people might get in contact with the statue, but the thiefs knew what they had found and even worse they were able to protect themself from its powers, which had been woven with words into it a human would not be able to imagine. So they were sent to get the magical artefact back. With a energetic move of his tail fin Pym swam down when the sun disappeared behind the horizon. It was time to hunt and to kill. Nobody should think it would be possible to anger Dagon without having to pay for that.
Purple fishman
Today is the last day of the fantasy faire which is a pity but there is still the chance to see the wonderful builds and to get some of the awesome donation items. For example these avatars from Tekeli-li. When hearing the name of this store the first time I had to shiver. Tekeli-li reminded me on the mountains of madness, a book written by Lovecraft I should not have read. Tekeli-li is a great store for items which are fantastic, well made and absolutly different from the average second life fashion. The merfolk avatars are available in a male and a female versions and look very much like the fish they are based on. The aqua ones are based on koi and the purple ones on sailfish. They come with an ao, different to mermaid avatars those avatars swim like a shark swims and not like a dolphin. The sets include a shape, the skin, and all the prim and system layer parts. It is possible to use an other shape as all the primparts but the fish pet are mod. The sailfish avatars come with prim parts which look like an armour. The koi ones come with great jewlery and as the sailfish the set it includes a weapon which is called Naginata, the sailfish have a harpoon. All sets include a wearable petfish which is animated.

Female: Koi by Tekeli-li - Aqua/White Female ( 750$ Donation Item)
Male: Koi by Tekeli-li - Aqua/White Male ( 750$ Donation Item)
Female: Sailfish by Tekeli-li - Violet Female ( 750$ Donation Item)
Male: Sailfish by Tekeli-li - Violet Male ( 750$ Donation Item)

Tekili-li has several stores. Their mainstore is at their own sim which is also called Tekili-li. They also got a store at Arkham, which is a Lovecraft themed sim and definitly worth a visit. Their meravatars are also sold at Tokebi.

The pictures for this blog entry have been all taken at Pteron.

[lotn: black, white and ink]

[black, white and ink]

Unfortunately, RL-duties and several SL-projects have kept me busy enough not to be able to blog as I wanted to, but I still managed to put a LotN together for you! This time it's all about body-art and -modification, may it be tattoos or piercings.

The piece that inspired this look has been the beautifully crafted tattoogun-necklace from Kari. I own several items from that store, but hadn't checked back for a while, so I was pleasantly surprised to discover this little piece of sculpted art for a mere price of 150 Lindens. It comes in both male and female size, and even though it's missing a resizer, it's really easy to mod. Both the sculpts and textures are flawless, so if you're into 'not-your-everyday'-necklaces, this is truly a must have!

The ears I'm wearing are from !WhAtEvR! and a contribution for the Pacific Crisis Fundraiser. I especially liked the extremely stretched earlobes and the fact that it's highly customizable when it comes to the piercing's colours, and the HUD allows you to match your skintone perfectly. The tattoo has been a case of luck when I checked +radicalism+ for new ink and an 'S' came up on their Lucky Board - yay me!

Last but not least, there is the pink septum piercing of goodness you can hunt down at -.HoD.- as a prize for the 'Cover My Furry Butt!'-hunt. Actually, it's not a nose piercing by default; you'll get an entire folder of exclusively made and/or textured piercings you can attach to whatever (furry and moddable) body part you like. The hunt runs until April, 30th so make sure you're not missing out on a bunch of awesome goodies!

Skin: .:Hermony:. - Kriz ST1 - Chinstrap
Hair: **Dura-Boy** - 17
Eyes: A:S:S - Resurrection Eyes -lt. blue

Septum-Pierce: - .HoD. - Crescent Piercing (free - CMFB Hunt Item)
Pierced Ears: !WhATEvR! - MODder Then You Sun Ears
Necklace: Kari - Tatgun Necklace
Tattoo: +radicalism+ - "13 cherry-BLUE" (free - Lucky Board Item)

Belt: [BUKKA] - Double Ring Belt
Pants: =Razorblade Jacket= - Filthy as Fuck Jeans w/ Boxer

