Saturday, May 28, 2011

[switching to ginger... and boobs]

Ever since my fellow blogger Dagmar introduced the "Switch your gender for 0 Linden"-challenge, I have been snooping around for nice looking items to create a female avatar, and here she is: Darla, the ginger-haired summer fairy - or at least that is what she reminded me of, even without wings.


The skin was easily found and is a prize of one of the 28 (!) Lucky Boards at Mother Goose's. Most of the skins you can win there are female, but the owner, Milok Hermit, always makes sure to have some male items around as well. Since I hardly ever like the pre-made shapes floating around on the grid, I made one on my own to match the skin, and you can scoop it up in the Eclectic Equations group for free. ::Umedama Holic:: was the provider of Darla's eyes; they have a really stunning, realistic look and seem to be a permanent freebie in store. Hairwise, Exile is the place to go to collect a wide variety of female (and male) styles for free, and they all come in fatpacks, too!


At *ICING* I discovered this pretty, summery dress for 0 L$, and there are two additional garments, shoes, and a couple of other freebies to be found in their "freebie wardrobe" in store. Joining the Maitreya subscribo will bless you with a fatpack of the lovely pumps Darla is wearing, and last, but not least, the marketplace helped me with the accessoires: the light-pink nailpolish is a gift from BabyPrincess, and the subtle looking pearl necklace an offer from Curious Kitties!

Skin: .::Mother Goose's::. - HENA(2) (Lucky Board prize)
Hair: Exile - Ali (free fatpack in store)
Eyes: ::UH:: - GemStone eye G04 (free in store)
Shape: [EE] Darla for Mother Goose's HENA (2) (free in the notice archive)

Dress: *ICING* - Pizzicato Poppies (free in store)
Shoes: Maitreya - Group Gift Pumps (free fatpack when joining the subscribo)
Necklace: *C:K* - Simple Pearl Necklace (free at the marketplace)
Nailpolish: BabyPrincess - Pink nails (free at the marketplace)

Short, shorter, a:s:s

She was standing insecure in a club. Of course she was very secure about her outfit. It was perfect it unveiled nearly everything but all needed parts were still covered. But she was really insecure about the music. Was she there at the right time? She was not sure if she was dressed correctly for traditional german music. Luckily they also had german beer at the club.
jaunty ass for girls

The jaunty sale jackets from a:s:s are great and it was simply to tempting to test how they look on a female avatar. And they look great on women in my opinion. Of course it is needed to wear pasties but this lets them look just hotter. The trousers are also from a:s:s. The hair is the latest hair from Wasabi Pills. It is available in several colours and has a very cute cut.

Top: A:S:S - Rubber jacket Black (49 L$)
Trousers: A:S:S - Zipper pants - black (75 $)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Vicky Hair - Orchid (250 L$ one colour pack)

Friday, May 27, 2011

In Which Sian Is Spiky

Bad Girl

a.e.meth's new spiked leather jacket, out this week, is cheap and low-fi. Sian is already very fond of it.

[a.e.meth] Spiked Jacket L$230

Shades: [sYs] Evangelia Sunglasses L$240
Trousers: [Elixir] Latex Ripsters White L$200
Collar: [RI] White Rubber Collar (modded)
Nails, piercings, jewels: Sian's own

