Saturday, July 23, 2011

Paisley perfect


I do love pattern and confess that Paisley has always been a favorite of mine, I even covered my school bag in paisley drawings as a youth! and so I was delighted to have grabbed these fantastic Swedish clogs which are currently on promotion at 22769 for today only - 10L can you believe it?!  go grab them quick! oh but there is such a wonderful selection to choose from you won't be able to decide but I know they are going to be this summers 'must have' item!

This shorts jumpsuit which just so happens to also be emblazoned with paisley is a current favorite of mine too, oh how I wish I could wear this in RL! however my nubby legs are just not for displaying.

Oh and the earrings got to love these! they are from BRB and are a hunt item at Poupee hunt < check out the link for lm's & hints (you're looking for a little red doll).

Skin: 75L - Pollon - summer pink by AL Vulo @ > The Fashion Garret
Eyeshadow: 0L - The Seasons Hunt item > Cheap makeup
Earrings: 0L - Poupee hunt item > BRB
Outfit: 400L - Fly  > Vero Modero
shoes: 10L (Saturday only) Swedish clog - Paisley > 22769
Pose: 55L - Bella Angelica > Lauria

Friday, July 22, 2011


Amunent was proud. Not as proud as she could have been but proud. It was not really surprising as she was the most important priestess in the whole land. She served Isis nearly her whole life. First she still had lived with her family and went to the temple every day. But since she was eight years old she lived in the temple. Her grandmother had been the high priestess of Isis and Amunent was supposed to have the same position one day. Of course she needed to pass the test. But she did very well. The moonplate started to glow as soon as she was wearing the holy headdress.
Isis horns I
The idea to create horns which look like the ones Isis has is great in my opinion. These horns have been created by gilded. They could be worn with or without the pearlheaddress. The moon between the horns glows. As the horns are mod it is possible to change their size or to tint them. The outfit on the pictures comes from Ezura. I blogged the black version some time ago. This is the white tintable version of it.

Horns: gilded: Tintable Isis Horns and Headdress (250 L$)
Outfit: + eX + Avant Garde E.T. Outfit *White Set (308 L$)

[lp2 - free for you]

This lovely, comfortable chair is the current in-store group freebie from LP2 Interior.

[lp2 - free for you]

With merely 5 prims (shadow included) and 5 scripted sits it's nothing you'd want to miss out on! Once you're there, have a look around and admire all the beautiful, affordable and low-prim items there, it's one of my favourite furniture stores and well-worth a visit.

Chair: ++LP2++ - Lounge Chair 150 GG (group is free to join)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

And finally I get to blog.....

I've had a few things lurking in my inventory for a while that I wanted to blog, however I've either not fund the right outfit to wear it with etc. On this occasion it was the tattoo mostly, I've sifted through my poses and never stumbled across one that shows my back sufficiently well enough to show the tattoo.

Well when I managed to convince my dear friend Fooki into posing for some pics with me I thought it the perfect opportunity to use the couples pose that I picked up at the perfect couples hunt, but sadly that hunt is long gone so the pose is no longer available, however I do love Magnifiques poses and there are some really amazing couples poses in store so it's worth a look.

More pics to come in which I convince Fooki to pose (well he is good to look at afterall). Love these boardy denims which I've had for ages! I'm glad to see they are still available too, great detailing for realistic looking denim & I do so love Boho's stuff!

Tattoo: 0L - group gift - geisha tattoo > IrEn
Shorts: 125L - Long weekend board shorts - Original denim > Boho
Pose: Previous hunt item (tsk just when I get someone to pose with me the blinkin hunt is over!) similar fantastic poses available > Magnifique poses

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In Which Sian Is Purple and Shiny

For a while, Sian was into rubber. Although she doesn't wear so much as she used to, she does enjoy breaking out the latex, especially the Elixir latex, from time to time.

elixir latex
Sian wears:
Collar: [Glam Affair] Moscow
Shoulders: [Glam Affair] Intima Niu
Gloves: [Elixir] Queria Violet
Trousers: [Elixir] Latex Ripsters Violet/Blue
Top: [Elixir] Renegade Vest Violet
Boots: [Abyss] Stompers (recoloured)