Friday, April 8, 2011

Sterling Artistry at the Fantasy Faire 2011

Sterling Artistry takes part at the Fantasy Faire this year. And Silverr Andel the owner of this store created awesome eyes for the faire.
I normaly wear the dragon eyes from Sterling Artistry. I like how big their iris is and be distracted when wearing human eyes. So Im very glad about the Forest Elf Eyes which Silverr sells at the Fantasy Faire.
Sterling Artistry blue eyes
Those are very big and have normal pupils. The shadeing is very well done. At the fantasy faire the eyes are also sold in Edlothia Violet as donation item. This colour,which is seeable on the first picture will be only sold there.
Sterling elf eyes
The Underworld Eyes remind me on stones. It might work well to play a statue or a being made of stone while useing them. They look a bit creepy. Maybe it would also work to play that they look that way because the one who has them is being controlled by a demon. They come in 6 colours and are a donation item at the Fantasy Faire.
Sterling Artistry Stone eyes
Silverr made 18 versions of the anime eyes which are also a donation item at the Fantasy faire. Here a picture of 6 of them. The eyes had been created for animie or cartoon characters but they also work as robot eyes. The anime eyes are also a donation item.
Sterling anime eyes
1st Picture: Stering Artistry : ForestElf Eyes EDLOTHIA VIOLET : FANTASY FAIRE EXCLUSIVE (50$ donation item for relay for life)
2nd Picture: Stering Artistry : ForestElf Eyes (225 $ all 50$ one)
3rd Picture: Stering Artistry : Underworld Eyes (200 $ all 40$ one donation item for relay for life)
4th Picture: Stering Artistry : Anime Eyes Pack A (200 $ all 40$ one donation item for relay for life)

The mainstore of Sterling Artistry is at Porcupine.

The mermaids kiss

Illivara lived in the deepest depth of the ocean. For the humans the race she belonged to was a myth. They belived in mermaids but in their simple human minds mermaids were blonde and singing beings. Illivara would have laughed about these ideas, if she would have been able to laugh. There were indeed some jolly and nice mermaids in the oceans eager to meet a human prince, which would take them home in his wonderful castle. Those mermaids dreamed of having legs and feet. Sometimes a prince was stupid enough to fall in love for one of them. But his feelings normaly stopped after the first kiss, when he got transformed into a mermen.
Free mermaid 2
The dark merrows Illivara belonged to hated humans. They prayed to ancient gods hopeing that those would help them to transform all humans into merrows. The dark merrows took also care that humans would not find out about the kiss thing. For that they hunted all transformed humans. First they killed them but then they got a much better idea. All those former humans were forced to work. They had to put pearls into shells. Those attracted even more humans which got transformed. Illivara liked working plans.
Free mermaid 1
This outfit is a freebie from the fantasy faire. It contains not only the mermaidoutfit. The skin and the ears belong also to the set. And for mermaids very important there is also a mermaid ao in the set. The set works on males and females. The fins are all very pretty. The ears are jagged and fit perfectly to the skin. It is also possible to use the skin to roleplay as drow with it.

Outfit: -Lost In Starnight-Promo Package 'Merfolk'-(0$)

The mainstore of Lost in Starnight is at Royal Island.


There are many merrows in the seven seas. But there is only one who is covered with tattoos. Some merrows are jealous on her other avoid her because of the colourful patterns which are not made of scales. Few know why she is tattooed. Chinatsu loved to swim. This was not really surprising as she was a mermaid. But beside swimming she loved colours. One day she found a drowning man in the ocean and saved him with a kiss. He became a merrow because of that. His name was Ayumu and he had been a yakuza. Chinatsu was fascinated by his tattoos, he was more intrested in finding a way to blackmail other merrows. His behaviour made her angry. It was without any honor and she wanted him to stop. As he was unwilling to follow her will, Chinatsu went to Watatsumi. The water dragon listened to her with intrest and also agreed that Ayumu should be stopped. With a quick move of his tail he threw the merman out of the water and turned him into a seagull. But Watatsumi loved art so he took the tattoos and placed them on Chinatsu. Dragons are mighty and wise but they do not always ask when they made a desicion.
Koi mermaid
KAMI-HITOE makes wondeful items for mermaids. And they also make wonderful Mermaid outfits. This one is a mix of a kimono and a mermaid. It comes with an obi and a open top, the breasts are covered with a bra made of shells. The koi pattern makes the outfit a perfect japanese mermaid outfit. I like the fins for the shoulders very much. This outfit is one of the donation items from Kami-Hitoe for Relay for Life at the Fantasy Faire.