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jaunty Guys

Despite his name Fritz was a cool dj. People danced to the music he choosed all over the world. After the parties he was normaly the first who was awake again. He didn't take drugs his drug was music.
22769 jaunty outfit 2
The Jaunty sale is will end at Saturday so its time to rush to get some of the outfits. Its a 49 Linden sale for items for guys. The one on the upper picture is from 22769. The shorts are colouful and look like being made of corduroy. The tanktop with the star comes on several layers.
22769 jaunty outfit 1
22769 sell two outfits in the jauntysale. The blue shirt with the capri jeans is the second. The shirt is elegant and easy at the same time. In my opinion its worth to get the outfit also just because of the shirt combined with elegant trousers it will work great to go on a date wearing it. The wrapped up sleeves are made of prims - the ones of the shirt and the trousers - and also the collar and the buttom of the shirt are made of prims. All those parts are mod.
american bazar jaunty sale
American Bazar put a beige shirt with jeans into the sale. The jeans look a bit torn and are shaded in a way which makes them look skintight at the upper part. The flares are sculpted. Of course the V-neck shirt comes on several layers.
jaunty ass
A:S:S put very short rubber jackets into the sale. They come with collar and cuffs made of prims. Those parts contain of course a resize script. Worn with pasties under them the jackets look also great on females.
jaunty ass all colours
The jacket is available in four colours in the sale. Burgundy, Black, Blue and Purple. It is amazing how well the designer manages to shade black items. I suppose that black and white items are really tricky to create because the colours easily look plain.
acid and mala jaunty sale shirt
Acid & Mala put a set of shirts into the sale. Those shirts are shaded for guys so they won't work on female avatars and have a flowerish skull on the front. The set includes the shirt in three shades of grey always with a skull in an other colour on the front.
acid and mala jaunty sale shirts
Star Tanktop and striped trousers: 22769 ~ Jaunty Outfit 2 49L$ Sale for Dudes (49 L$)
Blue shirt and Capri Jeans: 22769 ~ Jaunty Outfit 1 49L$ Sale for Dudes (49 L$)
Jeans and V-Neck shirt: [AmericanBazaar] 49Lsalefordudesmay (49 L$)
Rubber Jackets: A:S:S - Rubber jacket (available in Red, Black, Blue and Purple each 49 L$)
Skull Shirts: .:A&M:. Sugar Skull Tee - 49l Sale For Dudes (49 L$)

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Fashion by accident


Well todays post is inspired by a little mishap I had it SL yesterday (see my plurk link for details) and In this post I have overloaded on various textures but I still think it works. For me having everything so colour matched and co-ordinated often doesn't seem right. I love an eclectic mix, so lucky for me that that many styles at the moment embrace that, so what if your footwear doesn't match your handbag? so what if textures and colours clash? it may not work for you but there may be elements of the look that might do.

 If you're confident about what you wear that comes across, if you've heard the statement "it's not what you wear it's how you wear it" then you'll know what I mean. I'm sure you'll all know someone that just seems to be able to throw anything on, even if it does break many fashion rules and still look amazing gah! to them hehe but this is SL so have fun with it! Oh and by the way the top & shorts is a little preview of an amazing outfit you'll be able to pick up in the Depraved summer nights hunt which starts 1st June, but it's a good excuse to check out the cute items in store beforehand.

Skin: 0L luckychair - Lae skin > The oBscene
Hair: 0L - luckyboard > KMH
Hat: Was a previous group gift but other Fedoras can be bought here for a little as 68L > Oompa
Top & shorts: 0L depraved summer nights hunt gift ( hunt starts 1st June)  > AMERICAN BAZAAR
Scarf: 0L pch hunt item > Kucinta
Bracelets : 100L pair of black leather bracelets > Legit
Belt: 185L Deco knot belt - silver > Eclectica
Boots:199L  do se do cowboy boots > Le Poppycock
Doughnut: 0L luckyboard item > DownDownDown


