Saturday, May 10, 2014

Sailing on... Fantasy Faire 2014

Pirate4 Beila had sailed all seven of the seas in her ship The Golden Pig, searching, searching. Guided by sun and stars, sails unfurled and fell slack with each capricious gust of of wind. One by one the crew had shown their true colours. Some slunk away in the night, more at each port they reached. Some missed home, and she could understand that, though it was a lesser ache for her than that which drove her on. Pirate1 Finally, the Golden Pig had emerged from swirling mists which had engulfed it for what had felt like weeks. The setting sun illuminated the isle, glinting from quartz in the rocks, each reflecting light as she followed the trail. There, in the hollow surrounded by guardians of stone, was what she had sought. The orb resonated in Beila's hand as she raised it, gazing into its swirling depths. Pirate2 The small glowing object was the most precious of all things, Beila knew this to be true. Others valued gold and jewels, they had their charms, for many years she had pursued them herself. Life on and off the high seas had taught her the error of her ways, that there was a deeper truth, a more important goal. What she sought was not just for herself. Treasure to be hoarded was a selfish goal she no longer craved. This small glowing thing, held so easily in her hand was for the world entire. She would bring them hope. Pirate 3 

Once again... I'm blown away by the creators, their creations, and the generosity all swirling in a beautiful maelstrom around the Fairelands! Yesterday we were heading for an epic milestone raised for RFL... Keep it up beautiful people!

Skin : DLS~ Ceredil - Candace - Chameleon  L$ 899 RFL Item
This pack includes light and dark skins, three tattoo tinter layers, MESH ears in three styles, Appliers for SLink, Nails, Lolas and Lush. Four MESH eyes and a Shape! The detailing on the skin is beautiful!
Hair :  /Wasabi Pills/ Darienne Mesh Hair-Crystals Edition  L$ 200 RFL Item
Eyes : Musa Opal Eyes RFL Limited color  Shade 1. L$ 150 RFL Item
Outfit : GW Pirate Anne Brown (Boxed)  L$ 300 RFL Item
Arrrh me hearties! For all pirates out there, this is a fanastic set, a mixture of system clothes, and MESH. The pants and boots in one are a great notion. Gold filigree embroidery on the jacket shows, as a pirate, you are pretty good at what you do!
Pose (Kneeling) : !Musa! RFL Pose 01  L$ 80 RFL Item
Glowing orb of hope included!

Thursday, May 8, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 - The Wind In Her Hair

Míwil Delimbiyra adored flying. She could never understand her elven brothers and sisters who always opted for a much more traditional way of transportation... walking on the ground. Maybe because they were actually her half-brothers and half-sisters, Míwil's mother being a fairy, a light, fragile, fluttering creature who couldn't stand the dark woods and one day simply disappeared? Míwil mourned her mother for years... then, one day, she discovered the beauty of flying. The wind in her hair... the feeling of freedom. "Thank you, Mother..." - she thought and soared up in the cool night air, towards the full moon and the stars.

Fantasy Faire 2014 - The Wind In Her Hair

Dress: "Evelyn" in Aqua by Les Encantades. Anouk Haiku and her brand, Les Encantades, are another new discovery at the Fantasy Faire. When I first arrived to her shop I couldn't believe my eyes: the gowns and outfits were beautiful, available in lovely gem colours with very pretty detailing, and the prices were more than reasonable... so I started shopping with a certain frenzy, I must say. :) The gown I'm showing you here is available in the main shop only, but "Les Encantades" has some beautiful RLF donation items in one of the cheerful little huts at Wiggenstead Mooring - pay a visit there, and pick up either the "Giulietta" gown in Ruby, or "Edda" in Summer, in order to donate to RLF (200 L$ each).
Necklace and tiara: "Gilgalad" by Bliensen + Mai Tai - available at their shop at The Faery Court (349 L$ each, with a colour change HUD). To me, Bliensen + Mai Tai was "the shop with the cute pug in their logo" ...until now, when I discovered the delicate and beautiful fantasy jewellery offered by Plurabelle Laszlo at the Faire. Plurabelle, thank you for the goodies, you've stunned me!
Skin: The Plastik - Astrali "Io" by The Plastik, blogged here.
Ears: "Young Elven Ears" by 22769 - a goodie from last year's Fantasy Faire.
Tattoo: "Tribalien Tattoo" in Minimal by LaNoirSoleil - available in their shop at Wiggenstead Mooring during the Fantasy Faire (74 L$).
Antlers: "Springtime Antlers" by LaNoirSoleil - these flowery antlers (that come together with a HUD that allows you to adjust the colour of the antlers, the beads and the flowers as well) will be available soon at a new event called "Kensington Gardens", where LaNoirSoleil will be one of the three guest designers. The event opened on May 7th. I know the FF is keeping you busy, but yet... hop over there for a short visit,
Hair: "Roosje" in Light Brown by Mina Hair - this hair fatpack is a special gift from the currently running Enchantment event. In order to get it you have to purchase one item from the participating designers, then visit the other shops to have your special gift card stamped... for the hows and whys, please visit the event homepage where you find the accurate and detailed instructions. Thank you for your understanding. :)
Eyes: Dragon Eyes "Blue Shards" by Sterling Artistry (85 L$).
Pose: Fantasy Pose 44 by Musa, available in The Sanctum at the Fantasy Faire (30 L$ for a single pose, and 200 L$ for a fatpack of 10 poses).