Dress: KAMI-HITOE : :KH: Japanese Koi mermaid (350 $ Donation Item for Relay for Life at the Fantasy Faire)

The KAMI-HITOE Mainstore is at Sporminore.

Aurora borealis

Oreithyia was waiting for the wind. Wandering barefoot through the mountains she hoped that he would come, Boreas. He had whispered so often to her through the rocks in the vale. And he had managed to gain her attention. In the nights she dreamed of being with him flying together over the mountains of her homelands. The more Oreithyia yearned to be with the northwind the more she changed. Her hair became nearly white and her skin was paler every day. Once her eyes had been brown now they reminded on the Aurora borealis. But this was the night she finally would meet him.
Those amazing dresses come all from Spyralle Fractal Art to Wear. I like fractals a lot but I never manage to understand the mathmatics behind them. Paco from 22769 often tried to explain it to me and I understand it when he explains it to me but after an hour I do not know how they were made anymore. So this dresses are not only pretty the designer who made them is also pretty smart. She also uses fractals to create wings.
The dress on the first picture is called Chione Goddess of Snows. It is white with a white sheer primskirt, included is also a primskirt with extra snowflakes. On the back the dress has white sheer shoulder streamers. The corset which is available to the dress is amazing. When seeing it I supposed it would be made of prims but it is only on the systemlayer. The shades of iceblue and green are great.
The purple gown is called Gossamer Passion, it has a purple sheer primskirt. The wings have a texture which reminds on feathers but they are also of course made with fractals.
Purple gown and wings
The Glory fractal wings remind on snail shells. The used colours fit well to the relay for life colours. The dress is called Eos Goddess of Dawn. It has a similar top as the Chione dress. The primskirt gradients from white to purple. On the back the dress comes also with streamers, but different to the Chione dress it comes also with streamers for the arms.
gowns and wings

1st picture
Dress: Spyralle Chione Goddess of Snows (450$)
Corset: Spyralle Chione Corset (100$)
2nd picture:
Dress: Spyralle Gossamer Passion (500$ donation item for Relay for Life)
Wings: Spyralle Fractal Wings (s3 purple) (75$ donation item for Relay for Life)
3rd picture:
Dress: Spyralle Eos Goddess of Dawn (500$ donation item for Relay for Life)
Wings: Spyralle Fractal Wings Glory (s7) (75$ donation item for Relay for Life)

The mainstore of Spyralle is at Loring Park Place.

A little catch up

 I've been rather busy with that pesky nuisance 1st life and I feel so behind in my 2nd yoikes! so anyway I've scrabbled around and picked up so  fabulous items to share. I won't jabber on i'll let the items do the talking for themselves.

Hair: L$200  -  Rosie- sunflower > Posh

Top: Free Mix & Match hunt item ( hint look up look down it's spinning aroun, it lights up the sky but you can't walk by)  artMEfashion

Trousers: LS200 White low rise  bemuda pants > Vero Modero
Jewelry: Free gift > artMEfashion

Shoes: Free lucky chair item - Pink zara pump > Baby monkey

Chair: Free Alberto Kawaii hunt item ( all pieces of a puzzle must be complete before you can collect gifts > Second spaces

Hair & Hat: L$50 Miss- sugar > Posh
Jacket: Free FA hunt item - ( look high on the wall )  > R.icielli
Belt & leggings: Free M&MH Item ( hint i want to be a super model) > Vero Modero
Shorts: L$59 > Awram Viie
Top: Free subscribo gift zeebrugge bodysuit - neutral > The sea hole
Bangles: Free M&MH item ( 4 steps & you're there ) > Mustang trading post
Shoes: Free M&MH item > Ah flou

Hair: Fifty linden Friday - Kit- kat > Lamb
Hair bow: Free subscribo item > Magika
Top: Free M&MH item ( hint you'll find some loose change here)  > Static clothing
Shorts: Free luckyboard item > M*G*S
Shoes: Free M&MH item hints > Urban warehouse
Bracelets: free M&MH item ( hint 4 steps & you're there ) > Mustang trading post

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Open Knit

She walked through the hall in the morning being bored as always. It would be an other day of training. Which would end with sore muscles. Learning to smile was exhausting.