Sina spent her life floating through the forest and over the meadows. She knew how to dance on a flower and how to spread fairy dust. But she was also very curious and when she once saw a sleeping demon in the woods she wasn t able to resist and kissed him. Since that her life became a bit strange.
Demonfairy in normal light II
Not soon after she had kissed the demon horns started to grow out of her head. First she tried to hide them. She told her friends that she would have started to wear twigs on her head. Some fairies liked that idea and started to wear twigs on their head.
floating demon Fairy
But when she started to grow a tail she supposed that she would get into trouble. It was getting more and more tricky to hide her transformations. So she told her fellow fairies that she had found a way to let herself grow a tail. Of course she did not speak about how her mind changed. She was still able to dance on flowers and also to spread fairy dust but somehow everything she touched was corrupted.
Demonfairy fighting against the wind
Sina didn't mind it. For her the flowers and the beings around her just became more beautiful with every touch of her. They became more like her. And this was what she wanted now. Everything should be like her. She only wasn't happy that it took so long to change everybody and everything. But when she went to the spring she got a slight idea about how to speed up the process.
Demonfairy getting some water
A reader told me about the midnight mania at. The gift is a complete sucubus avatar. I liked the tail, the horns and the rings best of the avatar so I used them together with the crystal fairy skin from Fallen Gods Inc. and wings from Material Squirell to put a demonfairy avatar together. The fitting hair comes from Wasabi Pills. The wings are a relay for life donation item. They have been sold at the fantasy faire but Kala, the owner of Material Squirell decided to put them into the store until the Relay for Life season 2011 ends. That means they are only available for a limited time. The wings are sold in packs which contain several colours of them. For all the pictures exept the one at the spring I used the Forest Dryad AO from Creative Insanity. Its a great ao for fairies and other flying beings. On the 2nd, 3rd and 4th picture the skin looks like it would be actually the violet crystal Fae skin. This is caused by the windlight setting I choosed for the pictures.

Tail, Horns, Ring: Milly & Anubis Succubus Store : PRIZE-Blood Mist Armor Set (0 L$)
Skin: CRYSTAL female +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Azure (one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$.)
Wings: Melody Wings - Romantic Pastels Pack by Material Squirrel Wings (299 L$ RfL donation item)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Maeve Hair - (250 L$ for one colour pack or 1500 L$ for all colours)
Poses on Picture 1,2,3: ## CI ## Forest Nymph AO (400 L$)

In Which Sian Confesses She Hasn't Actually Seen Tron: Legacy

Sian hasn't seen Tron: Legacy. There. It's said. She's not actually bothered about that. But she loved the design. Sian spent weeks collecting pictures of the rubber-clad blonde Siren Gem, of Olivia Wilde's lovely Quorra, and wondered if there'd be costumes styled on the film in SL.

Silly. Before the film was even released, SL designers — loads and loads of them — had created Tron-themed outfits and Tron-themed sims. There. are. dozens. out there. Here are nine of them. And we're just scratching the surface. Sian didn't review, for instance, the Bare Rose sets (they do one based on the old movie as well as an up-to-date one) or the Karu Karu sets.

In all the pictures, Sian's collars, tattoos, earphones and jewellery are her own; she's wearing Miamai's NoAlpha Lashes 2 (L$150), various makeups by Nuuna, and you can't buy the eyes anymore (sorry). She's wearing the PXL Linda G3 Dark skins, the Pale Lips and Wine Lips variations (L$1000, L$900 for group members) — and in the inset pics, the LionSkins Nova Dark 8 skin.

Sian hardly ever wears hair. She likes being bald. She has a little bit of a thing for being bald. Besides, it tickles when it's windy.

The epic Tron blog #1

Catsuit: [Sassy!] Cyber Siren Military Green (L$0 Dark Future Hunt gift)
Boots: [Neurolab] Activa Black Electro L$650

This is the same outift Sian blogged a few days ago. Sian's only a tiny bit sorry about that. She thought she'd include it for completeness' sake.

Besides, Sian loves this outfit. The textures are beautifully designed, it's obviously inspired by the film rather than just copied, and it's free! But only for a week or two more. Grab it while you can.

The epic Tron blog #2

Catsuit: [Grafosyakuza Shop] Suit Siren Program L$100
Boots: [Neurolab] Activa White Electro L$650

The Marketplace had a hiccup when Sian ordered this, and before she could contact the seller, he'd already given it for free and wouldn't take her money.

This outfit has a lot going for it: the light textures are separate layers, and tintable. It includes sculpted attachments designed to look as much like the Sirens in the film as possible (so if accuracy is your thing, this is your outfit — none of the others are quite as close). It even has a sculpted chest attachment so you don't have the pointy-chest thing going on.

