Thursday, December 22, 2011

Christmas Penguin

Caspar Rolypoly was grumpy. He allready had been the Penguin Santa last year. And this year he had to do it again. He did not enjoy at all to swim from ice floe to ice floe and to bring gifts. But then he got to the first ice float and was surprised. All were waiting for him and thanked him for being the Penguin Santa in the last year. They even had fish.
Grumpy Penguin
Each year there are so amazing gifts in the abranimations advent calendar. The penguin avatar is the gift today. It is completly made of mesh. And the textures are impressive. It could be worn with or without the santa hat. Included is also a fish which can be used to slap people. The avatar works with normal aos but includes also a special penguin like walk.
Its also possible to use normal static poses with it. The one on the picture actually comes from Purple Poses.

Avatar: Abranimations : * Mesh Stroppy Penguin Avatar * (0 L$ gift in the Advent Calendar at the 22th December)
Pose: Purple Poses (10 L$)

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Arctic and Antarctica

The most animals had managed to flee when they heard the singing, it was high-pitched and very painful in the ears. The ones which were not able to hear high tones started to run when hearing the trees explode. They did not see Arctic and Antarctica flying through the forest and spreading cold. The twins were the last ice fairies. Both insane, mean and driven by the lust for destruction and ice. The land they crossed was quickly covered in crystals.
IceFairies Couple I final
For centuries they had been kept by dwarfs in a mountain. In the first centuries the dwarfs took care that there were always some magicians controlling them. Arctic and Antarctica waited. They knew that they would not be killed, there were too many wars between the dwarf clans than they would have been willing to destruct a possible weapon. Connected on a telepathical way the twins decided to hibernate. Ice grew around their bodies so that it looked like they would be caught in crystals. Sometimes the dwarfs tried to wake them but always failed. The ice around the twins grew through the centuries and the dwarfs started to forget what they were keeping in the deepest level of the mountain the lived in. In opposite to that the twins were always aware that they were in a prison and they wanted revenge. It did not matter to them that the beings which had caught them had died ages ago. They only wanted to see and to taste frozen blood. When the dwarfs started to use the fairy caused ice to make icecream Arctic and Antarctica knew that their time was close. Slowly they let their dementia float into the ice and infected the dwarfs through the icecream. After a short time they had many little helpers who had nothing else in mind then getting to the core of the ice. Arctic always had enjoyed icecream but he had to admit that it tasted so much better mixed with dwarfblood. Although he did not really like the colour the ice got then. So they made their way out of the mountain leaving more ice and frosted dwarfs behind them. There was so much more to taste and to kill.
IceFairiesLarge frost I final
The ice crystal skins and the fitting outfits are the latest release from Fallen Gods Inc. . They are a ice version of the crystal skins which had been released at the fantasy faire in spring, and are also available in the same versions as those skins. That means they are available in four versions of the body. Those are Pure, Opal, Fae and OpalFae. The pure ones are without patterns on the skin. The opal ones look like there would be tiny crystals on the skin so that it shimmers. In the fae versions there are wingstructures on the skin and the opalfae is a mix of the shimmer and the wings. Each of those skintones is available in four makeups. The skins are of course available for both genders. The female ones come always with a super boobs version. The version of the grom face tattoo Storm is wearing on the pictures is currently a groupgift in the Fallen Gods Inc. group. The fitting outfits are stunning. It looks like ice would be running over the skin. They come with wings and several prim parts which repeat the ice theme. The drapes create an ethereal look. The Icecrystal outfits work of course also with other skins. The system layer parts come on the shirt/trousers and the underwear layers. The primparts contain resize scripts.
IceFairies Couple II final

On Storm:
Skin: CRYSTAL xy +Fallen Gods Inc.+ ICE Pure Corruption one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$.)
Hair: !lamb. - Heart (300 L$ colour pack 1500 Fatpack)
Eyes: -Glam Affair- Snow Queen Eyes (part of the With Love again... hunt-prize 10 L$)
Face-Tattoo: GROM face tattoo +Fallen Gods Inc.+ Ice Crystal Ed. (0 L$ group gift)
Outfit incl. wings: Ice Crystal, Male Outfit +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (500 L$)
Tongue: [ni.Ju] - Creepy Creature Tongue - Bloo (75 L$)
Poses: [ImpEle] & FrozenPanty (store seems to have closed)

On Dagmar:
Skin: CRYSTAL xx +Fallen Gods Inc.+ ICE (one 990$, 4 with the same makeup or of the same kind 2200$ and all 5200$.)
Outfit incl. wings: Ice Crystal, Female Outfit +Fallen Gods Inc.+ (500 L$)
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Chloe Hair (1500 L$ fatpack 250 L$ colour pack)
Poses: Purple Poses and Niqotine Poses (closed)

This blog post has been created by Storm and me. He took those wonderful pictures and I wrote a story to them.