She got ready in the morning. As always she used the stairs for some stretching. Her sword was too long for her but she never cared about that.
ready to fight
She was a freelance bodyguard since she was 15. Some of her clients hoped that she would be a freelance hooker as well but she was good in teaching them that she wasn't that at all. The wives of her clients would even have said that she was brilliant in it.
in the narrow pathes
She found her clients in the narrow streets of her hometown. Owners of small stores, worried mothers who wanted that their children got home save from school and now and then she even helped old people who mainly wanted somebody who carried their shopping, but it was still a job.
Wanting some food
The nights she spend often waiting in corners. This was the time she worked in her other job which had nothing to do with protecting people at all.
I like the Class Uniform in black from Bubblez Design a lot. And was not able not to fall the white version of it. It comes with gloves and black socks. The Collar is held by a red bow.
The katana comes from Kimagawa. It works with CCS as well as with DCS. I love the elegance of the design. The pattern on the handle is just beautiful. The sheath has some ropes wrapped around it and there are pattern on gold inserted into the wood.
I combined the uniform with the CL hair from Magika. It is available in many colours and has those great streak options as all new hairs from Magika. The cut is asymetric and it looks like long hair which has been put into a ponytail and then wrapped over the side of the head. Because of its length or lack in length its great for pictures. Short hair makes is comfy as its not needed to take care to look all the time if it does not stick into the body or into prims. The set includes also a mirrored version. I bought the fatpack which contains 40 colours. Of course it is also possible to buy the colourpacks.
new hair
Uniform: BB - VK Night Class Uniform (275L)
Hair: Magika Hair // CL (499 L$ for the fatpack or 199 L$ for one colour)
Katana: Shiden By Wismerhill Kimagawa (930 L$)

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Default me

I  love this look so much that I made it my default look , so if you see me round and about in SL you'll most likely see me wearing this! so just a quick tip and i'm sure most of you know it & will sigh but just incase someone doesn't it's handy to make a default folder of your favorite look, so when you're faffing about playing dolly dress up & you don't like what you've done you can go back to the 'old me' in the click of a button!

Simply go to appearance then down to the bottom of the page where it says make outfit click on that, a series of box will appear , make sure all of those are ticked , rename your folder and of course mine is renamed default fauna, save and hey presto job is done! I hope you like all these items as much as I do

Skin: 0L - The seasons hunt item > AddiCt
Eyes: 50L - Homesick eyes - Prague > Vision eyes by A.S.S
Hair: 35L - gatcha item- raio - pure white > Heart softens
Black eyeliner: 10L - Black eyeliner > Vel
Hair accessory : 0L - The seasons hunt item > Clawtooth
Top: 25L - Trapped in the 60's top > Diapop
Scarf: 75L ( for 3 pack)  Floret scarf - Khaki > Jane
Jeans: 60L - Trash jeans - splattered > Graffitiwear
Belt: 0L - luckyboard item > Muu Workshop
Shoes: 299L - Multi texture vintage flats > Urban warehouse

Monday, July 18, 2011

Gifts from a Dragon

She had loved the dragon and his gifts. And this year his gift had been amazing. The dragon molted all twelve years and this year he had choosen her to give her his old skin. Thin scales covered it and it was nearly sheer. She was impressed.
Dragonscale dress II
Even more when she realized how stable it was. It was the perfect material for a dress which would be stunning but at the same time more protecting than a thick armor made of metal. She needed some time to make a fitting belt and a collar out of a meteorite. But at the end the dress was perfect. The dragon was content when seeing it. He was a very good and useful friend. And one virgin a year in exchange for his friendship was not a too high price in her opinion.
Dragonscale dress I
The dragonskin gown is one of the latest releases from Adam n Eve. As typical for outfits from this store it is possible to wear it in many ways. The set includes two kinds of skirts a wide and a narrow one. The bra comes either as full bra or with one side of it pulled down so that one breast is not covered. It is also possible to wear the top, which looks like waves made of scales, to wear without the bra under it. The pants which are worn under the skirt come in a long and in a panties version. All systemparts come on all layers. And it was easy to make the skirt fit even my not so tall avatar. The dress is available in several colours and it is also possible to buy all those colours at once in a fatpack. The skin I used for the pictures also comes from Adam n Eve it is the Victoria Skin in sunkissed. I love the elegance of the face of this skin. The shading of the body and the face is perfect. The skin comes with many makeups, eyebrows and pubic hair options on the tattooo layer and includes also several manicure and pedicure options on the glove and the sock layer. The makeup on the picture is not included in the skin but one of my favourite makeups. It also comes from Adam n Eve and looks like there would be little flowers painted around the eyes.
Dragonscale dress III
Dress: Adam n Eve Clothes - Dragonskin Gown Gold (600 L$ or the fatpack with 6 colours for 2400 L$)LinkSkin: Adam n Eve Skins - Victoria Sunkissed (1800 L$)
Makeup: Adam n Eve Eye Tattoo Flourished (100 L$)

The pictures have been taken at Thinis.