Honestly, the textures aren't quite as polished as some of the more expensive outfits, from bigger shops, but for only L$100 you can't go wrong. Apart from the limited-time-only freebie, this one is cheapest by a mile and has a lot of potential for mixing and matching with the other sets.

The epic Tron blog #3

Outfit: [Elixir] Lightcycle Purple L$400
Boots: as before

Sian thinks that Elixir might have been the first of the bigger stores to do Tron-themed outfits. It was the first one she spotted, anyhow. There are male and female versions of both the LightCycle and Siren (number 4, below) sets in lots of different colours.

They're low-prim, and nicely designed and textured.

The epic Tron blog #4

Outfit (including shoes): [Elixir] Siren L$400

Sian bought this just before Christmas and wore it for a solid month. She loves it a lot.

Cyber cheesecake

The epic Tron blog #5

Outfit: [Eclectic Randomness] White Siren L$450
Winter Ventura's shop is certainly eclectic, everything from adult and BDSM stuff down to robot avatars, toys and even a portaloo. She makes two of these, one white and one black.

As well as a beautifully textured catsuit, the set includes boots, gauntlets and backpack, all nicely sculpted and with HUD-controlled colour-changing glowy bits. And if that's not enough, you get a skin, shape, eyes and hair in half dozen colours, too, meaning that for L$450 you get a complete avatar, everything except the AO.

Oh my, though, thinks Sian, so many prims.

The epic Tron blog #6

Outfit: [Graves] Mainframe Bodysuit black/blue L$440
Shoes: [Graves] Mainframe Boots L$390

Of the complete outfits I'm reviewing here (the Elixir and ER Sirens and the Radia set are the others), this is the most expensive, but let's face it, you're paying for the quality. Beautifully textured, supplied with nice attachments and available separately in all the colours of the rainbow, in catsuit and dress versions for the girls and a catsuit version for the boys.

Buy all of them and you'll be a lot poorer, mind.

Sian particularly likes the neat little glasses with the animated display.

The epic Tron blog #7

Bodysuit: [sYs] Spectral Catsuit white/khrome L$280
Boots: as before

More loosely inspired than the other outfits, Sian especially likes the translucent panels on this set - look how you can see Sian's tattoos through the arm panel.

The epic Tron blog #8

Outfit: [Xeno Cyber Wear] Radia L$600
Nipple Tape: from [Graves] G222 Crossfire White

Sian doesn't play computer games (well, apart from that one you might know about), but understands that this is inspired loosely on a character in the computer game they made at the same time as the film.

The skirt is all sculpted prims, and the outfit includes an alpha layer that makes you disappear from the bum down. However, because it's attached to your pelvis, if you walk it swings from side to side and might look silly if your AO is not compatible. Sian solved the problem by putting a hip-fixer script in the dress and making a walk in her AO so she glides about in an eerie sort of way (you should IM Sian in-world if you have this set and want the scripts and anims she made. But say "please," because a little bit of politeness costs nothing). Sian also changed the colour of the glowy bits.

Despite its shortcomings, the concept of this outfit is marvellous and there really isn't anything like it in Second Life.

The set also includes body tattoos, which Sian is not wearing, because she is wearing her own tattoos. You can see them in this picture, though (and yes, Sian recycles poses. She's not made of Lindens):


The epic Tron blog #9

Catsuit: [sYs] Spectron Catsuit L$280
Boots: as before

Similar to the other outfit from sYs, Sian likes this one a bit more, if only because it gives the illusion of being shiny and rubbery and glowy at the same time.

Do we get a verdict?
Which one does Sian like best?

Sian loves the Graves Mainframe set (no. 6) but really doesn't feel it goes well with anything else. It's all or nothing, that one. Having said that, why would you want to mix it?

Sian thinks the Radia set is amazing and unique, but she had to put a lot of work into modifying it before she was happy with it.

The sYs sets are cheap and nicely done, and the GrafosYakuza set (#2) has those wonderful tintable light layers (which is an idea more people should have taken up) and nice attachments (it's the only one with that little battery pack thing that Gem has at the base of her spine, and the only one with a chest leveller attachment).