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Faery Court - Fantasy Faire 2014 - Why I Relay

Faery Court1 The Faery Court had emerged from the crystalline waters at the turn of the new moon. It could not last long in the world of mortals, their disbelief wore away at it,scale and wing. It would fade once more before it was in tatters. While it lasted its unearthly beauty would be seen by those daring or unselfish enough to venture there. Not all who came did so with the intention of doing good, some fuelled by greed and the desire only to obtain... but these were the minority. Even a Fae as cynical as Vespyra knew that.
Faery Court2

Cynical may after all be too harsh a term to describe her, she had been hurt, deeply, time and again by the losses in the world. Those she saw and felt taken too soon. When her realm slid seamlessly into that of mortal folk, she felt it all the more keenly, yet still she came. She came as here, there was the only hope. Here was the only proof that each void left by a loved one gone would eventually be filled with light, the pain draining as rainfall back to the sea, the remaining space swelling with love and care which never died. For each adventurer visiting the court for personal gain, there were hundreds more walking to a different beat, their hearts filled with longing for something unobtainable, each with a will to fight what seemed impossible. Battles had been lost along the way, and sadly there would be more to come. The fight was what mattered, eventually the war would be won.
Faery Court3
Memories would linger on. Though those of pain and loss were freshest, others would endure far longer. Glimpses of lives played out like movie reels, seconds lasting lifetimes in the hearts and minds of those left behind. Mourning the loss would always be part, as for the rest, celebrate and dance.

One of the Blogger challenges this year for those of us covering the Fantasy Faire is 'Why I Relay'. This is not one I thought I would try, but here I am anyway. I had been exceptionally lucky in life, to have never really been affected by cancer. Those in the family who may have had, or even died from the disease were distant, not really people I knew at all. In the past few years this has changed. My Aunt found a lump, faced and fought everything that followed so bravely. Her fight came to an end so suddenly, that even six months on, it's a surprise and a shock that she isn't there. While in Second Life, the Fantasy Faire Relay for Life is associated with the American Cancer Society, Relay is now active in 20 countries, including my patch of earth with Cancer Research UK. No matter where in the world you find yourself, money going to research to beat this disease can only be a good thing. The sooner we stop losing loved ones the better. This has been my first Faire since losing my Aunt, and it has been emotional. I can't thank the creators enough for the amazing items they put up in their Relay for Life vendors - from which all proceeds go to the charity. I've covered the event for three years now, the cause has always been important. Now, it's personal.

Skin : Niekra's Dreams - Hope Skin Female Dark Violet (3 shades in pack) L$ 499 RFL Item
Tattoo : Folly - Tintable Glaze - Filigree - Medium L$ 100
Unrigged mesh hair created for the Fantasy Faire.The Fantasy HUD for this hair has 9 colour options and is the RFL item, here I've also obtained the 'Blends' HUD - same price, 9 more options one of which is pictured above. 
Horns : [LNS Designs]   TESLA VORTEX HORNS  L$ 147
Animated mesh horns.  Touching them turns on / off the energy. LOVE the colour.
The RFL item is the 'Sunrise' colour option - here worn is 'Dark Skies'

Pauldrons : Folly - Mother of Dragons - RFL Edition Set (Set contains 28 items) L$ 1000 RFL item
The Mother of Dragons special edition set for RFL has 3 metal and 12 gemstone options with exclusive colours.
Gown : *SSK* RFL Special Edition Moroi Ensemble  L$ 149  RFL Item
Special edition colour for the Fantasy Faire.