When seeing this dress from Silkworms on the fantasy faire I needed to have it. It has such a well made knit pattern. It is open at the side so It might be needed to wear maybe a cover under it when wearing it on a pg sim. The dress looks like having fur at the brims. And it is a donation item that means if you buy it the money goes to Relay for Life and helps to find a cure for cancer. The Fantasy Faire has raised more than 3 400 000$ now which is awesome.
Whish dress
Dress:Silkworms ::MO::Wish (50$ donation item)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Strawberries with Ice

Ines was an ice fairy. She only knew snow and ice. Her wings were made for the cold climate. Normal wings would break if they would be covered with ice. Ine's wings were more flexible. Ice fairies were also a bit rougher than other fairies. Ines family were hunter. They hunted big moths which lived in icecaves in the mountains. Those moths had amazing wing which were like leather. The icefairies used them to create stunning dresses with them. The parts they did not need, for example the legs, they exchanged for cloth. It was a calm life and Ines liked it.
The Ice fae with a strawberry
But one day she found a iced strawberry at the shore. She had never seen such a fruit before and was very irritated by it. Ines poked the strawberry with her finger and pulled it back quickly. By mistake she licked over her finger and was stunned. The glimps of sweetness was nearly too much for her. The icefairy used a knive to cut a little piece out of the strawberry and ate it. It was intense but also seemed like it would be even more intense if it would not be frozen.
The mystical ice strawberry
It was a tough desicion but at the end Ines decided to search for the source of the strawberries. She also supposed that they were a good item to trade although she did not really know what would be worth to be traded against a strawberry. She flew for a long time until she reached the summerlands. It was very warm in her opinion so she took off her dress. And then she found fresh strawberries. Ines slowly picked one of the red fruits and put it in her mouth. The taste was amazing she had supposed that they would taste better when they would be fresh but she had not been prepared on this taste. It was so tasty and exciting that even her wings started to glow in shades of red and pink. Ines never went pack to her cold homelands instead she stayed in the summerlands and became the most famous strawberry grower which ever existed. If a strawberry is very tasty its most likely one of Ines strawberries.
eating strawberries
The blue gown, which looks like being made for elves, is one of the donationitems from Demons and Angel's.It is very well textured and has an intresting cut. The belt has a shield on the front side which has the colours of the corset. It looks like the skirt and the sleeves are made of heavy cloth. So its a good elegant gown which could be worn in winter or colder areas. The set even includes boots.
Demons and Angel's has also a great outfit for men in the silent auction which will end at saturday.
Material Squirrel created those wonderful wings as donation item for the faire. They are available in many colours and four designs. The wings come in packs which contain ten different colours. They all come of course with the Material Squirrel wing hud and the possibility to touch them. The ones on the upper pictures are a bit darker in the colours and might fit well to a fairy which is not as jolly as a fairy with colourful wings.
The skin is the azure version of the Crystal Fae wings from Fallen Gods Inc.. I love the colour and the elegance of the skin. They are only sold at the fantasy faire yet. The modesty cover made of wings is a gift on the faire from Fallen Gods Inc. too. For this post I used one of the Fae versions of the skin. Those have wing textures in the face and on the body.
This version of the hair from Wasabi Pills is a donation item one. It has been made to fit the crystal skins perfectly.
Even the butterfly on the third picture is a donation item. It flys around the avatar and comes from Angelwing.
The big strawberry comes from Rebel Xtravaganza. Its made to sit on it.

