Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I missed you dear blog


Arghhh I've been having internet issues for the best part of a week and although things have improved, they are still unresolved, but at least i'm back up & running in the world of blogging! oh and how I missed it. Well canIi apologise straight away if the quality of the pics isn't as good as it could be, but I was so keen to get a post published that I haven't devoted time to editing the pics...hope that doesn't defeat the object to much.

 In my first post for a week I wanted to give you a daytime  & night time look. I'm gonna be living in these dungarees! I absolutely LOVE everything from sheepdoor ! it's all unisex & so the dungarees are a great idea for change your gender challenge especially since they are a free group gift!

Spotty sheer dress

Another one of my favourites stores ( yeah I know I have many but there's so much great stuff out there!)  is Awram Viie and If you haven't already, get down there A.S.A.P for the latest luckyboard offerings. There are 2 dresses and this is one of them, oh but do beware this one barely covers your modesty :)

Top picture : -

Shape: 0L - Lana-  skate N surf hunt (still runs until 14th june) > CS Shapes
Hair: 0L - group gift > Heart softens
Bikini top: 0L - skate N surf hunt > Apricot paws
Scarf: 0L  pack of 5 > Peephole
Dungarees: 0L - group gift > Sheepdoor
Bracelets: 0L - indian bangle set - blue > Yak & yeti
Shoes: 190L Dark brown hippy shoes > Les Petits Details

Bottom picture : -

Hair: 0L - teased up - kit kat > Lamb
Dress: 0L - luckyboard item > Awram Viie
Necklace: New  > JD designs

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