We have been so lucky with items donated by creators. I've had the pleasure of meeting several face to face during the course of the Faire, their generosity is a little overwhelming at times. Thank you all so much!!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Minoan

The sun was setting and the first torches were already lit. The High Priestess adjusted the last fold of her heavy ceremonial dress. She felt the weight of the ancient crown on her forehead and the weight of duty on her shoulders. The latter was much, much heavier, she thought. She also took the golden sceptre... although it was a mere symbol and not a real source of power, but the ceremonial rules required her to carry it anyway. She sighed and closed her eyes for a moment... then she was ready to enter the Labyrinth. The Minotaur was waiting in the dark.
Fantasy Faire 2014 - Minoan

Those two pointy-eared guys at 22769 did it again! I was already squeaking with glee when I could see their creations at the last Fantasy Faire (I'm still in love with those elven ears...), and now I'm amazed how their mastery in fantasy art has developed in a year. They were already excellent at making modern clothing and furniture; now, in an eyeblink, they conjure up shoulder pet dragons and spectacular crowns from nothing. Paco and Manuel, I soo told you that you must continue with your fantasy line... it's an absolute success, you urban elves. :)
Dress: "Chloris" in Green by 22769, also available in Red and Purple. The RFL donation item is the special purple-and-white version of the Chloris dress, available at Hope's Horizon (250 L$).
Crown: "High Council Crown" in Iron by 22769. This magnificent headgear is also available at the Faire in Gold and Bronze (135 L$).
Necklace: "Apala" by Finesmith, an old Runway Perfect Hunt gift, not available any more.
Skin: The Plastik - Astrali "Io" by The Plastik, another great skin from the Astrali series that has 100 (!) different tones in 3 categories. During the Fantasy Faire you can visit The Plastik at The Faery Court; the full range of the Astrali skins is however available in the main shop (999 L$ for a single colour pack with lots of tattoo layers and appliers).
Eyes: Dragon Eyes "Sage Wisdom" by Sterling Artistry (85 L$).
Staff: Snoodle's Inferno Fire Staff Version 3 - a RFL donation item (149 L$). I confess I didn't know anything about Yap Snoodle until he sent me a polite message - which is very nice, coming from a practising goblin :) -, asking me whether I was interested in blogging about his goodies. When I received the Inferno Fire Staff I was quite happy I had said yes. It is a pretty mixture of moving and fixed parts, and it can be much more than an accessory, as the staff also allows to be scripted for combat. Yap's tent, full of interesting gizmos, is at Mourningvale Thicket - definitely worth a visit!
Pose: "Symmetry" by HelaMiyo, and old and absolute favourite (25 L$ for a single pose, 100 L$ for a pack of five poses).

Monday, May 5, 2014

Palace of Tears - Fantasy Faire Quest 2014 (No Spoilers!)

The dull ache in my head was what had woken me... or was it the damp? Lying here I was becoming more aware of both with each passing moment. Drinking with the Fairefolk? I should have known better.
"Oh gods..." I moaned, right hand rising to press against my temples, fingers and thumb massaging slow circles as my left explored my surroundings, sliding through sodden grass into a pool of water, emerging with, of all things, a toad. Its skin was slimy and cool beneath my touch. A soft smile curled the corners of my lips, despite the pounding in my head, as I couldn't be too far from home after all. Opening my eyes however, I had no memory of this place.
Bringing the toad closer, the soft scales of of my own skin reflected in its swamp black eyes, I kissed it gently. Long moments we regarded each other, neither of us shifting form to match the other, no fairytale romance this time. Bending to return my latest non-prince to the marshy ground, writing etched on the back on my hand swam in and out of focus. Blinking, I tried hard to clear my head, finally able to read what was scrawled there... It, and other details of the previous night came flooding back.
"The Jolly Crocodile..." A sigh escaped my lips as memory returned in painful swallows. I would have to go back. I had unfinished business with a human there, one who had been propping up the bar all night.
"Aloysius Fimbleby."
Fimbleby had matched me, and others of the crowd drink for drink that night. There was something about him though, something I couldn't quite put my finger on. Perhaps it had after all been water in those bottles he drank. As the hours went by, he seemed at least as sober as when I had arrived while I was certainly not. There had been something about a bet, a wager or challenge? I had to head back to the area near the bar to find out what I had let myself in for. Something floated up from the depths of memory just as my bare feet stepped from marsh to sand, Fimbleby's voice echoing in my ears. A clue... A bargain had clearly been struck last night.
Walking through the dunes, feeling eyes upon me, I felt somehow this barfly was able to see my every move. Perhaps he was. Following the clue, I searched the surrounding area for what it could mean. As I came upon what I felt for sure was the answer, snapping my fingers and naming it aloud in triumph, my voice was answered by Fimbleby's as though we had been in conversation all along. There were clues, he said, clues he would give if I journeyed throughout the Fairelands. All riddles had to be answered and only if I succeeded would he give me a golden key. Of what this key would open he gave no hint, other than it would be worth my while. How could I refuse? I had already begun...
The Palace of Tears is this year's immersive hunt at the Fantasy Faire.
You can purchase the HUD at the landing point of any of the Faire SIMS for L$250. The HUD will tell you in local chat exactly what you need to do, and where you should head. There are cut scenes as well as inworld text, which can pop up in your SL viewer, or externally on youtube. Each SIM of the Fantasy Faire has it's own riddle for you to solve - I've made sure not to include any spoilers here! Once you have solved them all, you are ready for Part Two - which should go live today at noon SLT.
My favourite thing about these hunts is that they truly showcase the amazing work of the SIM creators. Shopping can get a bit tunnel vision, even in these surroundings. This quest ensures everyone taking part really sees each location, and can appreciate all the hard work put in to make them so beautiful. The images here were taken at Fairelands Junction Wiggenstead Mooring  Asperatus