Sunday, July 17, 2011

The gallery gift shop

There are so many great  themed events going on in SL & I often wonder  how people just know about these things, more often than not I just happen to find out by chance & so when I do I want to share it. Well here are a couple of my finds, firstly I want to mention the eyes aren't they amazing! well they're from Sterling Artistry (yes Dagmars favourite eye store) which have a weekly deal offering a pair of eyes for 10L, so this particular pair won't be around long but you'll be sure to pick up another equally wonderful pair for a bargain price.

Next is The Gallery gift shop, where a whole load of designers/ artists display their goods which gets rotated on a monthly basis. There is a whole host of different things there and  you won't find them in the sellers own stores. I especially like this outfit from 22769 (male version available too) in particular the cuffs, I love that kind of detail!

Then last but not least the seasons hunt i'm sure you're all well aware of this one (you're looking  for a shark), I've been waiting to do this hunt with a lovely friend but we keep missing each other, so I sneakily picked up a couple of the hunt items already, shhh don't tell her! anyway please check this link for the store listings & landmarks. Have fun....

Skin: 0L - luckyboard item - Namhee > Mother Goose's
Eyes: 10L -  mystery eyes - enigmatic gray > Sterling artistry
Eye makeup: 0L  The Seasons hunt item > Cheap makeup
Hat: 0L - The Seasons hunt item > NuDoLu
Hair: 225L - Bunny - Babelicious brunettes > Sugarsmack
outfit:120L - Denim skirt outfit > 22769
Bag: 0L The seasons hunt item > Berries Inc

Unicorn Plague

Daewyn was surprised when suddenly an unicorn appeared in front of him. He had seen something white walk through the gras but he thought it would be a very big sheep. But then it stood in front of him. The hooves making nearly now sounds. The animal seemed to glow. And it walked closer to Daewyn bowing its head in front of him. Daewyn did not know what else to do than starting to stroke the head of the unicorn. Caressing its fur playing with streaks of its mane. He was surprised how much he liked the feeling he had when stroking the unicorn.
The unicorn and the gold boot warrior
Daewyn had heared about unicorns but he supposed that they would not exist anymore. He had learened that they would be as mystical creatures as Dodos. So being curious he started to read and then he started to blush. Although the skin of his kin was dark and covered with scales he knew that his cheeks were glowing like a fire in the middle of the night. It had felt good to stroke the unicorn but he knew that if anybody would see it with him that person would know the secret he was hiding for ages. Daewyn was virgin.
Elf in golden boots
It was hard enough that some people laughed about his love for well made battle boots. He had more than one pair of boots, which made him to a collector of boots in their opinion, as a
decent warrior was supposed to have only one pair of boots. Nobody cared about the fact that he was the only guy in the army who had no athlete's foot. They prefered to laugh about the three pairs of boots he owned. And now they would know that he was a virgin. Daewyn hoped that the unicorn would not visit him again. But the unicorn did not share his hopes. It visited him again as virgins were rare and it liked being stroked. Of course he had not planed to be a virgin. Being very young when joining the army it was difficult to meet decent women while he was traveling from battle to battle. He could have gone to prostitutes as the other soldiers but in his opinion this was wrong.
gold boot with unicorn
Daewyn was desperate. Being proud he did not want to be mocked at by his companions but the unicorn started to come around everyday. When one of the other soldiers found footsteps of it, Daewyn decided to leave the army. His plans were to go back to his lair supposing that the unicorn would not follow him to the cold north. So he quit the army. He was not to sad about having to do that. He had been much longer in the army than he had planed anyways and only because he enjoyed the fighting so much. So he went on the journey to get home again. But of course the unicorn followed him. In the following time it caused a lot of trouble especially when Daewyn talked to women he liked.
Virgin Elfwarrior
The Niberath boots from Wasabi Pills come in a set which contains them in three colours. They are well sculpted and have of course an resize script. It is amazing how martial and beautiful they look at the same time. But this is a general attribute of all the armours from Wasabi Pills. When looking closer at the boots the little flourish decorations are seeable which have been carved into them. For the pictures I combined the boots with parts of the white death armour and the Thalion hair from the same store. The unicorn is available at Studio Sidhe. It comes with several inbuild poses but it is also possible to use it just as an element of a picture.
wasabi pills boots

Boots: /Wasabi Pills/ Niberath Boots (250 L$)
Armor: /Wasabi Pills/ White Death Armor (1200 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Thalion Hair (1500 L$ Fatpack or 250 L$ one colourpack)
Skin: SCALES xy +Fallen Gods Inc.+SKIN+ TERRA arkanum (990 L$)
Shape: DECLAN Shape [CS Shapes] (749 L$)
Unicorn: :+:SS:+: Unicorn Pose Prop (600 L$)