Wednesday, July 20, 2011


She got ready in the morning. As always she used the stairs for some stretching. Her sword was too long for her but she never cared about that.
ready to fight
She was a freelance bodyguard since she was 15. Some of her clients hoped that she would be a freelance hooker as well but she was good in teaching them that she wasn't that at all. The wives of her clients would even have said that she was brilliant in it.
in the narrow pathes
She found her clients in the narrow streets of her hometown. Owners of small stores, worried mothers who wanted that their children got home save from school and now and then she even helped old people who mainly wanted somebody who carried their shopping, but it was still a job.
Wanting some food
The nights she spend often waiting in corners. This was the time she worked in her other job which had nothing to do with protecting people at all.
I like the Class Uniform in black from Bubblez Design a lot. And was not able not to fall the white version of it. It comes with gloves and black socks. The Collar is held by a red bow.
The katana comes from Kimagawa. It works with CCS as well as with DCS. I love the elegance of the design. The pattern on the handle is just beautiful. The sheath has some ropes wrapped around it and there are pattern on gold inserted into the wood.
I combined the uniform with the CL hair from Magika. It is available in many colours and has those great streak options as all new hairs from Magika. The cut is asymetric and it looks like long hair which has been put into a ponytail and then wrapped over the side of the head. Because of its length or lack in length its great for pictures. Short hair makes is comfy as its not needed to take care to look all the time if it does not stick into the body or into prims. The set includes also a mirrored version. I bought the fatpack which contains 40 colours. Of course it is also possible to buy the colourpacks.
new hair
Uniform: BB - VK Night Class Uniform (275L)
Hair: Magika Hair // CL (499 L$ for the fatpack or 199 L$ for one colour)
Katana: Shiden By Wismerhill Kimagawa (930 L$)

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