All items below are in Relay For Life vendors.

Skin : Niekra's Dreams - Hope Skin Female - Light Violet (three shades in pack) L$ 499
Tattoo :  :[Even~Tide]:  Mer Scales Pastel - Lilac (five colours in pack)  L$ 75 
Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Darienne Mesh Hair (Boobs) - Crystal Violet  (three shades in pack) L$ 200
Eyes :  !Musa! Opal Eyes RFL3 (three shades in pack)  L$ 150 
Crown : . a i s l i n g . Sumiana Crown -Ice- (crown and collar) L$ 250 
Gown : Evie's Closet - Ceridwen Gown RFL 2014  L$ 375

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Twilight Huntress

The most dangerous beast come out to hunt at twilight. She knew that since she had been born. Her mother taught her well. The noises, the smells, the slight changes in the air ... foreboding and also forewarning signs for a huntress. She prickled her ears. Could that be... an Amphisbaena? No, she should have heard some soft hissing if it were. And those shadows? Just some tree branches, or... were they antlers? Maybe a Peryton...? She took a deep breath and began her long and patient stalking after the magnificient creature.

Fantasy Faire 2014 - Twilight Huntress
The list of designers participating at this year's Fantasy Faire is more than impressive, and a pleasure to read... so many old friends and acquaintances, and so many new creators that all offer their lovingly crafted pieces for a good cause!

Dress: Red Queen "Lioness" by The Library - RFL donation item available at Hope's Horizon (300 L$). I knew of the Medieval and fantasy dresses designed by Dreamfantasia Nightfire but (shame on me...) this is the first time I've ever bought one of her works.
Mask: Gold "Alato" Mask by Illusions - RFL donation item available at Sanctum (95 L$). Another beautiful piece by The Mask Lady, Siyu Suen.
Necklace: "Nyx" in Gunmetal by Sax Shepherd Designs - part of the Nyx fantasy jewellery set available at Hope's Horizon (499 L$). Thank you for the blogger pack, Sax, I didn't know your art went well beyond those lovely shoes... shame on me, again.
Skin: The Plastik - Astrali "Orion" by The Plastik. This set of skins is not a RFL donation item, but in the shop of The Plastik at The Faery Court you can admire (and, of course, buy) the new Asaia skins, designed just for the Faire. Vae, aka Aikea Rieko also offers you the Vynn Horns, the Malei Earrings and the Lys Circlets, each and every piece being created with amazing art and care.
Horns: Chained Horns in Black by LaNoirSoleil - RFL donation item available at Wiggenstead Mooring (247 L$). Caresia, thank you so much for the wonderful goodies, I'm sure I'm going to be a horned SL being for a long time! LNS is a recent discovery for me, and I'm already a fan of your headpieces.
Hair:"Mientje" in Black by Mina Hair - 250 L$ for a fatpack of 5 different black shades.
Eyes: Dragon Eyes "Golden Sight" by Sterling Artistry (85 L$). Silverr Andel has been absent from SL for quite a while, and he's not attending the Faire either... which is a great loss for all of us.
Staff: Aura Staff in Gold by The Forge - gacha prize (50 L$ per play). The staff is not among the RFL items, but it is worth checking out the shop of The Forge at Asperatus for some other awesome pieces.
Pose: RFL Pose 2 by Musa (shown here without the glowing orbs that also make part of the pose pack) - RFL donation item available at Sanctum (80 L$). Filomena, thank you for the blogger pack, I always use your poses with pleasure!

The picture was taken at Mourningvale Thicket.