Gown: D&A Vali'star Blue (600$)
Melody Wings - Moon Dust Pack by Material Squirrel Wings (299 $ set contains 10 colours donation item)
Melody Wings - Shimmer Jewels by Material Squirrel Wings (299 $ set contains 10 colours donation item)
Skin: CRYSTAL female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ AZURE ( (one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - Branches - Crystal azure (150$ donation item)
Butterfly: **Angelwing** Pink Naerose butterfly pet (5$ donation item)
Big Strawberry: !* Rebel -X- *! STRAWBERRY Chair FROSTED (100$)

All pictures have been taken at Athan Selidor.

Teal gift

Standing at home and thinking about cookies. Its a good time to get cookies. The fantasy faire is still going on and people there are always willing to give a dragon some cookies. For those who are not into cookies and like dresses better this dress from Blue Blood is great. Its a dollarbie on the fantasy faire and comes in a great green. The top has ruffles and so do the sleeves. It is possible to mod all prim parts so that they fit well. The socks with the heart pattern are just cute. The pink face tattoo is one of the gifts to the crowning of the princess at the enchanted mysts sim. Its an unisex tattoo in purple the colour of relay for life.
Colourful gifts
Makeup: ISPIDES face marks +Fallen Gods Inc.+ RFL purple (0$ Gift from the Mysts Quest)
Dress: +++BB+++ Wanda TEAL (1$ Fantasy Faire gift)

Waiting for the ships

It was always impressive when the flying ships from the Mysts appeared, covered with fog, floating over the water. Elaine was waiting for this moment. The ships, from the Enchanted Mysts, which should bring her and a lot of other beings to the crowning of princess Ilear. Elaine did not want to miss this event. Ilear would rule the lands for a long time and the festival to her crowning was going to be most exciting.
Planing to travel to the mysts
The Mysts, an interactive Story just started today at the Enchanted Mysts Sim of the Fantasy Faire. At the landing point of the sim you get a book, every day a new chapter will be added to this book. The participants of the event will need to solve some riddles but they will be rewarded of course too. Today all get ready for the crowning and there are some gifts for the guests spread on tables on the sim. Read more about the crowning on the Fallen Gods Inc. Blog.

Makeup: ISPIDES face marks +Fallen Gods Inc.+ RFL purple (0$ Gift from the Mysts Quest)
Necklace:Relay for Life Necklaces + Fallen Gods Inc.+ (0$ Gift from the Mysts Quest)

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some poses for two

Sometimes sitting on a chair or on a sofa could be come very boring. So its good to have an alternative. These couple poses come all from the posefaire.
This one is called my favourite seat and comes from HelaMiyo. It could be very comfy but also very uncomfy depending on the pointyness of the knees of the guy.
Living seat
Pose: HelaMiyo :: My Favorite Seat (1 $)

This pose from Props-N-Poses is very sweet and allows the guy to show off his muscles too. Because if he would be not strong his partner would most likely fall down. Its great for romantic pictures.
Being held
Pose: P-N-P ~ Tranced (99$ posefaire price after the faire 250$ at the P-N-P Mainstore)

I never had in mind that it would also work to look into each others eyes with a pose like this. It also comes from Props-N-Poses. Its a very careing and unique pose.
Looking into each others eyes
Pose: P-N-P ~ Staring Into Forever (99$ posefaire price after the faire 250$ at the P-N-P Mainstore)

Jacket: =Razorblade Jacket= M&MH (0$ Mix and Match Hunt)
Top: ...:::Beautiful Dirty Rich:::... M&MH Hunt Gift
Leggins: .Ange. M&MH Gift - Multi Color Retro Leggings (0$ Mix and Match Hunt)