[festive and free]

[festive and free]

I know that December is the month to jingle the bells, but in case you rather want to wrap yours up, VITAMEN has some lovely underwear for you, in 5 vibrant colours - for free!
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Monday, December 19, 2011

Lust for Colours

The watchmen shivered when they came back. It had done it again. Now it was sitting in te middle of the room and looked up to them. They did not know what to think about the inpression it had in its eyes. Was it hunger? The watchmen shivered at the thought. The deal was to keep it for five days, the instructions had been clear it should get food and be lead in the sunshine for an hour every day. But as they allready had been paid they did not plan to follow the instructions at all. So they would have less work and not to share their food. First they thought of their prisoner as female. Her skin was different than anything they had seen before but her shape made them lick over their lips. Her mask confused them as they were not able to make her take it off. All three of them made an agreement. Their plan was to let her starve for two days and then to have their way with her. It was not the first time they would do something like this with a female prisoner. They allready had planed who would be first. Rock-paper-scissors was really a useful game. After the first night they found her outside her cell. It was not a problem to lock her up again. In the second night two of them heard loud screaming. The source was the third watchman. He had not been able to wait. Now he was laying on the floor. And not only his body had lost all colours. It was the same with his clothes. The prisoner stared to the two other guards who grabbed the corpse of their friend and hurried out of the bunker. They were surpised how light he felt now that he was colourless. When they came back they found it outside its cell again. Now all the colours which had been in the room were missing and waves of light were running over its scales. Of course it was hungry. And looking forward to the moment when they would try to get it back into the cell. Colours tasted so much better when they came from living beings.
Imperial dragon
This dragonmask is a wonderful gift which is available in several stores at the moment. To be more precise in the stores which take part in the giving circle. The giving circle has been started last year when some storeowners did not only create a christmas gift for their customers but put it also under the christmas tree in the stores of their friends. This year 11 creators of 10 stores take part in the circle:

Its possible to get the gifts in every of those stores but of course its worth to visit them all.
The mask has been created by Rosslyn Guardian, the owner of Falconrose. Those masks are the second life version of masks she creates in real life - she only uses prims instead of leather. This one is a white imperial dragon. Rosslyn has a booth at Sandrock where she sells her creations and its worth to visit that booth as well.
The skin which has been used for the picture comes from Fallen Gods Inc. It belongs to the Draco skins. This is one of the versions with the marks. The set includes not only two versions of the skin (awake and dormient) but also a tattoo layer to increase the look of the marks. The pose comes from purple poses. The room in which the picture has been taken is also a poseprop. Its the Interrogation Bunker from Devious Poses. The bunker can be bought with or without poses. In the version with poses it contains five couple poses which fit perfectly to the interrogation theme. The set also contains helpful props like a cane and several cuffs. In the store it is possible to look at a demo of the bunker and to test the poses.

Mask: Falconrose : Imperial Dragon-WHITE (0 L$ Giving Circle Gift)
Skin: Fallen Gods Inc.: DRACO Blood xx +FGInc.+ Scaled Marks (990 L$ or 3300 L$ for fatpack with all versions of that skin tone)
Bunker: !dM Devious Poses "Interrogation Bunker"(with poses) (1200 L$)
Pose: Purple Poses (10 L$)

Sunday, December 18, 2011



I'm straying here from my usual look. Not necessarily too much style wise just with the shape. My regular shape is Lana from CS Shapes but when I was given Cassandre to try, I found that it gave me the opportunity to experiment with a different look. Cassandre is less realistically/idealistically proportioned and as such gives a more 'animated' look in my opinion which works perfectly with Fashionably dead skins which I've always admired. So decided to take advantage of the great range of skins currently available at Collabor88 to experiment with the look and was thrilled with the outcome.