The Sassy! set is gorgeous and free, but green isn't really Sian's colour, and if you're not lucky enough to find it before it's gone, that's tough, really. The Elixir Lightcycle set has that cool helmet and goes with loads of stuff, but again, Sian didn't feel it suited her.

The Eclectic Randomness set is complete, exceptional value and beautifully designed, but in the end Sian is undecided between that and the Elixir Siren set for its beautiful, sleek simplicity.

In future, Sian's probably going to combine the Grafosyakuza set, the ER set and the Elixir set to create a sort of platonically perfect Siren.

You'll know when she does.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I missed you dear blog


Arghhh I've been having internet issues for the best part of a week and although things have improved, they are still unresolved, but at least i'm back up & running in the world of blogging! oh and how I missed it. Well canIi apologise straight away if the quality of the pics isn't as good as it could be, but I was so keen to get a post published that I haven't devoted time to editing the pics...hope that doesn't defeat the object to much.

 In my first post for a week I wanted to give you a daytime  & night time look. I'm gonna be living in these dungarees! I absolutely LOVE everything from sheepdoor ! it's all unisex & so the dungarees are a great idea for change your gender challenge especially since they are a free group gift!

Spotty sheer dress

Another one of my favourites stores ( yeah I know I have many but there's so much great stuff out there!)  is Awram Viie and If you haven't already, get down there A.S.A.P for the latest luckyboard offerings. There are 2 dresses and this is one of them, oh but do beware this one barely covers your modesty :)

Top picture : -

Shape: 0L - Lana-  skate N surf hunt (still runs until 14th june) > CS Shapes
Hair: 0L - group gift > Heart softens
Bikini top: 0L - skate N surf hunt > Apricot paws
Scarf: 0L  pack of 5 > Peephole
Dungarees: 0L - group gift > Sheepdoor
Bracelets: 0L - indian bangle set - blue > Yak & yeti
Shoes: 190L Dark brown hippy shoes > Les Petits Details

Bottom picture : -

Hair: 0L - teased up - kit kat > Lamb
Dress: 0L - luckyboard item > Awram Viie
Necklace: New  > JD designs

Monday, May 23, 2011

In Which Sian is Undiplomatic

The crew at Valhalla Station have an ambivalent relationship with the representative of the Kurzweil Emissariate. On the one hand, the cybernetically augmented Ambassador is an alien beauty, plastic perfection from the one colony where the transhuman ideal was reached.

U n d i p l o m a t i c 2

On the other hand, she's an ice-cold pain in the arse. Nothing's ever right. None of these people are her equals. And she can't understand why you can't just mindwipe the service staff — they're all so inefficient.

U n d i p l o m a t i c 3

Most of all, she can't understand why these unaugmented near-animals wouldn't want their planets to be Randian utopias like hers, where the ruling classes live in neurally-linked bliss and they program the workers to be the obedient cogs in the machine they should be. She tries to explain why it's the best way and the station personnel all seem to think it's ghastly. Idiots.

The military personnel, ancillary staff and other emissaries all think she's the Worst. Ambassador. Ever. But they still check her out.

U n d i p l o m a t i c 1

Valhalla Station is Sian's roleplay venue of choice. It's pretty new, part of Lagrange Point, recently featured in the Destination Guide. Because it's new, the roles are inchoate and open to interpretation (and there aren't any furries there yet). Not as set in stone as some space RPs, not as sleazy as others, Sian recommends putting on your best space fatigues and joining in.

Catsuit: [Sassy!] Cybernetic Siren Military Green (L$0 Dark Future Hunt gift)
Boots: [Neurolab] Activa Black Electro L$650
Lipstick: [Nuuna's Skins] Dark Black lips, from Skittles skin bundle L$300
Eyeshadow: [Nuuna's Skins] Smokey from Tattoo Makeups 2 L$300

Visit Valhalla Station!

[Note: In other news, Sian's having trouble with Dagmar's Gender Switch challenge, for the simple reason she cannot find a decent non-white male skin for L$0. Any suugestions?]