Insilico and Crystals

When Etain wandered over the water like he used to do it nearly every day he had no clue about what was going to happen on his small planet. He was just walking around playing with the water which seemed to react like a living creature on him. Etain was a crystal fae and the rocks around him were his creations.
male fae wandering over the water
EX-121 had no idea that being like Etain might exist. She was to busy with herself to think about faes at all. Since the emotional revolution EX11-03 had caused the life of EX-121 was not like she wanted it to be. EX-121 was an android as EX11-03 but she had the task to work in a bar. The barbot filled the glasses with the drinks the humans ordered and EX-121 brought those drinks and some snacks to the tables. It was not intresting but she did not mind that as long as she just was a robot and not infected with emotions.
Robot at her workplace
EX-121 was not very glad about having emotions but it seemed as there was no way to get rid of them. Her work started to bore her and it became even worse as the barbot started to develop a strange behaviour. He had been programmed to make some naughty comments to entertain the mainly male guests. But now with emotions and the resulting free will he seemed to enjoy those comments. He made jokes about the look of EX-121 and even asked her to show him her circuit boards. When he started to tell her every day that a S would be missing in her name she had enough and decided to leave the town, the country and the planet.
tired and sad robot
EX-121 managed to convince a small spaceship to bring her to an empty planet and to pick her up after a year. They managed to find a nice planet on the starmaps. But during the flight EX-121 became suddenly very weak. She was running out of power and needed to charge her batteries. Being build to work on a surface she was not able to deal with the light in space. So they decided to stop at a small planet which seemed to be covered nearly completly with water.
Robot on an other planet
The android sat down moving so that as much light as possible got in contact with her hair. The hair consisted only of solar cells. They were one of the most important inventions for the robot technologie. But they seemed to work only in an atmosphere which was similar to the one on good old gaia. To quicken the charging process EX-121 switch-off some programms if she would have been human she would have been asleep. That was how Etain found her.
Robot touching Fae
He had never seen such a being like her before and she had also never met a crystal fae. Both very surprised. EX-121 gasped "hello" and touched the leg of the fae by mistake. That touch suprised both. Etain realized that the android was made mainly of silicium a material he liked very much. And EX-121 recognized that her circuitry somehow reacted on a strange way onto the fae.
Fairy holding Robot
He picked her up and hugged her tight. And the android was surprised but she liked it. Then he showed her the rock part of his planet. The robot was not sure if she would survive getting in contact with so much water. But without both of them recognized it EX-121 started to change. Crystals in her platines moved and her even her skin started to change.
Robot and Fae wandering
The latex which covered most of her body disappeared and similar crystals as on Etain's skin appeared on hers. Even her eyes stopped looking like being created by humans and when the spaceship which had brought her onto the planet tried to contact her EX-121 was not able to recognize it. She had lost most of her artificial components while her mind stayed like it had been.
Fae and Fae talking
EX-121 was amazed when her boots disappeared. Now she had feet and was even able to feel the ground under her with them. Etain and she talked and talked. At the end they fell in love for each other.
Fairy with Fairy
When walking over the water in the mornings EX-121 sometimes thought about changing her name. But although the crystal fae had not been happy in her past as android, she kept her name as it was the only thing which was left from that time.
Fae wandering over the water
Fallen Gods Inc. sponsor the Enchanted Mysts sim of the fantasy faire and created also new skins for the faire. They are called crystal fae and available in three colours for both genders. Of course there are many versions of them in the colours itself. The female ones come in cleavage versions and "normal" versions. I love the wings the fae versions have on the legs and the body. The opal versions come with a glow which looks like some crystals shimmer and the opalfae skins mix both. Of course there is also a pure version of the skins available which comes without the wings the shimmer.
As seeable in the story the skins work for much more than only fae roleplay. They are currently sold at the Fallen Gods Inc. Store at the fantasy faire. I had the chance and honor to interview Alia Baroque the owner of Fallen Gods Inc. for the website of the Fantasy Faire.
The purple latex outfit is the donation item from Ezura at the fantasy faire. It is the purple version of the digi outfit I blogged some time ago. It comes with three different skirts and on all layers as the other versions. For those pictures I coloured the glow of the boots first took them off and coloured then the glow of the rest of the outfit. So I was able to have two kinds of glow.
Wasabi Pills is the creator of that wonderful long ponytail hair. It comes with a resize script and fits also smaller avatars. The hair is available in many colours. There is also a version with twigs in the hair available which I blogged yesterday.
For this post I used poses from the posefaire and the one with the close-up of the faces is from Studio Sidhe from the fantasy faire. The pose on the 5th picture is called "Don't Leave Me" and comes from PNP the one on the 6th picture is called "Catch Me" and comes from the same store. The pose on the 9th picture comes from gi poses and is called Hold Me.