The hair is a gift at the 'With love again ' hunt  from Sugarsmack whose designs never fails to please me. More details of the hunt can be found HERE it runs until the 6th January. Next I wanted to mention is a little store where I picked up the tights from and is only currently available on the marketplace. It has the most wonderful cute little vintage feel items at bargain prices so go take a peek!

Hair with bow: 10L - With Love Again Hunt item > Sugarsmack
Shape: 200L - cassandre > Lilau
Skin: 88L -  Morning Sun - Winter 6 by Fashionably dead @ > Collabor88
Top: 0L - Group gift > !1MM
Skirt: 0L - Kossori gift > Solita
Tights: 5L - Edenish floral tights > jOLIE
Boots: 175L - Leather&canvas flat boots - cream > Coco designs
Necklace: 0L - Feliz Navidad double strand necklace > Bliensen & Maitai

Ambrosia van Finkelsteen

It was as cold as she supposed it would be. At least that was what her thermometer said. Lady Ambrosia van Finkelsteen did not feel any of the cold. Women had not been allowed to be explorers for a way too long time in her opinion. She dreamed of ice and snow and she really wanted to have tame icebear. After seeing an icebear in the zoo she changed her opinion and she only wanted to see an icebear in its normal habitat. One of the reasons she always had heard was "Its not possbile to look like a Lady should look because of the temperatures in the arctis". So she decided that she would look like a Lady on her expedition to the arctis. With her abigail she developed clothes which kept the cold where it should be outside of them. And even more they managed to create invisible fabrics. The combination of both allowed Ambrosia to explore several very cold spots of the earth and still to look elegant and nice. Of course nobody was able to touch her as she had a huge ball of invisble fabric around her in which she walked around. But this kept her from having to take a chaperon with her. She used this to learn many naughty songs from the crew of her ship.
Exploring the arctis
Christmas is getting closer with everyday so its time to get a nice fitting outfit. This steampunk kimono comes from 22769 and is only sold at the marketplace. The patterns on the dress are very pretty and the sleeves are just lovely. Very nice are especially the several layers of the upper sleeves which remind a bit on Art Nouveau. The obi has steampunk details like the gears and the copper bands. It comes either with primskirts or without. The outfit comes on several layers. It is needed to wear the systemskirt layer. The textures of the primparts and the system parts merge of course. It is possible to modify the outfit to make it fit every avatar. The colour fits very well to the season but it can be worn at other seasons as well and it even might be great for roleplaying at a steampunk sim.
The pose on this picture comes from Purple Poses.

Outfit: 22769 casual couture Vintage Series "Ledao Red" (210 L$ only sold on the Marketplace)
Pose: Purple Poses (10 L$)



More yummy new things! I adore this poncho and sweater combo created by 22769 which is currently at The Gallery Gift Store. The outfit includes shorts, however I do not display them in my picture but the wonderful chunky knit tights are part of the outfit and it has received many compliments whilst i've been wearing it. Hop down there and grab this totally unique creation while you can says I!

The skin is from Love and I simply have to gush about for it's totally flawless quality. There are different shades available and what is so lovely about it is that it really is a perfect flawless base in which to add your own make up. There are many make up options to choose from in store too so you'll have tons of fun choosing. I have picked a heavy eyeliner as I love pale lips and smoky eyes, however I have to add the range of eyeliner options is incredible and as such there'll be one to suit any taste. What better to frame my perfect eyes!

 I have a vast collection of eyes but I always find myself  coming back to the ones Aphotic Gloom and what's more Is I discovered a new range to add to my collection!! how excited was I?! really honestly do go take a look on what is available. What I love most about these eyes is that you have the option of sizes which is perfect for me as I always complain that the irises seem too big for my eyes so I always choose small, they come with prim eyes too for extra wow factor!

Hair: 300L -  Pebbles - Brunette > Fashionably dead
Skin: 600L - Emma - medium > Love
Eyeliner: 75L -  Momsen > Love
Eyes: 190L for pack of 4 - aquilius eyes - Anya > Aphotic Gloom
Top & tights: 190L - Poncho outfit (includes shorts not shown in this pic) by 22769@ >The Gallery Gift Shop
Shorts: 0L -  denim half shorts > Amato
Boots: 0L - luckyboard item >  Bukka
Pose: 175L for pack of 5 poses - Independently wealthy > Juxtapose