On him:
Skin: CRYSTAL male +Fallen Gods Inc.+ VIOLET (one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$. The skins are a donation item)
Shape: CS Shapes: Tristan Male Shape (749$)
Outfit: PG cover Lily +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Courtesy Gift (0$)

On her:
Skin: CRYSTAL female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ VIOLET (one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$. The skins are a donation item)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - Orchid (250$ belongs to the candies pack also available in tones which are made to fit the crystal fae skins as donation item for 150$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes: AnimeEyes_Sumire-iroPurple (40$ donation item)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes: ForestElfEyes_EdlothiaViolet_FantasyFaireExclusive (50$)
Outfit: + ezura + DIGI Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Purple (488$ donation item)
Boots: + ezura + DIGI Boots Cyber Latex ex-11-03 *Purple (388$ donation item)

5th: P-N-P ~ Don't Leave Me (99$ posefaire price after the faire 250$ at the P-N-P Mainstore)
6th: P-N-P ~ Catch Me (99$ posefaire price after the faire 250$ at the P-N-P Mainstore)
8th: :+:SS:+: Faery Kisses - Friends Pose Set (250$ donation item at the fantasy faire)
9th: [gi poses] Hold Me (1$)

The pictures for this post have been taken in Insilico and at Seraphine's mood.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Brazilian beauty

Well I'm still in my new found shape & skin from the mix & match hunt it's fetching me no end of compliments, and so it was about time I got all glammed up! I adore this new dress from Vero Modero, which comes in many colours.Well that's no problem for me to match up some footwear, because I have my beloved shoes from Skifija with the colour change script , so it's easy to find a colour to match! all I need now is someone to invite me out for a dance so that I can shimmy & sparkle the night away!

Shape & skin: Free mix & match hunt item > Shine
Dress : New L$350  Linear dress - purple  >  Vero Modero
Shoes: L $149 - classic high heel shoes - summer > Skifija

Working plans

Sabja and Amphisbaene her friend and confidant were tired. They had worked the whole night but it seemed like were slowly getting what they wanted. Born as human Amphisbaene had been cursed and forced to live as snake but this did not disconnect her from her magical powers soon she was able to transform in nearly every form she wanted to use. Sabja was the daughter of the archmage, so she was often the target of assaults but the snake had started to help her friend. This night was an important night Amphisbaene had spend ages in the workplace of one of the biggest enemys of Sabja's mother. For hours she had pretended to be a sculpture and so she had been able to hear whispered secrets and even more important she knew what the wizzard planed. He wanted to send his men to kidnap and to kill Sabja, one of his apprentices should transfer the soul of one of his cats into her body and revive her again. Nobody but Sabja knew that Amphisbaene was the strongest mage in the town and the snake did not want her friend to be killed. So she forced the wizzard to look like Sabja. Filled up with drugs they locked him in Sabja's room and were amazed finding him the next day and had a good laugh when he asked for milk.
Crystal wings and Snake
The items in this blog post come all from stores I love and they have all one thing in common. Frippery, Gilded, Sterling Artistry,Kouse's Sanctum and Wasabi Pills take all part at the Fantasy faire. Gilded made the crystal wings they come in several sizes and with and without resize script. The set contains also a crystal mask for the face. The eyes are a donation item from Sterling Artistry. They are very big as it are elf eyes and the textures are wonderful as all eyes from that store. The long ponytail hair with the twigs is the latest release from Wasabi Pills and also available without the twigs and in many many colours. I love dresses in ocean colours and so this gown from Kouse's Sanctum makes me smile. The shades of green and blue are just lovely.
Frippery bracers2
The Jewlery from Frippery fits perfectly to the rest of the outfit or the outfit fits perfectly to the jewlery. The bracers on the upper picture are the Frippery donation items at the faire. They are mod so it was no problem to make them smaller to make them fit. They look like being made of golden metal with tiny purple roses on them. The idea is great and Elizabeth, the owner of Frippery, must have spend lots of hours being very concentrated while building them.
Frippery Random Goddess
At the fantasy faire also a hunt is going on. The earrings and the necklace belong to the hunt gift from Frippery. They are made of many many small prims and look very beautiful. I guess they suit every princess, queen or fairy. A necklace also belongs to the set. Frippery takes also part in the silent auction at the fantasy faire. The prize Elizabeth offers there is very special. It is one item which will be created special for the winner of the auction. So the winner will be her muse and she will build something unique for that person. Elizabeth's skills are amazing so its a great chance to get something really special and even help the American Cancer Society by doing so.

Bracers: Frippery~Rose Among the Thorns (Female Bracers) (250$)
Necklace, Earrings: Frippery~Random Goodness (100$)
Eyes: Sterling Artistry Eyes: ForestElfEyes_EdlothiaViolet_FantasyFaireExclusive (50$)
Wings: gilded: Crystal Shards (100$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - Blacks Pack (250$)
Dress: [K~*~S] Diana - Gown - Water (325$)

A big thanks to Reign ShadowWalker who is just a wonderful and pretty snake and most likely the cutest tiny snake on the grid.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Clover Knight

Santaria was a knight or more a knight of heart. She always wore great jackets which looked like a uniform and of course her boots fitted to that look. So one day she decided to explore a castle.
She normaly did not wear weapons but at this day she found a big cloverleaf and she decided to use it as shield. But then she heared strange sounds and she started to sneak through the building searching for the source.
clover soldier
When she found out what caused those strange sounds she was more than glad about her "shield". It had started to rain and the cloverleaf was a good umbrella.
clover umbrella
The outfit for this picture is a mix of some of my favourite designers and some of them are even friends. No Strings Attached is definitly one of my favourite pose stores. Milli the owner is very creative and the cloverleaf is just one of her brilliant props. It has many inbuilt poses and might be great for pictures with fairys as well. I like it alot that it is only needed to touch the leaf to change the pose and that it is not needed to wear a different version of the prop for every pose.
The Jacket and the makeup are new from a:s:s. Fauna blogged allready the pink version of the Jacket and it looked fab on her. I liked the red one a lot. It is comfy to resize and comes in a version for guys and girls. In the set are both versions included so if you shift your gender from time to time the jacket still fits. The jacket is available in many colours. Its the same with the makeup.
22769 made the jeans. They are kind of lowrise I would say and also available in many colours. The set includes also sculpted prims for the lower legs. But with the boots they look better skintight.
I love those boots from Perse luckily they are available in many many colours so its easy to find a fitting pair.

Cloverleaf: 'NSA' - Lucky Brolly

Jacket: A:S:S - Bonapart jacket - red (one 90$ fatpack 400$)
Makeup: A:S:S - Drama shadows (one 20$ fatpack 100$)
Trousers: 22769 casual couture Ultimate Jeans (black) (70$)
Boots: -Perse- Pursay Boots Big Bag (1499 Linden / 149 Linden for one colour)

A little more to mix & Match

So far I'm loving this mix & match hunt and there have been a huge amount of compliments on the items that i have been wearing, so you see the quality speaks for itself! I've certainly discovered a few new favourite designers to add to my list. I've bought a few things i've liked along the way , oh er and bought a few that I didn't really intend to also, so do have your wits about you when clicking on those hunt items that are displayed on the vendors, and happy shopping!

Hair: Free group lucky board > Heart softens
Shirt: Free luckyboard item > Pesca
Top: Free mix & Match hunt item ( hint - the pink flower grows in the flower pot beware the bird bodyguard )  > Bounce
Jeans: Free group gift > Airflow
Belt: Free part of a hunt item for mix & match hunt ( hint I want to be a super model )  > Vero Modero
Shape & skin: Free mix & match hunt item ( hint - come closer & smell the flowers )  >Shine
Socks: Free gift - antique socks - picnic > Grixdale
Shoes: Free mix & match hunt item  ( hint - I like to burp eat cats & whistle with my mouth open )  > Urban Warehouse